Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Theory on Christmas and That Star

I never did have Jesus down as a Capricorn. I'm not sure he was a Gemini either. I think he was the whole zodiac, arranged in perfect configuration -the perfection of humanity, the stereotype of stereotypes.

A British Ex-pat blogging buddy, R.J. Adams has an alternative take on the news that we're celebrating Christ's birthday on the wrong date: "Christmas in June? Humbug!" A timely chuckle in gloomy times, literally and metaphorically, times brightened only by huge overdoses of Christmas lights embroidering the homes of Americans across the land.

My own take on the Christmas star issue is this: it doesn't matter a jot on what day, month, year, time or place on the globe the teacher we call Jesus Christ was born, as long as his message remains before us. I like to think that, across the centuries, a lot of "special" events and phenomena were recorded diligently by scribes in the East. Tales of a great teacher who healed the sick, and spoke of peace, tales of comets, and shooting stars and huge bright celestial bodies, much grander than the norm would all be carefully recorded and handed on to the next generation of scribes and storytellers. Then, at some point someone put them all together, picked the best parts, added a smidgeon of imagination, and a few more cast members, et voila ! - The Christmas Story, good enough to last for 2000 years, rooted in truth, but packaged skilfully to appeal to countless generations.

I hope that wasn't offensive to any reader passing by. It's written with affection and faith in the teachings of Christ, if not the mass of lah-di-dah and extra bits and pieces grown up around them by those who sought, and still seek, power over the peoples of the world.

Here's some true Christmas spirit: two BBC radio presenters, Sir Terry Wogan and Aled Jones sing their new single "Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth", proceeds in aid of the charity Children in Need, for which Sir Terry, through his radio show, raises multi-multi-millions of pounds sterling year after year during November, to help children all over the world.


Rossa said...

I agree with you Twilight. At this time of year there is always a load of debate on the when, where and how of the life of Jesus. Lynn Hayes at Astrological Musings did a post on the Christmas Star on Friday which sparked quite a debate (have to say that as I put my oar in).

As usual there is a wide selection of Xmas records out this year over here. Even Status Quo have got in on the act as apparently they have never released a Xmas single before. Then last night's X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke, has released her version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah! Unfortunately every year the X factor single takes the No. 1 spot but it would be nice is something a bit less commercial and more like Terry and Aled's single could win the sales and top the charts but charity somehow gets lost beneath the glitz.

Twilight said...

Hello Rossa~~

Oh! I'd missed Lynn's post about this, thanks for the link. Hmmm - quite a discussion of experts going on there methinks! You held your own - well done you! :-)

Hallelujah! - I love the song, but doubt if any new version will out-do kd lang's for me - I'll go have a listen to the X Factor one though.
I, too, hope Terry and Aled's song comes 1st in the UKtop 10 for Christmas - there's lots of time for the X Factor gal to make more hits.

Wisewebwoman said...

I'm so old, T, I remember Terry doing the morning show on Radio Eireann. He was adored.
As to the birth of the Lord, it has always been clouded in mystery, as he was and is.
Too many capitalized on his teachings and interpretations to the exclusion of the real message, I believe. Too much 'noise' around him, his birth, if he ever existed, etc., to get an astrological sense, I would venture.

Twilight said...

Hi WWW ~~ I can well imagine that Terry was loved in his homeland, he's a National Treasure who strides across that Anglo-Irish boundary with so much skill! I still listen every morning to the on-line recording of his show - when it's available, it was part of my life for many years in the UK.

I agree with you on astrology and Jesus - no need for it, it's not relevant, so it doesn't matter when, or even if, he was born. It's all in the message.

anthonynorth said...

I watched parts of Children In Need this year and I certainly hope Sir Terry sings better than he danced on the show. Although remembering the Floral Dance, I doubt it :-)
Terrible. And did you know he's just resigned from commentary on Eurovision? Another institution gone.
I tend to agree with your analysis of Christ. As for the Star of Bethlehem, I rather like the astronomical configuration theory of several planets.

Twilight said...

AN ~~ He's such a good sport though! Yes, I heard he won't be the voice of Eurovision any longer - I suppose he's gradually winding down to retirement.

anthonynorth said...

Believe it or not, Sir Terry is going in protest at the block-vote tactics of the east Europeans.
Our usual place nowadays is in the bottom three.

Rossa said...

You're right about Terry's retirement being on the cards. There is a media speculation that he is giving up his weekday morning show and will take over the slot on Saturday morning that was the Jonathon Ross Show.

Agree with your comment about the X Factor winner. Great voice for an amateur and after some time and more training may be as successful as Leona Lewis. Cowell was sensible with Leona and waited almost a year before Bleeding Love was released so she had time to find the right songs for her album. Previous winners always brought out albums that were cover songs.

Here's a link to Alexandra's duet with Beyonce from the Final.

She did her best but Beyonce is a world class performer so she's got a lot to look up to and achieve to get to that standard. I got goosebumps at Beyonces bit and I'm not a great fan of the Diva type of singer, more a Nina Simone, Ella Fitgerald sort of girl, though I do love Aretha Franklin. She did a "Diva" show in New York and wiped the floor with the likes of Celine Dion and Mariah Carey. My uncle was a sound engineer in the US and said she was the only singer he had worked with who was pitch perfect.

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ Oh really? Well, it's about time somebody did.

I miss the Eurovison here in the US. It was a pain in the rear at times, but as it came up each year, it was a kind of marker in time - like Valentine's day, Halloween etc.

UK used to win, often, long ago, as did Ireland. Now it seems the Eastern bloc has managed to out-think us with their dastardly block-votes. ;-(

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~ Oh - that'll be a great loss to breakfast radio. I hope Terry goes on a little longer. Still, he did always say he'd retire when Paul Waters did, and Paul died last year - very sad.

Thanks for the link - she's a lovely looking girl, and a diva in the making for sure!

I'm not a great fan of modern female singers generally - most of my faves are males, apart from kd lang, and the odd single - oh, and Diana Krall. I do enjoy Ella, Nina and Sarah Vaughn though, I'm happy with absolutely anything they sing.