Saturday, April 11, 2020


In the State of Oklahoma's neck of the virus-laden woods the numbers have moved on, at time of typing, to 1,868 positive cases of COVID-19, with 94 deaths. Peak numbers are estimated to arrive, for us, around 21st of April. We have no state-wide shut-in order, the order applies only to seniors and people with underlying health issues - we both fit on both counts.

We remain, therefore, shut-in. We're not finding the experience too demanding and, in all honesty it's not terribly different from the way our our life was immediately before this flippin' virus arrived on the scene. The fact that it's no longer wise for us to go shopping together for food, means that I can't pick my own treats, something I miss. We have options of using an Instacart delivery service from the supermarket, or of using the very early morning, non-Walmart 7 a.m. "seniors only" shopping hour, or 6 am at Walmart on Tuesdays only. Husband tried the 7 a.m. option last Sunday. We can also ask a relative to help out with shopping, leaving items on the front porch. This we did for a couple of items which had proved unavailable on Sunday morn. We are trying to ration items which are likely to become harder to obtain as time goes by, and use pasta, rice and beans-based stuff more often than usual.

I watch MSNBC daily, after many years of avoiding it like the plague - the plague has now sent me there for information! President Trump grows more dangerous day by day. I ask myself, and Himself, why cannot the monster be gotten rid of under Amendment 25 of the Constitution - surely some clever lawyer could do SOMETHING! The guy is unfit in so many ways it's (swearword) unbelievable that somebody cannot do something about it.

Below are a couple of links I saved early on in this peculiar span of virus-ridden time:

Tips from someone with 50 years of social distancing experience

Coronavirus: Stephen Fry's take on managing anxiety
Stay safe y'all!


anyjazz said...

No. Not much different than our usual except that now #45 is telling us what to do.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ Yes. At least, though, he can't tell us to go back to work! I feel for the rest of us - the ones he doesn't mind putting in danger - and their families!

Wisewebwoman said...

Watching from not too far away we are horrified at the contrast between our PM (and so many others) and 45.

In shock and horror that this man-child is not deemed mentally ill and taken off to a quiet place, never to be seen again except in nightmares.

Our deepest sympathy to all USians, the majority of you didn't put this narcissistic subspecies of humanity in office.

The whole political system in the US is capitalism run amok and needs to be completely overhauled.


R J Adams said...

Trump and Johnson, to mention just two of our many so-called leaders blustering their way through this crisis, are both unfit to run anything. One, a narcissistic bully who thinks he's king of the world, the other an over-educated twit unable to think outside the box who keeps his brain somewhere close to his loins, and is totally reliant on the advice of his 'cabinet', composed entirely of those of like mind to his own.
We can't get rid of either because too many people, for their own nefarious reasons, want to keep them there.
I was stunned by the landslide victory of Johnson and his bunch back in December. I still can't believe it was genuine and the voting figures weren't massively fixed. It just should not have happened. Computerized voting machines spell death to democracy. They're a gift to the unscrupulous, and we all know how unscrupulous our politicians can be. They've proved it time and time again.
Stay safe!

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ I don't know where it's going to end, WWW. DT gets worse with each day. I watch his 2 hours-ish "task force briefing" on TV each day; most days I have to sit there with jaw trailing at the abomination of this person who is president of such a huge and powerful country. I swear, I could go out into the streets of our smallish semi-rural town in Oklahoma, pick the first man to come along, and am absolutely certain he'd make a better president than DT.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ So true, RJ. There have been bad presidents and prime ministers before, but none worse than now (and that's saying something!) It was bad enough before The Virus took over, now we ind ourselves with the worst of leaders at the worst of times. :-(