Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Readers of Men's Health magazine recently voted Jennifer Aniston "sexiest woman of all time".


Of. All. Time?

I can only assume that readers of Men's Health are seriously near-sighted, or have no knowledge of anything that went on before their own puberty.

Jennifer is an attractive gal, some men are very likely to see her as sexy, she doesn't seem intimidating, can be funny - has a nice sense of timing, seems like a fun person to be around, and is not yer run-of-the-mill cardboard cut-out Hollywood glam-puss.

But - of all time?

Of course, in any silly poll (all polls are silly really) it depends who you ask. Go ask the readers of Smithsonian magazine the same question and note the different result!

Is there an astrological recipe for sexiness? Not an overall recipe. Sexy is in the eye of the beholder, and each beholder has a different astro-map with a different "true north" to determine sexy. Astrologers hold that Scorpio is the sex-cat of the zodiac, yet read any astrology message board and see a different story. I guess for a person to be truly sexy, for some strange reason they have to seem a wee bit dangerous. Scorpio-heavy people do have that dangerous-feel in their astro-tool-kit. Jennifer Aniston has Mars (Scorpio's traditional ruler) conjunct Neptune (planet of illusion) in Scorpio, as it happens. Sexy astro-branding? (See her chart at Astrodatabank)

As a member of the female sex, I can't possibly know what men find sexy, other than the stereotypical recipe of big boobs, good legs, long hair - none of which I've ever possessed myself, so I might have a tainted opinion of that kind of "sexy".

My own "true north" of sexiness in men is hard to describe. A sexy guy has to be able to string a decent sentence together, good writers are always sexy, as is any kind of artistic or musical ability. Brains are sexy. Compassion is sexy. Adventure is sexy. Wit is sexy. Enthusiasm is sexy. A deep voice is sexy.

Good looks are not necessarily sexy, though I do enjoy looking at a beautiful male face, such as Simon Baker's or Tom Selleck's (but don't find them exactly sexy - they are simply very nice-looking, and both named seem like very nice guys).

My top 3 sexiest well-known men of all time?

In no particular order (as they say on the X-Factor)

Omar Khayyam
King Charles the Second of England
Carl Sagan

No scoffing! Waddya expect from a Sun Aquarian?

21st century live ones?

Paul Giamatti
Sam Elliott
Steven Tyler.


Vanilla Rose said...

Ms Aniston is 42 years old and will turn 43 in February. At least they didn't choose a 19 year old. And she is on that list of 40 Democrats-slash-liberals someone posted on Facebook. (I was so disappointed that Meat Loaf is a Republican.)

Anonymous said...

GP: You are probably right (for the wrong reasons) in saying that Scorpios (man and female) tend to have a "sexy extra faculty" about them:

They are rarely superficial, tend to "dig-in" on any flirt comming accross their path, not necessarily following through - but that's sexy also (letting the other languish)...

Anonymous said...

GP: Forgot to say that if Scorpionic types easily "dig-in" on new flirts it's not so much for sex (initially) but because many Scorpios feel unloved and in need of appreciation.

What comes thereafter easily turns into "manipulation" - exactly the reason why Scorpios often receive a cool reception.

Vanilla Rose said...

Sexiest male of all time? Easy. James Spader. Sexiest female of all time? More than one candidate, let me get back to you.

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~~ Good point - I didn't factor age into my thoughts on this. :-) or politics, come to think of it, but glad to know Jennifer A. isn't a rabid right-winger. Meatloaf's politics don't surprise me too much.

I doubt I could ever find a dedicated right-winger sexy - most lack one important ingredient from my list - compassion.

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~~
You sound as though you have personal experience of our Scorpio cousins, GP?

I've had friends with strong Scorpio - and lost 'em too. Scorpio-types are, when the sign figures strongly enough in their charts, absolutely unforgiving.
That is definitely not sexy!

Glad you mentioned manipulation - that has to be the least sexy of all traits.....and one that would send me running away at high speed!

Anonymous said...

GP: Astro-sensitivities: 4 women I have known/still know but at some more distance (...) had all either Moon within the first 5 degrees of Taurus or Scorpio or then Saturn in one of the two Signs. One, the most subtle of them, has Neptune in Scorpio.

