Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Thank you Wisconsin!

Senator Bernie Sanders won the Wisconsin primary by around 13 points! Thank you Wisconsin! Congratulations to Senator Sanders! A supercilious sniff to the Clinton campaign:

(By Victor Morton - The Washington Times - Tuesday, April 5, 2016)

The Hillary Clinton campaign has “lost patience” and will start going after Sen. Bernard Sanders much harder and hoping to destroy his campaign, CNN reported Tuesday night.

In a report after Mrs. Clinton’s latest defeat at the hands of the Vermont socialist, reporter Jeff Zeleny said the Clinton campaign has decided that party unity can come later.


I was a fan of Bernie Sanders long before his current presidential campaign began.

There's a post dated December 210 which also quotes from an earlier, 2008, post about the good Senator:

Senator Bernie Sanders - Independent Socialist


mike said...

Ah, the pleasure of having transiting Jupiter Rx conjunct his natal Sun...Jupiter Rx and direct will be on his Sun through August! And tomorrow's new Moon falls on Bernie's Moon! The "Panama Papers" is implicating a number of contributors to Hillary's campaign and implications for the Clinton Foundation. The recent revelation of Hillary's purchase of super-delegates may encourage a few super-delegates to rethink their sell-out. Many planets are in or going to be in retrograde mode, which can often bring forth nefarious activities, so the fun is just beginning. I'm reminded of the effect of the Saturn-Neptune square: honesty, trust, and fairness are critical, or else. Looks as if the "or else" is creeping-up on Hillary.

BTW - Another scandal is Unaoil's bribery corruption and Hillary is implicated, because of her disinterest as Secretary of State:
"... Perhaps the US State Department will be having a little word with the New Zealand Government sometime soon about New Zealand Foreign Trusts, at least if Hillary Clinton’s out of the loop: she wasn’t a particular fan of anti-corruption initiatives in Afghanistan ... The issue ultimately reached the desk of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who largely dismissed it in a 2010 memo that remains classified."

Twilight said...

mike ~ I should have added "Thank you Jupiter!" :-)

Most pieces I've read so far (not a lot, today) while being pleased for Bernie, insist that Hillary will be the nominee. If everything from here to November goes reasonably smoothly they'll likely be correct, due to "numbers", real and rigged.

Matters you've mentioned above could, though, form some soon-to-be-known elements of the un-smoothing of her path. Those are "known unknowns" - as are those pesky e-mails, and content of those pesky high-dollar speeches to banks. Then there could be the rather scary "unknown unknowns" on the near horizon, things which could bring the whole shebang into a vastly different perspective.

We trundle onward...all unknowing.

Twilight said...

There's chatter around from Clinton supporters about an interview Bernie did, and apparently when some questions and answers are taken fully out of context it looks bad - that he "botched" his responses. I'd already put it down to tiredness on his part - if he had botched responses - heck I'd have been tired after week on -and that's how long ago?

That link leads to some explanations as do comments there. Apparently the Clinton campaign circulated excerpts from the interview to pundits and writers and supporters so that in theory the net and TV interviews and comment threads would be flooded with a bad view of Bernie's ability and judgement (the quality of which has been there to see for any interested for decades!). I've come across anti-bernie commentary on this several times this afternoon. This is how the game is played then! Odd that circulation of this slanted info should coincide with the Panmanian leaks, some say! I think it was just a first "punch" in the fight that is still to come.

Twilight said...

Meat to type week "one"

mike (again) said...

Bernie was interviewed by the NY Daily News editorial staff, the source of the disparaging question-answer session. Mortimer Zuckerman owns the NY Daily News:

"The publisher [Mortimer Zuckerman] is an ardent supporter of establishment insider and Goldman Sachs favorite Hillary Clinton. Zukerman has donated handsomely to the Clinton Foundation political machine along with fellow media magnates Bloomberg, James Murdoch, Carlos Slim, HBO, Time Warner, The Washington Post and others.

The Washington Post has been slamming Bernie, too. I read a fact-check done by the WA Post regarding statements made by Bernie. WA Post gave Bernie "five Pinocchios" for his "lies". Lordy! The WA Post is owned by the disgusting owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

Each of these fellas has billions, so Bernie is a threat to their wealth, primarily by increasing taxes on the wealthy and capital gains.

This fluff-up could work in Bernie's favor, as the details and motives are revealed. The HuffPo link you provided has already indicated the errors of the NY Daily News, with the Hillary distribution list. It should be an embarrassment to both the editorial staff and Hillary.

Again, the Saturn-Neptune square urges the highest of standards, or else.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Grrrr!! And I've just now opened an e-mail from the Bernie campaign that starts:

Hillary Clinton herself just unleashed the first part of the new "disqualify him, defeat him and then they can unify the party later" strategy we told you about. Look at this new headline:

Washington Post: "Clinton questions whether Sanders is qualified to be president"

Polls in Wisconsin haven't even been closed for 24 hours, and we're already seeing the start of the Clinton campaign's full-on attack before the New York primary. We knew they were getting nervous, but candidly, we didn't think they would go this negative so quickly. We have to be ready for what comes next.

Twilight said...

But then there's this:

It's getting to be a silly mess now!