Monday, June 29, 2009

Stonewall, Prejudice, Astrology......

We watched a DVD of the movie "Milk" a while back and ever since, I've been juggling with ideas for writing something about gay issues, or about Harvey Milk, probably the most famous figure in the struggle against gay prejudice in the USA. Or, I wondered, how about the astrology of the Stonewall Riots - which occurred just 40 years ago, 28 June 1969. As so often though, I find that the pros have "been there, done that". Why wouldn't they?

An article by astrologer Eric Meyers, Lactose Tolerance: Harvey Milk & Gay Acceptance, covers Harvey Milk's natal chart.

Madam Lichtenstein, at The Starry Eye has written about the astrology of the Stonewall Riots (here).

During my searches I also found a very interesting piece, based on a lecture given last year by astrologer Lee Lehman:
Lee Lehman Draws Parallels Between Astrologers and Gays.

This is a thought I'd never considered before. I'm not a professional astrologer, so maybe it doesn't affect me - yet really it does. I could dare to adjust the premise to be "parallels between prejudice against astrology and prejudice against homosexuality". I don't accept that the relative seriousness of the two areas of prejudice are anywhere near comparable. Prejudice against astrology is a minor problem compared with gay prejudice, which is capable of spoiling the lives of others - something I'd say is evil. Yep, evil!

I have, on occasion, felt sheepish about mentioning astrology in conversation. I don't feel ashamed of my interest, I mainly want to avoid ridicule of my pet subject. I'm not normally afraid of voicing my views on tricky topics: politics or religion, but when it comes to astrology, I have to feel I'm on very friendly ground before I'll even say the word. So, in a very minor way, this is the kind of feeling many gays must have, I guess.

I gather, from some of the comments which follow the article quoting Lee Lehman's lecture, that there's a certain amount of elitism (my pet hate) going on in astrological circles, especially in the attitude displayed towards Sun sign astrologers. Astro guys ought to stick together. There are all kinds of roads into astrology, none is better than another.

From here on I shall remember this article, remember the struggles of our gay friends, which are ongoing, and stop being such a wimp about mentioning astrology. If young Adam Lambert can stand in front of TV cameras, and a Rolling Stone interviewer and say "I am what I am....I am gay and proud" - I can stand before anybody and say, "Astrology works, I enjoy using it, prejudice against it is unfounded and unfair."


Wisewebwoman said...

If you get a chance, T, also see the doc on Milk which I saw before seeing the movie last year. Profound.

Shawn Carson said...

Good for you, Twilight!
But remember that Jesus once asked, "would thou cast your pearls before the swine?" (or something like that..)

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ I'll be on the lookout for that - thanks!

Twilight said...

Shawn ~~~ Hmmmm - well, I'll look on it more as bringing beads to unenlightened natives. ;-)

R Southern said...

Gay people? What are they--is some cheerful bunch trying to spoil the fat bad attitude I had going on? I'm afraid to find out more since I just now figured out that asstrology is not the study of posteriors. I HATE having to keep up all the time!

Twilight said...

Oh look! Here's one of those unenlightnend natives I mentioned!

I have some very nice beads here, Ron....Now, aren't those pretty?

(If I didn't know ya better, you an' yer Aquarian snark....I'd be offering you some beads for sure).

R Southern said...

Being on a tear, I'd probably attempt to eat them. Haven't you ever heard of beads and rice?

The capcha for the day is mydtorg! They find such wonderful words, sometimes!

anthonynorth said...

A delicate divide, here, I think. For instance, you know my basic views of astrology, but I would never condemn anyone for using it.
The line can oft be hazy here, mainly because I see astrology as a concept. Being gay is a natural way for part of a population. Yet some would see it as a concept. Yet this would be homophobic, in that its natural state is denied.
So, looking at the two issues, seeing one as a concept is, I think, reasonable, but in the other, unreasonable.

R Southern said...

Sometimes comparing two things can shed a little light, even if they not very much alike. In the seventies I hitched to California and back and had many negative experiences (some slight, some severe) relating to my hippie exterior. At the time, I felt a little kinship with Negroes, Jews, Gypsies, and whatever others who can't hide their identity from rednecks and redneck cops. Of course, I obviously could have easily hidden my "identity" by changing my disguise! Still, it changed my way of automatically thinking that the world was a safe place for one and all. I always show respect to authority's face, but when they turn away...

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ I understand your point, and agree that the two things, in themselves, are not at all comparable. It's the effect of them both on the minds and emotions of some members of the public which is comparable, and therefore the effect on the people who face that effect.

Again, I (and presumably Lee Lehman) are not seeking to say that the effect of any prejudice related to astrology is anywhere near as serious as gay prejudice, or racial prejudice, but in a very small way it affects a small group of people just as unfairly. :-)

Twilight said...

R Southern ~~~ That's a very good example you've contributed, Ron - a real life experience. Thank you!

Getting right down to the nitty-gritty, what's needed is for us all to "live and let live", "do as you would be done to" "love one another" - those snippets of advice, which are so often forgotten, and are not at all hard to live by. Yet many seem to be unable to do it.