Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Trump Mark II ?

Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip "Dilbert" was mentioned here, in a post about Donald Trump, a few months ago:
Stray Thoughts about Donald Trump, "What Rough Beast".

For anyone interested to see Scott Adams' natal chart, it's available at Astro-databank HERE. Gemini Sun, Libra Moon (in Via Combusta, by the way); and Aries rising.

Mr Adams, though reportedly not a supporter of Trump, still believes a Trump win is not as unlikely as we are being led to believe by mainstream media. Take a look at this
19 August post on Adam's blog:
Trump's Regrets.

By now, most of you know that Trump expressed “regret” at saying things in the past that might have hurt people. Most viewers interpreted this as an apology, of sorts.

Trump? Apologize?

I have some thoughts on this, in no particular order.
3rd Act

This is the so-called 3rd act that I have been predicting for about a year. In movie terms, this is the point where the protagonist encounters a problem that can’t be solved unless he changes something about himself. In a typical movie script, the hero might need to conquer a specific fear, open his heart to love again, or become more open-minded – that sort of change. In our movie, Trump needed to display more human empathy to appear less scary to the public. He has been doing that in speeches and statements all week, but the “regret” speech capped it.

In movie script terms, the timing for Trump’s 3rd act is perfect. The clock was running out on the election cycle and polls said Trump was in a hole that was only getting deeper. Clinton’s Dark Arts team – probably led by the one I call Godzilla – had framed Trump as dangerous and unstable. He was a goner. There was no way out. Game over.


I forced myself to watch the video of Trump's speech at a rally in Charlotte NC last week. I skipped through all the introductory waffle, just listened from the start of Trump's speech. He did look, and sound, more as a presidential candidate ought to look and sound. How worthy of trust his promises would be remains in doubt, as do any promises made by Hillary Clinton. Talking the talk and walking the walk are miles apart, thousands of miles. Still, someone has convinced Trump that he must change his style if he's to survive with any semblance of dignity intact. If he's able to retain this newer version of himself for three more months, unexpected as this may seem, perhaps Hillary Clinton will not look as landslide-worthy as she has of late.

A post and comments I read, after drafting the above, set me wondering, this one, at Lawyers Guns and Money. Poster and commenters have scant respect for Scott Adams - but I'm not easily swayed by their opinions - they had little good to say about Bernie Sanders during past months. For me that labels most of them as establishment Democrats, elitist liberals. Which then labels me as overly judgmental! Anyway, as a comparative newcomer to this nation and its politics and cartoon strips (which hardly ever consult), I thought that a note of their commentary should be included here.

Still on Trump - here's another possible explanation of his popularity with a certain group (whichever version of himself is on offer). This from Daily Kos:
A Consideration about Trump's Appeal -- Ageism.
By Soprano, on Monday Aug 15, 2016.

Here’s something I haven’t heard anyone consider when wondering why Trump is so popular to angry, white, male baby-boomers: ageism.

The baby-boomers are a large section of our population. They (“We” I should say; I’m 64) have changed our society as we have gotten older, to our advantage.

We’ve hit a wall, though. America’s love of youth. Notice how the elder members of any cast on t.v. are, at the most, in their 40s, usually in their 30s. Models for clothing advertisements are almost always young — not too many models of my age and size out there. Even AARP has embraced youth; now, their magazines are full of people in their 50s, not so much with older folks. The articles addressed towards them are usually about how they are falling apart and need help; not so much about the positives of growing older (and yes, there are positives). People over 70 are pitiful victims, doncha know?..............

There's more than a grain of truth in that. Ageism regularly grates on yours truly - though not sufficiently to propel me into Donald Trump's camp; but then I'm neither male nor baby-boomer. I am white, and I'm and often angry about the political strangle-hold of the establishment and slimy political insiders in this country. What to do? Watch and wait, for there's always "the unexpected"!


mike said...

Last I heard, Gary Johnson is attracting about 9% of the voters and Jill Stein about 3%. This 12%, which is sure to increase, is enough to throw this election into uncharted waters. Hillary leads The Donald from 5% to 15%, depending on source. If Johnson gains the necessary 15% poll requirement, he will undoubtedly gain more voter support with debate exposure. I'm sure there are voters that have no idea other candidates exist, other than Hillary and Donald.

Trump is likely to alienate some of his staunch supporters, should he go soft on immigration and Muslim restrictions. Trump Mark II could potentially cost him. About a third of America wants that wall along our border. The few individuals that I know are voting for Trump, completely succumb to Trump's maverick, fascist image and they want nothing else. Mike Pence may be a burden, too, as he tends to have some views not shared by Trump, and these will surface during the VP debates.

At this late stage, I suspect anyone favoring Trump has already spoken and he has few remaining voters to sway, regardless of image morphing. I anticipate his poll numbers to remain relative constant. Hillary is the most likely to see her poll numbers fluctuate. I think Trump would be wise to maintain his original platform.

The coming solar and lunar eclipses may cause consternation, with the September 16th lunar eclipse greatly affecting Trump's natal chart...particularly interesting since he was born during a lunar eclipse and the September 16th eclipse forms a grand square to his Sun-Moon-Node opposition, and illuminates the critical 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th cardinal-axis houses.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks for these observations. Yes, third parties have some unusual power this time, not as possible winners, but as entities muddying the waters, causing small waves which could cost one of other establishment candidate dearly.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian) will filch some old-fashioned conservative protest votes from Trump plus, perhaps a scant few from the other side, as protest votes against Clinton but not in favour of Trump, in cases where Jill Stein isn't an option on their ballot papers.

Jill Stein (Green Party) will be the choice of a good proportion of former Bernie Sanders' supporters who refuse to "unify", as directed, behind Clinton. Jill Stein would be doing much better if only she could achieve a 50-state ballot showing. Why this has proved impossible for her, yet possible for Johnson, must say something about....well...something!

Clinton's army of Democratic liberal elites, and women for whom breaking that glass ceiling means more than staying out of war and making sure poverty is properly addressed, is a fixed number already. As you said for Trump's, Clinton's base number isn't likely to increase by much. It's more likely, in her case, to decrease if something nasty is found in the still not fully explored woodshed of her e-mail and Clinton Foundation doings. Any movement away from Clinton would be towards a third party rather than Trump, though; likewise for any current Trump supporters who have a re-think. Alternatively, there might be an army of thoroughly pissed-off, disaffected non-voters this time.

I suspect Trump will somehow manage to blend his original maverick image with spates of Trump Mark II. Those who like Trump Mark I will be kept happy, while more sensible souls who could (almost) happily vote for Trump Mark II, will have enough to fire their confidence in his being "better than everyone thinks".

Not long to wait for the astrological formations you've described. We'll see!