Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've had no success contacting either of the commenters who showed interest in these books last week, hence the re-posting. Also, we are about to travel to an out of state funeral, will be away for a couple of days, so no further posts until Friday. If anyone is interested in the books, including either of the two who replied last time, please leave a comment and/or e-mail to
I'll respond as soon as possible.

When I first came to the USA and began delving deeper into astrology, I bought, on E-bay, a box filled with astrology books. These were probably from someone's estate - the name of the previous owner (an astrologer?) is stamped on most of them. Most are in very good condition - a few are a wee bit worn and ragged - mainly the booklets. I've pared down my own needs to very few, the books listed below are now overflow. I'd be willing send them anywhere in the USA, no charge other than the postage. I'd ask the recipient to donate the cost of postage to Elsa via her Paypal link, as a thank you for her work keeping Astro Dispatch updated. Some of these books fit into the biggest UPS box (about $14 to mail) the rest will go into two big padded envelopes, but I can't estimate cost without zip code of receiving address. Media Mail would be the most economical for the envelopes, but they would take a bit longer to arrive.

If nobody is interested, then I guess the books will be headed towards some also very disinterested shoppers at Goodwill.


Planets in Houses - RobertPelletier

Planets in Composite - Robert Hand

Predictive Astrology - Sakoian & Acker

Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology

Business Success and Astrology - Teri King

Your Personality and the Planets - Michel Gauquelin


Planetary Heredity - Michel Gauquelin

Harmonics in Astrology - John Addey

The Elements of House Division - R.W. Holden

Life Clock - Age Progression in the horoscope Vol 1 - B & L Huber

Compendium of Astrology - Lineman & Popelka

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology - Marc Edmund Jones

Success Signs: a practical astrological guide to career fulfillment - M.M. Rathgeb

Astrology: The classic guide to understanding your horoscope. - R.C. Davison

Tools of Astrology - Houses - Dona Marie Lorenz

Rectification of the Birth Time - Gustav Schwickert

A Short Dictionary of Astrology - Marylee Bytheriver

Aspects Magnified - Mohan Koparkar

Lunar Nodes - Mohan Koparkar

The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac - Adriano Carelli

Astrodynes - Ken Stone

Deliniation with Astrodynes - Ken Stone

Spherical Astronomy for Astrologers - G.C.Noonan


Keys to Inter Relations - C.M. Darr

How to Handle your Human Relations - L.H. Sargent

Your Best Place - Relocation Techniques - D. Warren

An Introduction to Locality Astrology - Charles Jayne

Astro Cartography - Source Book of Mundane Maps for 1982


Shawn Carson said...

hi twilight,
hope you enjoy your travels. what would i need to do in order to get these books from you?

Wisewebwoman said...

Deepest sympathy on the loss, T. I hope you and himself travel safely and return consoled.

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ I noticed your comment just as we were about to leave on Tuesday, otherwise we might have been able to arrange to drop the books off somewhere for you - we were going into your area.

Never mind.

Anyway, if you let me have your zip code to start (you can use the e-mail address that follows) I'll go find out how much the packets would cost via Media Mail. the box is a flat rate of around $14 I think - but will check.

Then, if you're okay with the postage cost you can let me have an address to which I can mail the 3 packages. When you get them it'd be good if you'd donate the postage cost to Elsa via her Paypal link (re the Astro Dispatch widget).

e-mail to use


Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Back safely, thanks WWW.
The deceased was the oldest and dearest friends of my husband, so it was a sad day for him. He was able to meet up with the other members of their (used to be) young adult group of 4 friends which made things a lot lighter for the remaining 3 of them.

I guess these events will start coming with more frequency as we toddle further along the road of life.

Trish said...

Interested in some of the books. Let me know what to do next.

Twilight said...

Trish ~~ Many thanks for responding, but Shawn (above) has agreed to take the books.

If I have a further clear out in the near future (not unlikely) I'll post again. :-)

Shawn Carson said...

hi twilight,
just received a big box of very cool books! and i am now expecting another box? that's awesome!
i got your e mail about the postage for elsa and i will make a deposit for just a little more than that sum to her paypal acct. i wish i could give a much bigger amount to approximate the value of these wonderful gifts, but finances always seem to be running thin here.
it really is like astrology christmas as almost all of this material is new to me!
there are some very good and insightful writers that never managed to make a big splash in the publishing biz, but, nevertheless, have made great contributions to this field of study.
thanks again for the generous addition to my library!

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ Wow! That was quick!
The two big padded packets coming via Media Mail will take longer - judging by my own experience when buying books on-line mailed by MM.
Hope those two arrive intact. Do give me the nod when they arrive safely. Thanks....and I hope you'll find a good use for them all. :-) I'm happy that they've found another good home.

There may be more at a later date too, when I get around to having another purge.