Sunday, December 29, 2019

Stumbling Around Windows 10

After running like a well-oiled machine on Windows 7 operating system for years, this blogger is currently stumbling around Windows 10 grabbing onto anything vaguely familiar to steady herself.

We had an "interesting" time yesterday afternoon getting the re-furbished Dell ready for action. My husband helped a lot, but we both had problems, based not on the actual operating system but in finding all the necessary passwords, the product key etc. These were required for just about every move we tried to make. I have my collection of passwords scribbled in a notebook - higgledy-piggledy-wise so that anyone looking would find it hard to discover any particular password. It turned out that I'd made it too difficult for myself in most cases, for seldom used passwords!

The product key for the version of Windows 10 installed on my re-furbished Dell caused a bit of cursing. I eventually found it after pulling out the big box. The magic number had been partially covered up, possibly intentionally to avoid theft. I didn't realise it was partially covered, so much swearing ensued when I was constantly berated, by messages from Microsoft, for not buying a proper version of Windows, and I should get me to the store and flippin' buy a proper one! I eventually realised I'd have to scratch some colour off a part of the product key to find the full 25 digit key. Phew!!

I'm now able to access and send e-mail, access and post on my blog. I've installed a couple of programs needed for dealing with photographs and other images, and am about to install my new version for Win 10 astrology software - very basic, it just enables me to produce natal charts without the maths involved.

Oh flippin' heck! The washing machine has just broken down in mid-cycle, with some horrendous noises when trying to spin the load. I'll have to do some squeezing, then drape a few items around the bathroom and garage until they are just damp enough for the drying machine. TSK!

Below, I was experimenting with the library of images from my old computer, masterfully transferred by Himself. Yes! It works! A few wise words never go amiss.

I shall go stumble around some more now.


Anonymous said...

“Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.” Joseph Campbell

Wisewebwoman said...

I kept thinking as I read your post that this kind of stuff keeps us sharp, whether we want it or not.Expanding our brains, like those old nuns riddled with Alzheimer's who gave their brains to science after death as they never exhibited any signs of it in life but kept their minds busy with crosswords and needlepoint and reading. I think in the long run it does us good, I know I become addled with knitting patterns sometimes but "nevertheless she persisted."

It should be our mantra!!


Twilight said...

Anonymous ~ Indeed! "Thou shalt not fu-k it up!" :)

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ I agree - such challenges as these do good to our grey matter, if not to our temper!

I like your mantra: "Nevertheless she persisted". It reminds me of the words on the cover of a notebook I received as part of a little goody-bag from the Cancer Centre, given to me soon after I began my visits there: "She believed she could, so she did".
We do have to believe, but a little bit of cursing into the ether does help us along the way! :)