Thursday, June 10, 2010


When I first came to the USA and began delving deeper into astrology, I bought, on E-bay, a box filled with astrology books. These were probably from someone's estate - the name of the previous owner (an astrologer?) is stamped on most of them. Most are in very good condition - a few are a wee bit worn and ragged - mainly the booklets. I've pared down my own needs to very few, the books listed below are now overflow. I'd be willing send them anywhere in the USA, no charge other than the postage. I'd ask the recipient to donate the cost of postage to Elsa via her Paypal link, as a thank you for her work keeping Astro Dispatch updated. I'm not sure how many of these books would fit into the biggest UPS box (about $14). I have fitted them all into a box from the liquor store (12x10x14"). The biggest UPS box is only 12x12x5 and half, so quite a bit smaller. I could use a large box and a medium box from UPS, I guess. That would add $10 to cost though. Or I could use a box similar to the one they're in now, but have no idea what the cost would be, certainly $20+ I'm not overly keen to split the lot .... any suggestions welcome.

If anyone is interested, do let me know via the comments and I'll give you an e-mail address. If not, then I guess they'll be headed towards some very disinterested shoppers at Goodwill.


Planets in Houses - RobertPelletier

Planets in Composite - Robert Hand

Predictive Astrology - Sakoian & Acker

Larousse Encyclopedia of Astrology

Business Success and Astrology - Teri King

Your Personality and the Planets - Michel Gauquelin


Planetary Heredity - Michel Gauquelin

Harmonics in Astrology - John Addey

The Elements of House Division - R.W. Holden

Life Clock - Age Progression in the horoscope Vol 1 - B & L Huber

Compendium of Astrology - Lineman & Popelka

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology - Marc Edmund Jones

Success Signs: a practical astrological guide to career fulfillment - M.M. Rathgeb

Astrology: The classic guide to understanding your horoscope. - R.C. Davison

Tools of Astrology - Houses - Dona Marie Lorenz

Rectification of the Birth Time - Gustav Schwickert

A Short Dictionary of Astrology - Marylee Bytheriver

Aspects Magnified - Mohan Koparkar

Lunar Nodes - Mohan Koparkar

The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac - Adriano Carelli

Astrodynes - Ken Stone

Deliniation with Astrodynes - Ken Stone

Spherical Astronomy for Astrologers - G.C.Noonan


Keys to Inter Relations - C.M. Darr

How to Handle your Human Relations - L.H. Sargent

Your Best Place - Relocation Techniques - D. Warren

An Introduction to Locality Astrology - Charles Jayne

Astro Cartography - Source Book of Mundane Maps for 1982


Kat said...

I am interested.Feel free to contact me. Thank you for your kind offer.

Maria said...

I'd gladly take them all in whatever configuration suits you. And I LOVE the donation to Elsa. She's fantabulous!

Twilight said...

Kat ~~~ Okay - good! I don't have an e-mail addy for you, so here's one where you can contact me (it's not my regular one - I'll reply from there. Thanks!

I think the next thing for me to do, now that I know someone is interested, is to get the box of books weighed and find a strong enough box with a lid for them. I'm suspecting that the UPS ones might not be sturdy enough.

Twilight said...

Maria - Thank you for replying, but as you can see someone got here first. However, it might turn out that Kat decides against taking the books, in which case - keep an eye on the blog and I'll update. :-)

Twilight said...

Kat ~~~ Hi again. It seems that the most economical way to send the books will be to use one of the post office's large "one price" boxes and two big padded envelopes, (envelopes can go cheaply via Media Mail I think, though will take a bit longer to arrive).

I need your postal address incl. zip code to get a proper price estimate though. I've looked at your blog but can't see any way of contacting you there.

If you are still interested in having the books could you please contact me via the e-mail address in my comment above, letting me know your address detail.

Thanks. :-)

Twilight said...

Maria ~~ So far I've not been able to make contact with Kat and begin to suspect that they've changed mind.

Are you still interested? If so please leave me a note here or via the e-mail in a comment above.
Many thanks. :-)

joy frankline said...

nice !!! nice experience shared by the author of this blog. i also read lots of books about astrology and also like the book "Predictive Astrology" by Sakoian & Acker very much.
astrology is the ancient science of India and tell you the future aspects of your life.


Twilight said...

joy ~~ Hi there, and thanks for your visit and your comment.