Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Wear Light Purple to Show Support for OWS. Also UPDATE Re Sad News of Occupy OKC

The Occupy Wall Street movement has adopted a signature colour: light purple. The colour was chosen by the original New York Group with the idea that light purple is obtained when the red/blue/white colours of the USA national flag are mixed together.

It's a nice idea, and one which could also represent the UK group. I'm not sure what Occupy groups in other countries might feel about the colour choice, but irrespective of national flag colours, light purple has other connotations.

Astrologically purple/violet links to Jupiter and Sagittarius: an expansive planet and a sign well-known for endowing its natives with optimism. That can't be bad!

Purple is associated with the right side of the brain which stimulates intuition and imagination, and the color is associated with peace.

Adopting a signature colour means that people unable to take part in the occupation camps could still show solidarity with the Occupiers, as well as indicating to others that the movement's support is more widespread than might have otherwise been imagined, and ought to be taken seriously.

Roughly-made armbands, torn from a piece of cotton in the appropriate shade, were one suggestion. Scarf, tie or tee-top would be easily obtainable alternatives, possibly already to be found in our closets.


UPDATE Re Occupy OKC (See last Saturday's post)

Referring back to my post for 29 October and our visit to Occupy OKC, I've read some very sad news. A young man was found dead in his tent at the Occupation site in Kerr Park on Monday.

The police were called, they suspect the death was from natural causes but the matter is being futher investigated. Articles online, and comment from those who knew the young man indicate that he suffered from asthma. The colder weather in The City of late might have brought on an extreme attack, I guess.

Something startled me even more than the sad news, when I saw a video featuring the young man who has died. He had joined the camp as a homeless person, around a week before his death, and had become known among the Occupiers as "Street Poet". He had spoken at a Vigil for First Responders in The City on the evening before his death (see video). I recognised the young man as the one who had spoken to us and posed for a photograph on our vist last week.

RIP. His story, available HERE is a sad one.

I wasn't certain at first, but from the description in the linked piece (regarding his missing front teeth) and from the top he wears in both video and photograph, I'm pretty sure the young man we met was Street Poet. RIP.

What sickened me, to my stomach, when reading around, were some of the comments on various sites reporting the incident - comments from inhuman creatures. I use the word inhuman advisedly. Really and truly, if there are people who think and react that way about the death of a fellow-human, then there is, and never will be any chance for the human race. None at all, and we do not deserve a chance.


anyjazz said...

For us he will be the icon of the protest.

R J Adams said...

That's very sad, Twilight. There are always those who draw a sick satisfaction from such events. It is the likes of Inhofe and Coburn who are responsible for the situation that caused this boy's death. If they did their jobs properly there would be no need for kids to sleep out under canvas on frigid nights. No doubt this poor lad could not afford the sky-high cost of medical insurance, so lauded by Messrs Coburn and Inhofe.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~~ Yes - and the reasons for it.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Inhofe and Coburn are a disgrace to the human race.

I don't know whether Street Poet had had medical attention, or if he'd been in Oklahoma for long. He originated in Florida, and from what I've read was making his way to Kansas City to find his brother.

One thing I feel sure of though is that the Okies around him at the camp would have made sure he was taken to an emergency room had they been aware of the seriousness of his condition. He appeared to have an inhaler at the start of the video - so he must have seen a doc at some point.

Twilight said...
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Anna Van Z said...

This young's man's death is profoundly sad and likely unnecessary, to boot. There is something seriously immoral about a country with the resources to provide basic health care for all but still absolutely refuses to do so.

Everything the conservative sociopathic tools say is a lie. And they wouldn't know decency if they stumbled across it by accident.

Twilight said...

Anna Van Z ~~


Your second paragraph says it all.