One was an Antiquarian, Moon in Scorpio, diging into other peoples past and privacy via their valuable objects.

PS: When you travel, T. you often visit antique shops. Sounds a bell with you?

Vanilla Rose said...

I'm still sad about Meat Loaf. In his cameo on "Glee" he did at least caricature part of the right. "The liberal secular agenda has reached Western Ohio" - because the glee club were doing the "Rocky Horror Show". Meat Loaf and Barry Bostwick (Brad in the original RH film) played media executives who wanted Sue to stir up Christian right hysteria over it so that would raise their ratings.

Twilight said...

Anon/Gian Paul ~~ Aha! Thought so! :-) Oh dear! Your Aries might not respond well to its ruler's other sign - a bit of rivalry perhaps.

Re our antique shop visits - well now, let's see. My husband is possibly a wee bit more involved in this because of his old photograph collection. But I do enjoy wandering around these stores, and obtained all our bits and pieces of arty decor (other than my husband's own paintings) from our visits over the years.

More interesting still in this regard: my first job was assistant to the County Archivist in the county town close to where I then lived with my parents. I did 2 stints in the job, around 5 years apart - stints of 6 years in total.
I helped the archivist to catalogue, index and store some VERY old documents deposited in our strongrooms by local aristocratic families etc.

I put down my interest in old stuff to Cancer rising - I read somewhere that Cancer has links to love of history (not sure why).
You think this relates more to Scorpio then (my Mars?)

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~~ For some reason an earlier comment of yours hasn't appeared here, though i received e-mail notification.

It said

Sexiest male of all time? Easy. James Spader. Sexiest female of all time? More than one candidate, let me get back to you.

I understand your feeling about James Spader - I fell for his character, Alan Shore in Boston Legal - like his other work too, but Alan Shore was well sexy!!
Boston Legal possibly best series of all time IMO, mainly due to Spader.

Re your other comment ~

I see - I've never watched Glee (apart from half of the first episode) so missed Meatloaf there.
I know him mainly from his recordings. Always liked his version of "2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad".

Anonymous said...

GP: Antiques is not always equating with history. It's natural scorpioning need to investigate (whatever - even the future).

If Cancer is interested in history, it's because of the "family - link". More genuine than Scorpio's.

JD said...

the eyes have it :)

or in Ms Aniston's case they don't

Twilight said...

Anon/Gian Paul

Scorpio and investigation - Cancer and family - yes, I see what you mean.

LOL! I've been drafting a post for the weekend that should make you think my own wee bit of Scorpio was at work - investigating. ;-)

Twilight said...

JD ~~~ Oh yes - I'm glad you've mentioned eyes! Mirror of the soul and all that. :-)

Mandy said...

I have never understood the popularity of this woman. She can't act (no matter what she is playing it is still the Rachael character from Friends). So One day I asked a male friend "What gives with this woman and you men." His answer was immediate: "Nipples."
Must be alot of guys out there that were taken off the boob too early.

Twilight said...

Mandy ~ Hi there!
Yes, Jen doesn't vary her personality much, whatever role she plays. - As you say, the "Friends" persona has stuck to her.


Hmmm. Could be that sight of these feminine acoutrements, even peeping through material of shirt, tee shirt or sweater is thought kind of taboo (in the USA anyway).
Bras have "modesty petals" if not lined with layers of padding.
French gals have no such compunction, they'll happily display their nipples peeping through clothing. The French are considered sexy, n'est-ce pas?

Your friend could be onto something. ;-)

Vanilla Rose said...

Also good that on celluloid or whatever they use we have a full range of Spader films at different ages. He is attractive now in a different way than he was when he was younger. Whilst he appears to be less politically outspoken than many actors, he was a participant in something called Blueprint for something. Hang on. Google.

Vanilla Rose said...

Here is the link to the event.

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~ We did acquire several tapes or DVDs of movies starring James S. after having watched DVDs of the whole Boston Legal series. Enjoyed them all - I actually prefer him when older - his roles as a rather nasty "pretty boy" didn't appeal, though he played them well.

I've seen a couple of the current "The Office" episodes but feel that the part he's playing is...erm...beneath him. Guess he has to put food on the table though, so can't be too critical.
He deserves better - much better.

