Sunday, March 02, 2014


I've been wanting to do a post about the situation in Ukraine, have read around the net on the history behind it, found myself wallowing in too much detail - dazed and confused. At least I found out about Tatars/Tartars and the Golden Horde!

One view I always come back to, after delving into the background of such conflicts, is that it's always a small minority of leaders and followers involved, on both sides. Ordinary people carry on their daily lives, work, love, look after their families as best they can. The majority in Ukraine, Crimea, Russia are quite like you and me (whoever you are, unless you are Obama, Putin, a member of armed forces or of a political hierarchy or oligarchy.)

Among the muddled mess in my brain about causes and outcomes, the one thought I earnestly cling to is the hope that ordinary people in affected areas will not have to suffer more pain, more deaths and more destruction, at whatever hands.


mike said...

I've enjoyed the USA's firm statements that Russia is WRONG in this endeavor and that there will be CONSEQUENCES! Like we have a leg to stand on after our invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. The decision to invade Iraq (terrorism and weapons of mass destruction flim-flam) was against the UN council and vote of nations...but that didn't stop us...and look at the repercussions.

From what I've read and viewed, Crimea's citizens consider themselves Russian and Russia has maintained close ties to this area, primarily for maritime privileges. It isn't clear right now whether Russia intends to reclaim all of the Ukraine or just the strategically located Crimea. The Ukraine is impoverished and their struggle for independence may require substantial support by leading nations.

Russia started the campaign during Mercury and Jupiter retrograde, but about to station direct, and Mars and Saturn stationary and about to retrograde. I wouldn't think this would bode well for Russia. And then there is the impending grand square upon us all in April.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Ironic ain't it!?

I agree, the astrology isn't indicating an easy resolution.

I read yesterday about a Russian astrologer who predicted this some years ago

I hate to direct to anything to do with Fox, but there are other references to same thing elsewhere, but I didn't save any others.....Oh - here's a better one