Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Retro Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who will be celebrating on Thursday.

As we enter a Mercury Retrograde period, it seems appropriate to dip into the past for some echoes from a bygone era.
I found these postcards in an antique store in Purcell, Oklahoma. They are postmarked, 1919, 1914 and 1920, from Kansas (Bison, Wichita and Hutchinson) and carry short personal Thanksgiving greetings addressed to surnames Bieber, Wulfmeyer and Boruff, in either Horsington Hospital, or "City". My husband enlightened me on "City". In days-gone-by the post office accepted this on any piece of mail addressed to the same city in which it was posted.


Anonymous said...

Very cool postcards

James Higham said...

To you and yours - Happy Thanksgiving, Twilight.

And the postcards were fab.

Wisewebwoman said...

Don't you find the last one a little sad?
good score on the postcards!
Happy US Thanksgiving T! And also to Himself.

Twilight said...

Anonymous; James and WWW ~~~

Thank you all kindly!

WWW - yes I do find that one a bit sad.....included it as a shout out for all the poor old turkeys who have given up the ghost for this day, past and present.

We're just off to the home of Hiself's eldest daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandsons, to share their Thanksgiving meal.

Twilight said...

I mean Himself's