Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's Still the Jolly Silly Season....

The few days between Christmas and New Year are always something of a silly season. Nobody's sure exactly what they're supposed to be doing: predicting ? (I'm not getting into that can of worms); celebrating; trying to lose weight; preparing resolutions; drinking up what's left of the Christmas booze; grumbling about TV repeats; trawling end of year sales events; stocking up for extreme weather incidents; or just lollygagging around waiting, but for what, nobody's certain.

No astrology today, by the way.

I lollygagged through some of my husband's Flickr/Lost Gallery old photograph collections. A favourite of these is a collection he calls "Talking Pictures". He has written captions or brief storylines for each -
He says:

"How often have you looked at a picture and thought about what was being said or what was happening as the picture was taken. Sometimes the less you really know about a photograph, the more it speaks.

This then is a collection of photographs that spoke. Sometimes it is just a passing impression and other times it is an event with details and nuance".

Here are a few I especially enjoyed. None is serious - if you knew my husband (avid Monty Python fan) you'd expect no less.

It had been two days and five nights of continuous driving. Grandpa Baub and the Krinkley family finally arrived at the memorial to Randolph the Rude-Nosed Reindeer. They posed on the remote hilltop in Bono Wildlife Preserve and UFO Landing Field while one of the hitchhikers captured the event with a box camera. It was a solemn moment.......Then young Bristol dropped the skunk.

Hi Ma! Who's the dude?
Mom forgot to tell junior about her plans for the day.

Hermione gathered everyone in the drawing room. Bela gasped when she saw the box camera.
The photographer fainted.
“Just as I suspected,” Hermione thought.

They followed us home Ma. Can we keep 'em?

After ninety-six minutes Cynthia decided to turn on the television. Now, she thought, next is the prom dress. What color?
The world turned.

Even though Leona kept flags in her hair, the Marines still wouldn’t take her.

The Martin Springs Basket Ball Champs and the water boy.
They all suspected Faye wasn't one of the guys. There was only one shower so no one ever mentioned it. It was her car too.
This is the '26 basketball team picture and the '26 class picture.

Hello, Microsoft Help Line. May I please to be helping you, this fine morning or afternoon as your case may to be?

The boys didn’t quite grasp the concept of having their photograph taken. Besides, Aunt Marge had tripped and rolled down the hill. Now they knew the answer. It was neither bloomers nor pantaloons. It was plus-fours!

The girls were happily singing their chanting song over and over. Michael, thoroughly sick of it, rowed the boat ashore and stomped off to the nearest pub where he ordered a pint, a half dozen pickled eggs and three prunes. Or maybe it was three pints, half dozen…oh never mind.

The girls of the “Mickey-Girls” club had been celebrating their 45th consecutive dateless weekend. The meeting was held in a hired row boat from the Hammer, Tackle and Boat Rental of Piedmont Beach, Montana.

Startled and puzzled by Michael’s abrupt behavior, the girls voted they would never hire him to row their boat again.

Velda suggested they all go into the pub and get out of the sun. Charlotte and Heidi objected to that because there appeared to be some crawling things in the sand around the boat. Myra said Cleo ate one of them. Cleo denied it but you know she would.

Juno was just glad they didn’t have to swim ashore. Her secret would be safe for another chapter meeting at least.

All credit for photos and captions goes to my husband, "anyjazz": Lost Gallery and Flickr.....many more Talking Pictures there, and many more old photographs in numerous categories - see Lost Gallery Index Page.


Vanilla Rose said...

Don't be silly, nobody would name their child Bristol ... oops.

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose....LOL! I know - unless the freezings of Alaska went to their head.