Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Adam Lambert Fan Phenomenon

There's something very odd going on just now. Adam Lambert is turning mature women into quivering fangirls.

If a passing reader has no idea what I'm talking about, do take a look at this article by Allegra Huston (sister of Angelica) "What Is It About Adam Lambert?" at WOWoWOW (Women On the Web)then go on to read the string of eloquent and entertaining comments from women whose ages range from 20s to late 70s!

Several commenters at that website and on the many other fan sites devoted to Adam, continually offer views on the reason for the Adam phenomenon. I chose that article and string of comments as being from a group of women who seem quite unlike the usual fangirl pattern and age group.

Is it that he has come along, with his glitz, eyeliner and sexy drama, just when most other news is so very depressing ? Is he a kind of escape hatch from the woes of the world?

I don't know.

I have a mild case of the fangirl syndrome myself, as it happens. My first thought about something of this kind is to look to the astrology.

Here's the best natal chart I can come up with for Adam Lambert, using the data I have so far gleaned. The ascendant degree here is an estimate only.

Now, compare it to today's chart, copied from here:

Over recent weeks Jupiter and Neptune have been in conjunction (very close together) in Aquarius. They are both at 26 Aquarius today, and have been within a degree or so of that for weeks. Look at Adam's chart and note that he has Pluto, Neptune and Venus all at 26 degrees of Libra, Sagittarius and Capricorn respectively.

The Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius reflects an astrological atmosphere condusive to fan worship - Neptune relates to imagination and dreams, Jupiter to excess and exaggeration.

If the astrological atmosphere is right, then what is currently "magnetized" - what is drawing the excessive imagination of many? An individual with Neptune in harmonious sextile to that Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, an individual also with sexy Pluto in trine to it, and Venus, planet of the arts and love in semi-sextile to it!

Is it all coincidence? Or is it a 26-degree slam-dunk for Adam Lambert?


anthonynorth said...

Mild mass hysteria does seem to be a growing phenomenon, I've noticed :-)
I'd call it the Loudun Syndrome.

Adamite said...

Why is he so popular with women of 'a certain age'? Could be that they were around in the 70's or 80's when eyeliner and androgenous looks were very in fashion for men. His look is very New Romantics - Adam Ant and all that. Maybe it's a new era and beauty & sensitivity is in for men again.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ I agree. Ever since the time of the Princess Di tragedy, when the "syndrome" peaked in the UK, similar reactions emerge fairly frequently.
I'm not sure that it's any kind of hysteria. I'm wondering if it's more of an enhanced need to feel connected to others, either in grief or elation.

Don't know - it's interesting to surmise though. :-)

Twilight said...

Adamite ~~~ Hi! Yes, this has crossed my mind too.

This particular generation of women has been starved, for years, of new artists to whose music they can easily relate. The songs Adam sang on American Idol were familiar, & melodic, he sung them so very well, that for me there was an instant attraction. his looks and style are an added extra.

Time will tell whether, when he starts recording and putting out new stuff, unfamiliar, will his fans remain as adoring as they are now? This will be the litmus test.
If he's as clever as I think he is, he'll make sure at least some of his first releases are melodic, deeply emotional numbers, similar to those he sang on Idol.

I hope that beauty and sensitivity are on their way in again - for men and women both. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm an east coast conservative American businessman who has sung some Wagnerian opera on the side. I couldn't care less about Adam's sexual leaning. I think the guy is astounding -- an absolute phenomenon. On top of that, he comes across as being a really nice guy. Notice how he so warmly and honestly congratulated the AI winner (whom I've forgotten already) with such heartfelt generosity. I'll never understand how Adam didn't win. Give us more, Adam. Indeed you are already a rock God!

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ I agree with you wholeheartedly. Adam's current Glam Nation tour is doing well, I understand, and whilst the current style of his music isn't exactly to my own taste, I still love to see photographs of him and to hear his songs. I'm hoping that, in time, his style of song will move more to the 70s and 80s melodic - or even back to the Broadway-type (which I realise he was trying to get away from.
Yet, for me, that is the style best suited to his fabulous voice.

Thanks for commenting - it's always good to hear from other fans. :-)