Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Sun is now in Sagittarius - as it is each year between 22 November and 21 December - with lee-way of a day in either direction. I thought I'd already completed a year of excerpts from Ingrid Lind's out-of-print little book Astrology and Commonsense, but on checking I find I've still a couple of signs to go before completing the zodiac - I began in January with my own Sun sign, Aquarius.


Quality: Mutable
Element: Fire
Ruler: Jupiter

In the last sign, Scorpio, I made no attempt to carry on the imagery of the gradual progress or development through the signs; but I hope it was made clear that the complexity reached through inharmonious mixing of quality, element and ruler had reached a high level.

In Sagittarius we have a respite and the explanation is easy to understand when we look at the ingredients of this sign. It is not hard to think of a fire as mutable, and Jupiter expands or exaggerates whatever it contacts. This gives us exaggerated fire and mutability which in a phrase describes Sagittarius, the mutable or adaptable expression of an ardent temperament.

Thus Sagittarians are friendly, impulsive, impatient, light-hearted and optimistic. They feel warmly in love but acknowledge the need for freedom; and where Scorpio will be bogged down in emotional thraldom, Sagittarius will detach himself, his eye cocked for the next adventure. At a high level of adventure he is the philosopher who has learned the value of non-attachment and the futility of fear and suffering; and even if he has not advanced as far as this mentally, he knows instinctively the value of laisser-aller. (Note = letting go)

It will be remembered that the first five signs all had different ruling planets and that each sign was strongly of the nature of that ruling planet; when we talk of Mars we might as well be talking of Aries and so on for these first five. Then came Virgo, Libra and Scorpio, all with ruling planets in conflict with either quality or element. In Sagittarius we once again have a ruling planet in complete accord with the sign, and what is written later under the heading Jupiter applies to Sagittarius. But Sagittarius is in no sense a primitive sign. Its diverse ingredients combine harmoniously, giving power of relaxed enjoyment, and Jupiter gives the "big" quality that enables the Sagittarian to see things from a distance. Intuition is stronger than intellect, but there is no weakness here: it is more that the mind ranges beyond the confines of reasoning, or book knowledge.

Sagittarian Qualities
Dignity without pride

Sagittarian Faults
Over-heartiness (which can be very boring)
Trusting to luck
Over-impulsiveness, impatience, irritability.

My main thought on this is to remember that Sagittarian-types vary widely, depending upon how much planetary emphasis there is on neighbouring signs of Scorpio and/or Libra, and where Sagittarius' ruler Jupiter is found in the chart, for those born with Sun in Sagittarius. The piece can also apply, in part, anyone with Moon or ascendant in Sagittarius, or with a cluster pf planets in the sign. The above, excellent assessment though it is, is not a cut-and-dried prescription, it will almost certainly need to be watered down, heated up, blown around or given some grounding for each individual.

PS~~~There are several archived posts on Sagittarius, easily accessible by scrolling down to the Label Cloud in the sidebar, then clicking on "Sagittarius".


Anonymous said...

GP: My own afinities with Sagittarius are: both parents sun-sign Sag, and inherited, I guess, my Ascendant in this sign. As far as trusting in luck goes (you mention under faults, as well as rebelliousness) I would like to formally object:

To trust in ones luck is a marvelous quality, helpes to overcome many adversities in life and gives one sort of a red threat one can observe in one's past meanderings - and hope it's not yet the end of it!

Rebelliousness: especially in these days of mass lying, publicity and
propaganda there are so few rebelling, that those who dear doing so should be praised for manifesting such a quality. But we now live in a disquietingly distorted world...

PS: Donizetti, your yesterday's post: No wonder he had a difficult life and poor ending: Saturn (R) in Cancer (worst placement for family etc.) squares Jupiter, retrograde as well. Obama has both of these planets retrograde as well, but conjunct. Will he also "only write one opera" - or make it for a second term?

James Higham said...

Overheartiness eh? Now that's one to avoid.

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~

I agree re trusting in luck being an "un-fault" (Ingrid Lind, whose book I quoted was possibly a cautious soul - have not been able to find her birth data, sorry to say).

Of course, GP, with your Aries Sun, and my Aries Moon risk taking could be said to be "mother's milk" to people like thee and me.
Calculated risks for me though!

And, naturally, rebelliousness, in my book ought to go into the Good Qualities list.

It just goes to show that authors of astrolgy books (and blogs) can write only with the slant dictated by their own astrology. If I find Ms Lind's birth data gives a lie to that I shall apologise. ;-)

Twilight said...

James Higham ~~ Genial back-slapping and suchlike can become tedious I guess, to both slapper and slappee.
Depends whether it's sincere though - if it is, it's hard to see it as a serious fault, in my opinion.

The fault list is shrinking.

Twilight said...

Anon/Gian Paul~~

Forgot your postscript!

I'll copy it and make it a comment on Monday's post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

GP: Ms Lind may have been "boxed - in by some religious concept, or her epoch.

Naturally, to rely on luck (just gambling) is as little recommendable for any quiet bourgeois as being rebellious.

But when there are "too many manipulable bourgeois" - or greedy consumers permitting the dictat of today's plutocracy to flourish, what may have appeared a disturbing character trait may becomes virtue.

Twilight said...

Anon/Gian Paul ~~~

You wrote
But when there are "too many manipulable bourgeois" - or greedy consumers permitting the dictat of today's plutocracy to flourish, what may have appeared a disturbing character trait may becomes virtue.

Truer words were never written!

Wisewebwoman said...

My estranged-from-the-entire-family daughter is a Sag, T. I don't know too many others apart from a nephew who shares daughter's traits (quick to take offence, unforgiving, isolated etc.).
I would give anything if she was overhearty :)

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~~~ The traits you describe would seem to fit Scorpio better. Maybe your daughter and nephew have emphasis on that neighbouring sign, Mercury and/or Venus - or some conflicting ascendant or Moon would do it too.