Saturday, April 25, 2020

Still Shut-in

I've no medical, or other, news to speak (or rather type)of. We're still shut-in. I do have a follow-up appointment with the oncologist on 4 May, this has to be in the main hospital of our group, it's in a big town some 30 minutes away. Apparently it's necessary for me to attend there once a year - something to do with billing, I think, it flippin' would have to be right now! It's mainly for blood work to check that all is still well. My original appointment was cancelled due to Covid-19. I'm not too happy about visiting the bigger town, things being as they are, Covid-19 wise. Our governor has allowed certain stores to re-open, even though there has been virtually no testing, so you never know who's wandering around infected without knowing it, and passing the virus on. We'll hope for the best. Husband will probably need to wait outside in the car. I'm told that they are being extra vigilant at the Cancer Center there - I should jolly well hope so!

A friend in the UK sent me this link, which I enjoyed - hope others might like it too:

Quarantine Through Art


Wisewebwoman said...

Good to hear from you. Good luck on your dangerous excursion to the hospital. Crazy making.
Did you read this in the Irish Times Saturday?

Blogger rejected I will email it to you.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Thank you, WWW. I e-mailed back - many thanks!

We've had three hail storms during the past 2 weeks, huge hail - damaged our roof, gutters and windows! Hope our insurance pays out! When will something nice happen?

Anonymous said...

Where's all the juicy info? Holding ur own? Eating and gaining weight? Pain still limiting ur movement and mood? Anyjazz making decent Toklas brownies for u? Knitting while streaming OneAmericaNews? Any movie recommendations? U seen Venus setting shining in the evening? Jupiter Saturn Mars rising early morning? Ankles crossed that Monday goes well!

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~ Hi there - thanks for asking. My mind has been on Covid-19 so much recently on the basis that catching it would get rid of me in a week or so, whereas cancer will take its time, and at least give me a month or two. :-/ Eating more or less normally but not as interested in food as I once was, have to force myself to eat at times. I think the medical marijuana tincture is wearing off - maybe I'll up the dose. Weight stable but not gaining much, if any. I have to remember my lymhaptic colitis too - that doesn't help with weight gain.

The original pain source has improved a lot (femur). The radiation and local treatment has done its work, I guess. Pain pills are now required mainly for side effect joint/muscle pains in shoulders, back, and fingers. I'm hoping that it's side effects anyway. No more knitting for me yet, to ensure I don't worsen joint pains in hands and shoulders.

We're mainly watching British TV series/films from Britbox and Acorn TV & re-discovering actors such as David Jason, Robson Green and Michael Kitchen - enjoying the variety of their roles once again. Whenever we choose a movie from more recent times it has been a big disappointment.

I do go out and look at the sky of an evening, but I'm not good at identifying much other than sirius, Orion's belt and the North Star. Can't see distant eastern sky early morning due to trees in fields behind our house.

Yes, everything crossed, not as much for Monday but for whatever and whenever a scan is scheduled. During the virus shut-down many such procedures were postponed. I know I don't have years ahead of me, but I'm not sure I want to know how short a time, and not sure I want to go through more surgery and not likely to be able to stand any chemotherapy. :-( That's mainly why I don't write much about "me" now, but as you kindly asked....

R J Adams said...

Hope all goes well today, Twilight. Oklahoma seems to be one of those states that considers 'the economy' more important than human life. Comes as no surprise. They'll still be saying that as the world burns around them. Loved the 'Quarantine Through Art'. Facebooked it to all three of my 'friends'. ;-)

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Thanks RJ. Yes, it's times like these when Oklahoma's true colours become more visible to folks like us who don't mix much, even at the best of times. Look at this too:

OK's Covid-19 numbers are small in relation to some other states - as of Saturday cases totalled 3972, with 238 deaths. The numbers keep going up though, by 100 or more daily. There's hardly any testing availability for those without symptoms, so those who are asymptomatic are still spreading infection I suppose.

I received a call, last week, from the Cancer Center where I have to attend this afternoon telling me to wear a mask, and that those entering would have temperature taken before being allowed inside. No accompanying relatives/friends allowed in. So they, at least, are taking things seriously. Anyjazz had best take a book to read in the car.

Glad you liked the art video - clever stuff!