Monday, March 24, 2014

Music Monday's Escapees

Today would have been the birthday of Steve McQueen (24 March 1930). I loved all of his movies. I'd never looked at his natal chart before, now I see why he appealed to me (at least in the roles he played): Sun in Aries, Moon in Aquarius - reverse of my own!
See his natal chart at

If I had to choose a favourite film of Steve McQueen's, it'd be The Great Escape. It had had a memorable theme tune.

Watching that short video, I wondered whether I could fit those "jobs" of the would-be escapees to zodiac reason, idly wondering. So...

Steve McQueen-Capt.Virgil Hilts, the "Cooler King"......ARIES
James Garner-Flt.Lt.Robert Hendley, the "Scrounger"....GEMINI
Richard Attenborough- Sqn.Ldr.Roger Bartlett, "Big X".......LEO
Charles Bronson-Flt.Lt.Danny Velinski, "Tunnel King"....SCORPIO
Donald Pleasence-Flt.Lt.Colin Blythe, the "Forger"........PISCES
James Coburn-Fg.Off.Louis Sedgwick the "Manufacturer"....CAPRICORN
David McCallum-Lt.Cmdr.Eric Ashley-Pitt,"Dispersal".....SAGITTARIUS
Gordon Jackson-Flt.Lt.MacDonald,"Intelligence".........AQUARIUS
Angus Lennie-Fg.Off.Archibald Ives, the "Mole".....?
Nigel Stock-Flt.Lt.Dennis Cavendish, the "Surveyor"....VIRGO

How's that?


mike said...

Geeeeezz..."The Great Escape" is SUCH a depressing and suspenseful movie that I can't bear to watch it. War movies are one of several genres I don't find entertaining, regardless of quality or historical purpose. I'll take your astrological character correlation on face value, as I'll never endeavor to personally evaluate them...LOL.

mike (again) said...

P.S. - The old TV comedy series, "Hogan's Heroes", was so distorted and abstracted from actual war that I did enjoy it, but that's an exception.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I don't see "The Great Escape" as a straight-forward war movie though. It's more a story of human ingenuity and courage in the face of horrendous circumstances. Do you not find that admirable?

I've probably mentioned before, in some post or other, that in my youth my favourite kinds of books to read were escape stories from POW camps(based on true stories).

I too dislike war movies about actual wartime fighting and strategy, especially ones that tend to glorify this aspect, as do many American movies, past and present.

There's a post in the archives re my opinion on war films, and about the one I do admire - "The Victors" - here's a link:

mike (again) said...

Oh, I definitely agree with you, Twilight...I can be won-over with tales of courage and valor. "The Great Escape" is full of that, but it's also full of very suspenseful moments that end in disaster for the good guys...and those moments pile-up throughout the movie...not a particularly happy ending, either, as I remember. I saw the movie many years ago and I can't say I remember the details, but it did impact my brain cells...merely seeing the movie title on your post today stirred angst...LOL. "The Diary of Anne Frank" played on my nerves, but not nearly like "The Great Escape". Even "The Sound of Music" got a little too intense at the end! Maybe I should blame the movie producers and the actors for their great portrayals that make the scenes incredibly real to me!

I have far less trouble with fictional scenes in novels that I read or fantasy, made-into-movies depictions of violence and suspense. I'm not a fan of any blood, guts, shoot-em-ups, but I can read or view my way through them...I suppose because I don't interpret the scene as real.

I've several friends that are thoroughly entertained by the most dreadful horror movies replete with blood and body parts hacked-off, yet in their real life, they go berserk when someone has a small, bloody cut on their finger.

I finally quit reading "Interview with the Vampire", because of the sexual insinuations of the blood feasts, as described in the personal thoughts of the vampire, but I managed to sit through the movie...the sexual insinuations were viewed scenes, not words, and much more subtle.

When it comes to movies, I have ALWAYS preferred comedies and light-hearted fare. I become queasy when there's too much peril and anxiety-producing suspense. I'm a light-weight, Twilight.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I'm surprised. You've mentioned in the past that your astrology is "Scorpio plus", which doesn't immediately indicate (to my mind, anyway) a person who would react in the way you describe your own reactions.
Hmmm. You must have some lightening aspects?

I'm very squeamish about certain depictions myself - I will not watch horror movies, vampire, werewolf, zombie, psychic horror, demonic horror - under any circumstances, even though I know they are all pure fantasy. Also I do not enjoy hospital dramas. We've recently ploughed through season one of "ER" - I was reaching my limit of seeing blood and guts after the first 2 episodes, but soldiered on, as Anyjazz had bought the series so's I could see how George Clooney got his start. :-)

However....ingenuity and courage under duress, even when unrewarded and ending in failure after enormous show of bravery, has always interested and inspired me. I suppose that also explains why I also love stories of the pioneers as told in Michener's "Centennial" and McMurtry's "Lonesome Dove", and others.