Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Jupiter + Libra

A very good essay by astrologer Eric Francis: What the World Needs Now is Jupiter in Libra
is well-worth a read. I've always admired Mr Francis's style, since I first encountered his astrologising long ago and far away, when he sometimes would stand-in at vacation times for the late Jonathan Cainer in his newspaper column and website. He'd also show up occasionally on Astro-chat, Jonathan Cainer's once very lively message board.

In the linked essay Mr Francis tells of some personal luck he attributes to Jupiter and its position, during a past transit. I have a few Jupiter-related tales of my own - some are told in a 2009 post, Of Jupiter, Aquarius and Me. None of those tales relates to Jupiter in Libra though Here's one nearer to that mark:-

Back in 2004 I reached culmination of my struggle through the red-tape of UK/USA immigration laws. It was late August 2004 when I eventually received the required visa. Detail of the story to that point is at a post: Engraved on my Heart. In late September 2004 Jupiter had moved into Libra, as it has done this month.

Late September 2004 also brought the sale of the house I'd inherited from my parents, then spent a lot to modernise it, and lived in it for five years. I got a very, very good price for the house, far more than I'd ever contemplated. Completion date was around a month later. My new husband and I travelled to the USA on 24/25 October 2004, when Jupiter was at 6 Libra in exact trine to my Aquarius Sun!

At this stage in 2016, with Jupiter heading for a trine to natal Sun, once again, I'm awaiting long delayed news of a windfall coming to me, and several of my cousins, following the death of a cousin in England, two years ago. He died intestate, leaving cousins as his next of kin. Distribution of his estate has been delayed for two years, so far, due to complexities involved. Perhaps Jupiter's return to Libra will be the trigger for some definite news on this matter. While Jupiter in Libra will almost certainly not affect all the cousins in similar ways, it might be ringing bells for me. In both examples related to Jupiter/Libra transits, 2004 and 2016, money matters involved linked to inheritances. My natal Sun is in 8th house, a house said to relate to inheritances,legacies and wills (among other things). Sometimes astrology turns out to be highly pertinent!


mike said...

Always a lot of hype when Jupiter (or any of the slower planets) changes signs! We've endured a lot of mutable this last year, with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune in that quality forming a T-square. A cardinal Libra-Jupiter will help stabilize the zaniness of the past year. A lot of the Jupiter magic depends not only on Jupiter's transits to natal planets and angles, but to transiting Jupiter's aspects to other transiting planets. A number of times, transiting Jupiter has made some superb aspects to my natal chart, but greatly dimmed the effect by transiting aspects.

You'll only need to wait another month to test your hypothesis...Jupiter will trine your Sun the second week...best wishes!

Lots of tests this morning, but have to return to the doctor this Friday for the synopsis.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Sometimes Jupiter brings benefits, but not always - as you say, other transits can modify, or dim Jup's good stuff. By 2nd week of next month I should have at least have received an E-mail - better than constant silence anyway. :-)

My fingers and toes are crossed for best possible results from those tests, mike. Thanks for letting us know.