Thursday, February 27, 2020


First, I apologise for not visiting my usual blogs and Quora recently - I'm avoiding the computer as much as possible in favour of sitting in front of the TV listening to talk of elections and pandemics - not a good swap, by the way!

On the medical front - I saw my oncologist yesterday to explain the reasons that I'd felt I must cancel the PET scan he had ordered for 18 February. He was sympathetic, and understanding of my fear of being charged a large sum if I had attended for the scan and been unable to carry it out, fully or at all. His suggestion was that I re-book a scan and, to help with the pain in my shoulder and side, take a double dose of my pain pills before attending. He told me that, though in some hospitals when a patient has difficulty managing the scan, some type of "knock-out" med or anesthesia can be given, but this is not so in our hospital. So...I intend do a trial run at home. I shall take a double dose of pain meds, once they've taken effect I'll lie on my back, a hard floor for a while, to decide if the extra pills will be the answer to my discomfort problem with the scan procedure. I shall hope that I'm able get up from the floor afterwards!

A nurse made enquiries for me on the question of being charged many thousands of dollars for the scan if unable to carry it out in full, due to pain. She was told that there would be a charge, based on how much imaging had been possible in the time a patient could manage to remain in place. There might also be a charge for the special liquid one has to drink, concocted in specially personalised formula for each patient - that cost would be in the region of $175 - and definitely charged if the patient did not attend and did not cancel within 24 hours. None of that made me feel too confident!

I asked the doc. if I could wait for a couple of weeks or so before trying to do a scan, he agreed to this. It seems likely the appointment will be in late March, with an appointment to see the doc. again a couple of days later. I'm hoping that laying off the knitting for a while
longer, and avoiding much time on the computer might further improve the side and shoulder pain before scan time - always supposing that I'm not still lying on the kitchen floor trying to get up from a trial run!


Wisewebwoman said...

I am so sorry to hear all this, how dreadful those tests are especially when we are old and more fragile and in crippling pain.

And the cost! Shyte. So glad I live in a country of universal health care. I could never afford any of my health care.

I am hoping you have some improvement T, this is very rough on you and adds an awful lot to your current discomfort and anxiety.

Hang in there kiddo!!


anyjazz said...

You handled the doctor visit just right. You came away with what you needed to know. Good work. For the leisure time activity do what ever keeps you active and challenged at least mentally...and watching the news will do that!

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Thank you, WWW. The various types of scans are valuable, I realise this, but I do wonder why they couldn't be done with the person standing up rather than lying down, especially on a flat hard board, for so long, with even the slightest movement being an absolute a no-no. Anyway, I shall try to do the PET scan in due course, with extra pain pills in my system. I have a few weeks of anxiety-less days before then. I need some anxiety-less time, because who knows how much more time I,or anybody these days, with a rogue virus on the prowl) have left. What I/we have is the NOW - and for me, health-wise, it's probably the best it's ever going to be. Even if the scan does show up something new and bad, there's little more that could be done now, at my age (81).

Sending you love, and my hopes that your own health problems are being less troublesome.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ Thanks anyjazz - x0x0. Well, you persuaded me to be (or to act) calm rather than annoyed or frustrated, which I was feeling due to the lack of information I'd been able to access - and you were right.

LOL! Watching the news certainly keeps my bad temper challenged. If I didn't love all of my collected bits and pieces of decor so much, I'd be throwing them at the screen - especially at flippin' MSNBC!

Maybe a game or two of Scrabble would be a good idea? :)

R J Adams said...

I can only echo WWW and say, "Hang in there, kiddo!" You know why I don't write much at present, but I do read even though I rarely comment. You know you are in my thoughts.

Twilight said...

Rj Adams ` Thank you RJ - and you and Mrs RJ are very often in my thoughts also. :)