I often look in on the message board you recommended, by the way.

Thanks for the link - he probably remains fairly quiet on political matters so as not to alienate half his audiences!

Vanilla Rose said...

He's pretty and nice in "sex, lies and videotape"! I don't think he keeps rather quiet to avoid alienating fans. He has done some quite controversial work, eg "Crash" (1996 not 2004). As far as I know, he just tries to keep stuff back. Fans still do not know the name of his youngest child.

Twilight said...

Vanilla rose ~~ "Sex Lies and Video Tape" is one I've missed, so far. Will make a point of finding a used tape/DVD of it. Not sure if we've seen "Crash" (1996) or not.
Will check Wiki - no - don't thinks so. Another to add to my "to see" list....don't fancy the content though!

Re the secrecy on name of his youngest: if male maybe they called him something contoversial - Che, or Karl....

Jefferson's Guardian said...

The sexiest woman of all time? That's easy; the one I'm making love to... ;-)

Twilight said...

Jefferson's Guardian ~~

Literally, J's G.....?
Multi-tasking then.
I'm impressed!

Vanilla Rose said...

LOL, no, I don't think the mysterious toddler is named Karl or Che! Very shocked you haven't seen "sex, lies and videotape" yet. Just don't be disappointed if you don't warm to it straight away. I took a while to appreciate it.

Jefferson's Guardian said...

Yes, the versatility and portability of smartphones makes what was once cumbersome and awkward, no more!

(I guess this gives a totally new meaning to "sexting"...?)

Vanilla Rose said...

Random thought: Jennifer A has the same birthday as the elder daughter of a friend of mine, therefore she shares Sarah Palin's birthday. Hurrah, my faith in female Aquarians is restored!!!!!

Twilight said...

Jefferson's Guardian ~
Indeed! :-D

Re the smartphone (one of which I do not possess) -
as Arthur C. Clarke once said

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose - Well....there are two distinct strains of Aquarius-types : the Saturn-driven and the Uranus-driven. Two good examples you've pointed out there. :-)

Vanilla Rose said...

When you find time to get a copy of "sex, lies and videotape", I would also be interested in your views of Laura San Giacomo (Scorpio) and the character she plays (birthsign not stated). I think it is a matter of record that both she and Andie MacDowell were asked by Steven Soderbergh to do nudity or partial nudity after they had signed up for the film. They both refused. I hate having to admire Andie MacDowell for anything, because I hate L'Oreal and her commercials for it, but I have to concede it is good she stood up for herself. I think the fact that the film works so well despite or because of their refusal says something about film making in general.

Vanilla Rose said...

Not that I'm remotely impatient to hear your opinion ... No, seriously, everyone has Xmas shopping and preparation to do and everything. I will not behave like a typical Aries. I will be patient. I will!!!!!

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~ LOL! I went to
E-bay yesterday evening to order a used DVD of SL&VT - found one reasonably cheap, ordered it - and dang! The PayPal/E-bay payment thingie is faulty - couldn't get my payment through....or if I did it hasn't been acknowledged.
Will wait until the issue is resolved then make sure I get the DVD.

I don't know of Laura San Giacomo, will read up on her, maybe I'll have seen her in something without knowing her name.

I'll do a post about her, not sure when, but soon. :-)

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose~~ Laura San Giacomo - got her! She was the friend of Julia Roberts' character in Pretty Woman - loved her in that- always happy to watch Pretty Woman again,
Hector Elizono (hotel manager/employee) was sexy. :-D

Vanilla Rose said...

Yes. I think she is very talented and underrated. She was in the comedy "Just Shoot Me" for 7 years.

Vanilla Rose said...

Really? Hector Elizono? I never found him sexy, but I remember him as an admin guy in "Chicago Hope". There was one scene where he was playing the guitar and singing, apparently to himself, it was really funny but it's hard to describe why. Eric Stoltz was also in "Chicago Hope", he's interesting.

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose - Laura San Giacomo post is ready to post tomorrow!

I remembered also seeing her in
Quigley Down Under while preparing the post.

Hector E. - Well, "sexy" might be going a bit far, but I thought he made the character he played in "Pretty Woman" into a guy I'd be happy to know. ;-)(Compassion is the key.)