Sunday, June 21, 2009


When we reach Summer Solstice I feel a little sheepish. I'm supposed to celebrate, but quite honestly I don't enjoy the summer months. I especially don't like them here in SW Oklahoma.

Perhaps it doesn't help that I am, by birth a winter person, born in the depths of a snowy January on the cold northeast coast of England. My Aquarian Sun doesn't relish 90 - 100 degree heat. Even my Aries Moon gets wimpish at those temperatures.

It's too darned hot in Oklahoma, from June onwards right through until the Fall gets properly underway around mid-October. There are too many biting vampire bugs who love my blood, and to whose attention I am particularly sensitive. There's too much pollen blowin' in the wind and it kick-starts serial hayfever symptoms which hang around indefinitely, whether I dose myself with the tablets or not. There's always the risk of a stray late-term tornado whizzing across the plains towards Chez Twilight, too.

Whinge, whinge! On the positive side - it's all downhill from here to the Autumn equinox!

I've been trawling through photographs taken during my last summer in England. The temperate climate of East Yorkshire helped a lot! These were all taken within walking distance of my old home.
(Humming: "Mmmmemories light the corners of my mind, misty water-colored mem'ries of the way we were....Scattered pictures -"

SOLSTICE GREETINGS to all summer-lovers - and Solstice Sympathies to kindred spirits who long for the Fall.


Wisewebwoman said...

Ah, but you would love the temperatures here, T! No humidity, no excessive heat, very few bugs and what there are the dragonflies take care of. One of the main reasons I moved here as I can't bear the heat of the cities.
So I think we're on the same page with Solstice.
If I lived in Oklahoma I'd feel like you do too!!

Laura said...

I love summer and I love cricket. What a great photo of it - do you understand the game?

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Oh, lucky you! I envy your summer! :-)

Twilight said...

Laura ~~ We had to play cricket at school (long, long ago), so I have a vague idea how it goes.

It's far too slow a game for me to watch though, but dozing in a deck chair in a warmish breeze with the click of the bat against the ball, smell of the newly mown grass, a nice cool cocktail to hand....well, that I could cope with!

Enjoy your summer!

anyjazz said...

How about that. I posted a pic from Brid today too. Those were happy days!

Kaleymorris said...

Perhaps you should make a trip up to check on our Randi in Grand Prairie. It's not supposed to hit 80 in the coming week, but there are over 17 hours between sunup and sunset.
Sorry the summer is so trying for you. We are glad you are here.

Twilight said...

Anyjazz ~~ Yeah - weren't they though? You made me see it all in a completely different light. :-)

Twilight said...

Kaleymorris ~~ I'm glad you're glad, 'cos I'm glad I'm here too, in spite of the whinges.

We've a few routine appointments coming up, so any trip anywhere must wait a while. (Tulsa for the Idol concert 3rd week July - LOL!) Indoors is fine, with the air conditioning on - we didn't have that back in the UK! So when it did get very hot, it really was uncomfortable, even indoors. Swings and roundabouts! :-)

The Artful Frogger said...

I don't think you can blame your sun sign. I have an Aquarian sun too and I LOVE summer. I detest the snow and ice and freezing temps.

Jacqueline Bigar said...

Twilight: i finally figured out how to list my favorite blogs and sites. (I know it makes me sound like the dummy of the century).

Come to my site...and see what i said about you.

Thank you for all you give to me and everyone.

anthonynorth said...

A Yorkshire coast, a hint of old British Rail, cricket and warm beer.
Ah ... that's the way to do it (in shrill voice) ... :-)

Twilight said...

The Artful Frogger ~~ Hi (are you aka Mrs. Lilypond?) :-)

Yes, I admit it's not really a trait related to Aquarius - I was just trying to justify my obtuseness about summer! And, come to think of it, obtuseness IS related to Aquarius! ;-)

Twilight said...

Jacqueline ~~~ Oh thanks so much - that's very kind of you! I love the new layout too!

I see you're a Twitter fan, Jacquie - I'll go follow you. I don't do much with my Twitter account - haven't quite got into the swing of it as yet, but I follow a scant handful of others - infrequently.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ LOL, LOL! You got it in so few words too! You've been hangin' around Twitter too much, haven't you!

Rossa said...

I'm a winter baby too and though I don't mind the heat, courtesy of my days as a chef in a 100F kitchen, as a redhead I not too much sunshine for me. And Factor 50 sunblock is so not a cool look....LOL I'm white enough as it is without looking like a clown!!!

And as for the bugs, one of my cats brought home fleas this weekend and they feasted on me. So warm weather, itchy bites....I could do with a warm beer AN.

Wimbledon started today so we've got the sound of ball on racquet or was that the grunting of the lady tennis players I can hear. With Nadal out due to a recurring knee injury, our boy Andy Murray, may go far...though I'm not holding my breath. Too busy eating strawberries and cream for that....where's the Pimms old girl!

