Thursday, December 22, 2011


As Sun has now entered Capricorn I'll post the last excerpt from Ingrid Lind's out-of-print little book Astrology and Commonsense - her entry on the sign of the sea-goat. Before flexing my typing fingers for that, just a word about Capricorn's symbolic depiction as a goat - properly a sea-goat (fore-part goat, hind-part fish)but often nowadays the sign is depicted by a common-and-garden goat. There's all manner of explanation of the whys and wherefores of the mythological seagoat online. Accept whichever feels right, it makes little difference. But it can be an interesting study for its own sake. Skyscript's piece on Capricorn addresses the symbolism, and serendipity has an interesting page on the various strands of mythology associated with Capricorn.

So...from Ingrid Lind (who, given the title she chose for her book, probably had a good helping of Capricorn in her own astro-makeup)~~~


Quality: Cardinal
Element: Earth
Ruler: Saturn

Capricorn is a straightforward sign in the sense that it is at one in character with its ruler, Saturn. It will be remembered that Aries, first of the cardinal signs, combines action with fire and passion (Mars); Cancer is action in emotion and sensitivity (Moon); Libra is action in airy, mental concepts and in art and co-operation (Venus). In Capricorn cardinality combines with Earth and we see action allied with caution and commonsense. The ruler, Saturn has a chilling effect and there is no heat in Capricornian activity; no hurry, no impatience. Earth signs know and understands the rhythms of nature and Capricorn knows that the seed must be given time to grow and bear fruit. Steady, driving ambition and one-pointedness will bring the Capricornian slowly but surely to the top. He can be a hard taskmaster, for he will exact from others just the amount of work he feels it is their duty to perform. Sentiment, compassion, do not enter into the bargain. An eye for an eye.

No one, fortunately perhaps, is all Capricorn, any more than any one person can embody or exclusively manifest any one of the signs; but for the man or woman who wants to succeed in the world the chart will disclose no better ingredient than Capricorn.

Regarding Taurus, the first Earth sign, I remarked that it was like the flour in the cake. Capricorn is like reinforced concrete in the building, giving human character the core of toughness, the quality of endurance, so necessary if one is to cope with the difficulties of human life.

Whatever the profession, Capricorn gives the ambition, cool and deliberate, to ensure success. A successful actress who combines Capricorn with one of the Venus signs (Taurus, Libra), will put her beauty to effective use. A politician or orator who combines it with the communicativeness of Mercury will do the same with his gifts. The general balance of the chart may indicate aptitude for any career; but Capricorn will provide the will to succeed.

Capricorn Qualities (notes in brackets are mine)
One-pointedness (I think this means single-mindedness)
Coolness (not the "hip" kind -the cold kind)
Steadfast endurance
Reliability and commonsense

Capricorn Faults
Nagging persistence
Rigidity and coldness.

As we approach Christmas once again, a time traditionally set aside for honouring the birth of Jesus Christ, even though it's been pretty well established that he wasn't born on 25 December, and nor was he as Kris Kristofferson's lyrics proposes, "a Capricorn".


Jesus was a Capricorn
He ate organic food
He believed in love and peace
And never wore no shoes
Long hair, beard and sandals
And a funky bunch of friends
Reckon we'd just nail him up
If he came down again.

From all that we read about Capricorn in modern astrology, it'd seem the least likely of all the 12 zodiac signs to fit the personality of Jesus, as told. And yet - dip into the mythology of the seagoat (mentioned in para.1 of this post), then maybe Capricorn isn't as bad a match as modern astrology might indicate. The fish tail of the goat is thought by some to indicate the emotional depths of the sea from which life originally emerged, while the goat's fore-parts indicate the earthy substance of life. The compassion of Jesus for the suffering of others matches the emotional element of Water indicated by the fishtail, and his flesh and blood presence as a teacher on Earth could be said to relate to the earthly image of the goat's fore-part.

Doesn't much matter what one chooses to believe, or whether one feels the need to belong to any organised religion - the key is to try to live by a single tenet of Christ's teachings: "Love one another". We truly need nothing else, no further embellishments.


Vanilla Rose said...

I had never heard (herd? excuse bad pun) about the sea goat before!

Anonymous said...

GP: Capricorns don't normally go along well with Aries - a big mistake they make. It's not sufficient to say that Aries is impulsive, spontaneus, seldom persisting to the end.

If the world was populated mostly with Caps, the need for some Aries would become obvious even to them!

How good that each of the signs occupies 1/12 of the zodiac. But Caps want to control more. Is it because they are the only Cardinal Sign in the element Earth?

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~~ Sea goat isn't often mentioned, illustrations for Capricorn quite often use an ordinary 4-legged goat. Don't know how that has come about.
Sagittarius has managed to keep its
hybrid-ness intact.

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~ Yes - although Capricorn's opposite is Cancer (as the astro crow flies), it could also be Aries, in terms of personality traits. As you say, luckily we have the 12 signs to mix and match, and few, if any, of us are anwhere near being "pure" versions of our Sun sign.

I haven't known (or been aware of) many Capricorn Sun people, but some Sun Aquarius people I've known have more than a tinge of Capricorn about them - due to Saturn's co-rulership of Aquarius, I guess.

JD said...

as they used to say on the Rowan & Martin Laugh-In...
"Vaaairy interesting......."

you can fill in the rest :)

I'm a Cap and I have none of those listed qualities and none of those listed faults

ambition? what's one of them eh??
laziness is my best quality :)

Twilight said...

JD ~~~ I'm not too surprised - I don't recognise myself from what's written about Aquarius in most text-books, in concentrated fashion. This is exactly why astrology gets a bad name. We're all a mix of several signs - astro-mongrels really.

I'd not be surprised to find that you have some Pisces fairly prominent (you're into arty stuff), or even a bit of Aquarius. Both neighbouring signs of Cap are quite different from Capricorn and could neutralise almost completely those rather harsh-sounding qualities and faults listed by Ingrid Lind.
You'll likely have Mercury (communicaition) in one of them, if not in Cap - and possibly Venus (art) too.

Twilight said...

JD -Tsk - Edit - Sagittarius is neighbour on one side of Capricorn, Aquarius on t'other. Pisces comes after Aquarius but Venus could still be in Pisces if Sun in Capricorn.

Mandy said...

I want the banker in the cartoon when I buy my first home next year! Cappy Rising.

Twilight said...

Mandy ~~ Good luck! :-)