Thursday, June 03, 2010


June is the month named for Roman goddess Juno.
In astrology asteroid Juno (glyph shown, right) takes its attributes from the myths associated with that goddess - notably her position as patroness of marriage. Where asteroid Juno is found in one's natal chart is said to indicate attitude to marriage, marriage partner, etc.

I don't usually pay much attention to asteroids in astrology, the astrological scene is complicated enough, using all possible combinations available, without adding further content. But, as it's Juno's special month now, I took a a peek at my natal chart with Juno added at Astrodienst from the Extended Chart Selection. Natal Juno was one degree from Mercury, at 20 Capricorn, and 5 degrees from the descendant angle. Do interpretations for this placement fit?

There's a fairly clear consensus among on-line astrology sites that Juno in Capricorn translates as a native preferring the solid, upstanding, traditional-type partner, a good earner, reliable, trustworthy etc. Ideally will require a partnership to be legalised by marriage. May gravitate towards an older partner.
Juno conjunct Mercury : likely to be attracted to partners with good communication skills, witty and fluent. Communication will have to be clear and honest, and within any relationship an absolute priority.

Hmmm- well from that little lot I can pick two items which fit or have fitted in the past, and some which do not fit at all.

Sure, I have always paid little or no attention to age. I lived with a partner 20+ years my senior for 33 years - but without a marriage certificate. Who needs THAT? It's a piece of paper. I have it now, with Himself, because US authorities wouldn't have allowed me to live with him here without it. Relationship is the most important thing in my life - always has been, so Juno close to an angle works well. I am always attracted to good communicators beyond all else: writers, especially witty ones (cherry on top). Inability of the other one to string a sentence together or write a decent letter has always been the death-knell of any seminal relationship for me. The stuff about a partner needing to be solid, upstanding, good earner doesn't fit me at all. Being severely independent I've always been able to fill that role for myself. It appears that, in my case, Aquarius Sun and Aries Moon cancel out some of Juno's indications.

Any passing reader can discover their natal Juno at the link above, free of charge. Finding interpretations from a variety of websites is just a matter of typing "Juno in........(whatever)" into Google's search box.


Wisewebwoman said...

In your studies of this topic,T, I admit to a curiosity. Are there some people who are 'allergic' to partnerships or is it they just don't find the right 'fit'?

Shawn Carson said...

i agree that including the asteroid goddesses in one's horoscope can make for too many things to take into consideration. but in my case, my juno is in scorpio and i married a scorpio woman whose juno in gemini conjoins my midheaven. the asteroids can help to illuminate our charts it seems

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Oh yes, I feel certain that there are those who have no need of partnership - for as many reasons as there are raindrops in a thunderstorm. :-)

I suppose there are also those who would prefer a partnership but either don't look hard enough to find "the one", don't have insight enough to recognise them if they pass them by in life....or again, for many reasons.

Not sure whether (or how) Juno would provide any indication of this though.

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ Yes, that's a possibility. Perhaps they will not add anything completely new, but will emphasise or de-emphasise stuff that's already there using the standard planets etc. and, as you say throw a wee bit more light on the chart.

I suspect though that asteroids could also be misleading, if too much weight is given to them and their position, while ignoring something else indicated by the planets.