Twilight said...

Hi there Rossa!

Yikes! Factor 50! Strangely enough I used to love sun bathing (in Tenerife), but the heat was never opressive at the time of year we visited. Not many bugs and no allergies. Factor 3 was the highest screen I used in those days. Went home looking like an immigrant. :-)

I'm happy to have another winter person along here!

Cat fleas give very itchy bites I've always found - and lots of 'em. I was outside yesterday evening for a total of 5 minutes and a mosquito found me for his supper! Drat!

Tennis and Pimms Number One with mint and borage - Ah the memories!
(Drifts into nostalgic dream of days in hotel life when, on a hot summer day, a friendly, well-trained barman would slip me one of those on the side.)

jacqueline Bigar said...

I just think Twitter adds some life into this secluded profession of this astrologer/writer.

If you go there you will see the new blog template I cannot download for the life of me. Yes I got sick of the other. ( there it is.

I think Twitter, and you can see my Happy Birthday Twitter blog, has unusually powerful dynamics as seen in Iran. it was orginally developed by a company for communications within different departments.

It did mount on a mercury RX...and for the life of me, i am trying to make sense of that--any ideas?

Twilight said...

Jacquie ~~~ that's a very attractive template. If it's difficult to download, perhaps there's a bug or glitch in it.
Perhaps someone on the Blogger help forum would look into it for you, or suggest reasons why you're having trouble. They're ususally helpful.

I haven't really got to grips with Twitter - I'm trying to see its value. So many people love it - it must have value. I CAN see how useful it is in a situation such as is going on in Iran, and for business as well.

I'm dipping my foot into the Twitter pool to see whether I like it, but following only - I'm not "tweeting" myself.

You said it was first started at Mercury retrograde? Seems odd, doesn't it! Could be an indication that it won't last and something better will take its place. New stuff is being presented at a rapid pace these days. It's hard to keep up! :-)

jacqueline Bigar said...

I am not sure Twilight about the merc retro. Twitter has its unique charm..but unless you have a network or put it on your blog like I do, you could feel as if you are talking to yourself.

It is its second interfacing. Once used as a business tool for a corporation to be remodeled into the Twitter that has Senators using it, iranians and Jacqueline too!

it is fabulous for conversations with family at a distance. When something happens..I often get tweeted right away. Like when my x drove into my son's new car....and since my son had submerged his Dad's car when he learned to drive, oh well i could not stop teasing him.

it is a quick announcement system.

I am looking at other interpertations of retrogrades, Twice done..that might cause the retro. karma can be seen in a retro. Soon today or tomorrow I will pull Twitter's chart out again.

I am just not sure.

Twilight said...

Jacquie ~ Oh, sure, I can see it has benefits for far-flung family members, as a quick, economical "telegraph" thingie.

I'll keep an eye on it - just read along for a while.

I'll watch for the chart on your blog too. :-)

Jacqueline Bigar said...

the blog with the Twitter's chart is not that far back.

I was going to re-arrange my archives by topic...very soon. it makes more sense to me.

I have ben thinking about putting in a sidebar for discussions with astrologers like this twitter issue.

What do you think? Would you join?

Jacqueline Bigar said...

Ob my blog, on the right side top, is a section...Calling All Astrolgers. it is for a discussion..among astrologers

I put the Twitter issue there. I hope you wioll join.....


Twilight said...

Jacquie ~~~ I'm on my way over there now to look. Why yes, of course I'll join in, if I can think of anything half-way intelligent to add! :-)

The Artful Frogger said...

yes I was Mslilypond but I use that for everything and wanted a change.

Twilight said...

Thanks, Artful Frogger, for the info. :-)

R J Adams said...

Heartland summers? Don't talk to me of Heartland summers. The bloody mosquitoes 'round here are bigger than the seagulls on Blackpool promenade, and just as numerous.
We've been hitting mid-nineties this week, with heat indices of 106 and more.
I'm firmly of the opinion that US mossies find British blood a delicacy. My wife and I can stand in the garden for five minutes, I'll get a bite a minute yet they totally leave her alone.
As one who's spent most of my life outdoors, this annual summer confinement drives me to distraction.
Thankfully, we're off to Michigan's Upper Peninsular in early July. Lovely lake-cooled air and temps in the 70's. It's only for a week, but I can't wait to get the hell out of Illinois.
You have my sympathy. In Britain I longed for summer. Over here, I hate it.
Do you think WWW could put us all up for a few months? ;-)

Twilight said...

RJ ~~~ Hi! I see we are fellow-sufferers. The heat is really cranking up early this year, we're in the low hundreds already this week. I think I could manage the heat alone, but, yes, it's the insect bites and the allergies that really tick me off and keep me confined indoors.

I envy your trip - hope you have a lovely break from the heat and skeeters.

We'd have to travel so far to reach any cooler temps, we'll probably just wait until later to take a trip somewhere.

Roll on September! :-)