Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pluto & The Capricorn Grunge

There hasn't been an outer planet (Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) in an Earth sign since Neptune left Capricorn at the end of 1998. During most of the 90s both Uranus and Neptune transited Cardinal Earthy Capricorn.

Enter Pluto, stage left.

I've seen several fashion articles over past months trumpeting the return of 90s fashions for the young, and young at heart: the "Grunge", the flannel shirts, the dark nail varnish, clunky heels and Doc Marten boots.

Apart from the nail varnish those are all quite Earthy and practical items - comfortable too, I guess. Mind you, here in Oklahoma, I don't know how we'll tell the difference because flannel shirts and big boots are pretty much standard attire wherever the planets happen to be at any given time.

The trend could fit in nicely with the fianancially dire straits we now face. Goodwill will be the new Bloomingdales. Re-cycling will flourish. Capricorn rules!

Here's the most recent article on the topic, this by Lindsay Mannering with a slideshow of examples.
"So Out It's In"

Three Hollywood starlets in the grunge groove, below - Mary Kate Olsen, Ashley Tisdale and Rachel Bilson


Wisewebwoman said...

Didn't like it then, don't like it now, but it's what we're all going to look like, oh, about 4 years from now.

anthonynorth said...

Being an Emo is all the rage over here at the moment. So says my youngest daughter. A kind of grunge with a hint of gothic - and a lot of black.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~ It's not my cup of tea either really, I'd just look like a bag lady! To pull it off with any success at all one needs to be young, slim and very beautiful!

AN ~~~ LOL! I see you are kept up to scratch by your kids! Emo.
I've never heard that term. But as you describe the trend it matches Pluto and Capricorn very well!

Melody said...

Finally, everyone dressing in the style I have for years. Although I'm not young, slim or beautiful, but I never thought I looked like a bag lady :)

Twilight said...

And I'm sure you don't Melody !
It's all in the mind, I guess. If one feels comfortable and attractive, then that's how the world sees you. If one (like me) felt like a bag lady, that's the image I'd be projecting. At least, I think that's how it must work ;-)

Gruner91 said...

Emo is Goth for pussies!!! I'm a grunge rocker, and Emo is an established style that has gone pop...luckly with the passing of the 90's went the passing of pop-grunge fashion. Now I'm free to express myself without having to hangout with panzy-ass pop people that think they're grunge, because it was the cool thing to do. LONG LIVE ROCK!!!

Twilight said...

Gruner91 ~~~And so say all of us!!