Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday, Saturday & Sundry "Grub"

I've heard that people on Facebook like to photograph their food using smartphone/cellphone. I recall that my husband, occasionally, has taken pics of food he's preparing or has prepared, or something interesting set before us in a restaurant, if his camera happened to be handy at the time. I trawled through as many of his Flickr pages as I could before going cross-eyed and came up with these. Clicking on the pics should take you to the pages of their origin.

And a few surprises...

In preparation

Pasta Pasta Nuts

In waiting

Ravioli ala anyjazz

Ravioli Anyjazz

Squash ala Anyjazz

Squash Anyjazz (a dish, not a command!)

Oklahoma Caviar

In the supermarket

Valentine Week 2014


I don't watch football games


It's food.

Fancy (in a restaurant in Austin, Texas - I think).

Warm salad.

Experimenting with warm Greek-ish salad.

Lunch ...somewhere.

Colourful and healthy in a small cafe in Norman, Oklahoma.


'Murican favourite: peanut butter and jelly on toast.

Coffee at Debenam's

Back in the UK, 2003/4 during a break from shopping in Debenham's department store snack bar.

The two following come from an era pre-Twilight - I know nothing!

Placemat Design 002

Plate Lunch


.........Learning Curve on the Ecliptic will be on hold for a while, but...
I'll be back.


mike said...

I'll be having milk for breakfast and cream-of-something soup for the other two meals. Anyjazz' ravioli certainly looks appealing! I'll use that photo as my mascot toward recovery...LOL. I like the Zen quote. The Oklahoma caviar reminded me of poor man's mock caviar made from eggplant.

Today is the first day of cooler temperatures! The first front arrived a couple of days ago, but did little, then this reinforcing front came through yesterday afternoon. In the upper 60s this morning and it feels wonderful! Are you wearing sweaters up north?

Enjoy the blog respite. Good luck avoiding the political scene. It's like seeing a nasty car pile-up in the lanes going the other direction...can't help but gawk and being appalled.

Twilight said...

mike ~ It's cooler here too, today, highs in the 70s instead of the 90s. Anyjazz has a sweater on - but for my northern blood this is just luverly.

Yes, it's darn near impossible to avoid this year's political train wreck. We don't watch TV coverage, other than the debates; I don't read a newspaper, so it's left to my self-discipline to avoid too much internet coverage. It's not easy! I'm thinking of equipping myself with knitting needles and yarn, or some embroidery stuff - I used to do quite a bit of both many years ago.

If the cooler temps continue we might tootle up to Kansas for a couple of days next week. Still waiting for news from UK lawyers. Genealogy firm has contacted me twice with queries - gave me the uncomfortable feeling that efficiency is not their watchword! I guess the lawyers are still in process of getting some insurance to cover their asses should anything untoward emerge.

I'll keep hoping to read of better news on your health problem, mike. Milky and creamy stuff sounds to be a comforting diet. Lots of rest and avoidance of stress, if possible, also might help. (((Hugs))).

LB said...

Enjoy your break, Twilight.:)

Twilight said...

LB ~ Thank you - will do! :-)

R J Adams said...

Yes, indeed. I'm not sure but I think I'm having one, too. ;-)

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Thanks - and enjoy yours if you toddle off-blog also. :-)