Saturday, December 20, 2008

Caroline Kennedy

A couple of commenters this week wondered about my thoughts on Caroline Kennedy's natal chart. This lady, though no doubt very worthy and capable in her chosen sphere, hasn't so far grabbed my attention. I tend to have an instant block on the Kennedys in general. The curse said to hover over the family is uncomfortably close to reality, as one ill after another has befallen them. Perhaps this is what has fostered my uneasy reticence.

I'll take a look at Caroline's natal chart though.

Born New York, NY on 27 November 1957 at 8.15am.

If I'd been handed this chart without knowing the identity if its owner I'd have said it was likely the chart of a professional writer - perhaps not a fiction writer because Neptune isn't closely connected to Mercury, but Mercury, the writer's planet close to the ascendant, and the 12th house Sun almost yells "author!" Writers spend much time alone, closed off from the rest of the world, which is pure 12th house stuff. I note that Ms Kennedy has done some writing and editing, though not enough to mark her as a professional author.

Sign emphasis is on the autumn/winter group, Sagittarius/Scorpio/Aquarius/Capricorn -these signs bear the symbolism of learned wisdom, experience bearing fruit. We have the passionate one, the philosophical one, the knowledgeable humanitarian one and the wise cautious one, blended into a single personality.

Saturn is close to the ascendant, in 12th house, with the Sun. Saturn relates strongly to the law, as does Jupiter high in her chart, and in Libra, not too far from mid-heaven. She's an attorney, so this is an excellent fit.

Speaking of Jupiter in Libra - this planet is conjunct two Fixed Stars, Spica and Arcturus:

SPICA - [23 degrees of Libra]
Riches and honors, fortune and fame, gives ability in the sciences, art, writing, music, creativity, sociable. Great benefactor to any planet it is conjunct.

ARCTURUS - [23 degrees of Libra]
Renown through self determination, fortune through travel, lasting success, hot tempered. (HERE)

Conjoining Jupiter, planet of luck, the philosophy of law, travel, this fortunate conjunction might even afford protection from that dreaded Kennedy curse!

Ms Kennedy's Moon in Aquarius clearly connects to her interest in humanitarian and civil rights matters. Moon and Aquarius's ruler Uranus are in opposition, which could reflect a tug of war between her humanitarian instincts and a Leo pull towards the spotlight, from which her 12th house planets seem to shy away. She's a natural back-room person - that's clear from her chart. I wonder whether she is being persuaded to come more to the fore in public life by her uncle Ted Kennedy, whose own career is drawing to a close, due to his health issues.

The opposition of Moon and Uranus links via two square (90*) aspects to Mars in Scorpio, forming what astrologers call a T-square. Scorpio is home ground for Mars - it's in 11th house of hopes and wishes, groups and friends, the home house of Aquarius. This is a dynamic but challenging configuration, linking the intensity and drive of Mars to her emotional pull towards humanitarian issues, but being constantly challenged by that problem she has with the limelight.

I notice too that both Aquarius and Leo are intercepted signs within 8th and 2nd houses using Placidus house system. I'm not sure how much this signifies, I'm wary of most things connected to house systems. Intercepted signs are said to be somehow "muffled", their characteristics find difficulty surfacing, encased by two other signs on the cusps of the houses in question. If of any significance at all, this interception of Leo/Aquarius could be said to relate to Caroline's penchant for privacy and remaining in the background, content for others to take center stage.

Transiting Saturn in Virgo is coming up to trine (120*) her natal Venus in Capricorn in 1st house of self. This probably connects to her bid for Hillary Clinton's vacant New York senate seat. Trines are the most helpful aspect there is, so it could signify success for her. On the other hand, if she is really doing this against her own better judgement in order to please her uncle, it might mean she will fail, and grant her true inner wish. I think we can say that if she does succeed in her bid for the senate seat, that she has been proceeding from her own sincere wishes, and not those of her well-meaning relative. If she fails in her bid - then it'll be in her own best interest, in spite of outside influence. Saturn trining natal Venus is helpful, whichever way the cookie crumbles.

Transiting Pluto is coming up to trine her natal Pluto in Virgo too. This will be the same for her whole age group, many of whom will face some helpful transformation of one kind or another in the next year or two. Whether she becomes Senator Kennedy or not, we will probably be hearing more about her from now on, if not in relation to a senate seat, then regarding something more in line with her "back-room" nature.


Anonymous said...

Hi Twilight,

Sorry to go off topic, but I thought you might like to take a look at a fabulous picture of the Solstice Sunrise from the Megalithic tomb at Newgrange in Ireland, try this:-

Newgrange is 5,000 years old, much older than Stonehenge, but also with accurate alignments to the Sun. The picture shows how the Sun’s rays light up the floor at the foot of the carved Megalithic stone.

There is also a link at the bottom of the page for a LIVE webcast of the Solstice Sunrise tomorrow from the same place, scheduled to go live at 08.30am Universal Time (GMT).

The picture changes every day at the above link so if it's not there, click on the “Discover the Cosmos” link at the top of the page and you can access their archive of stunning pictures.

This NASA site is also good for anyone with an interest in astronomy/astrology. I like to look in regularly to see the beauty and majesty out there in the stars. It sure puts my life into perspective!


PS Can't seem to be able to sign into my Google account so using the Anonymous tag.

Twilight said...

Thanks Rossa (Anonymous) - coincidentally I've done a post for tomorrow which mentions Newgrange and includes a photo! I'll check the link, many thanks!

Wisewebwoman said...

Something I read about the Kennedys a long time ago (a kind of psychological profile on the family) said they were highly addictive risk-takers and had an 'I am immortal" complex which contributed to their demises. I think Caroline has broken this particular mould. She seems somehow more 'grownup" than both her parents and her predecessors.
thanks for the info, T.
As to (off topic) Newgrange, I've been there and it is incredible.

Poet_Girl said...

Very interesting reading ... thanks for having a look at her chart!

I also have the Sun and Saturn in the 12th (as well as Mercury and Chiron), and share the tendency to avoid too much attention, even while my Aries Sun and Aries ascendant fight to be front and center. It's a real struggle. Many times it's almost like a bipolar swing from outward-focused and highly visible, to more reclusive time spent alone in my own thoughts.

Thanks again for the post!

anthonynorth said...

It seems to me that those families that live close to the edge often fall over the edge.
So often it is this that fuels the idea of a jinx.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Curses are the stuff of legend , I guess. I think the Kennedy one arose as a result of the patriarch Joseph K. He's not a very admirable specimen from what I've read and was told by my late parter who was born in Northern Ireland, and whose parents died as a result of the bombing of Belfast docks in WW2. Joe Kennedy wasn't helpful to Britain at that time. Later he wasn't helpful when McCarthy started his shenanigans against the Jewish people in the USA.

However, there have been worse people whose families were not cursed. I seem to remember though the tale of an old woman who laid the curse upon the family, possibly as a result of something personal she suffered as a result of Joes doings. It might all be just an urban myth though. Interesting even so.

Twilight said...

Hi Poet Girl ~~ Glad it was of interest.

Since I moved to mid-USA my Sun has shifted into 12th house. I've never been one for the limelight though, even before the move. I have Aries Moon and Saturn, so I think I understand a little of how you must feel. I like to think that my writing this blog satisfies the Aries thrust. :-)

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ Hi!
That's the logical version, I agree.

The romantic version is "the curse", and as I mentioned above , to WWW, there is a root cause to the so-called curse, as far as I've understood it, over and above the risk-taking nature of the Kennedy family. :-)