Saturday, March 19, 2016

Weekend Wandering

We're off a- wandering for a couple of days or so, in honour of the approaching birthday of anyjazz. Next post will be Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime, a video passed to me by "JD" in the UK relating to Donald Trump as experienced by a well-known and well-respected English news reader, Selina Scott.


Bob said...

I don't remember if I had posted this here before. Apologies if I had.

Scott A. Bonn Ph.D.

“Wicked Deeds”

“How to Tell a Sociopath from a Psychopath”

I think Trump may be the latter.

Some supporting astrology.

Natal Sun-Mars midpoint is at 115°42'. Natal Saturn at 115°43' is conjunct.

Natal MC is at 51°48'. it is squared by his natal Mars-Pluto midpoint at 141°54' (51°48' + 90° = 141°48').

He has a natal paran wherein when natal Sun is on the ascendant natal Moon is on the descendant and natal Mars is on the IC.

For birth place: Sun rises at 330°27', Moon sets at 328°48', Mars is on the IC at 329°26'.

Could it be in his DNA?

Parans in Trump’s grandfather’s and father’s charts.

Grandfather Frederick Trump – Noon Chart
Mar 14 1869 NS (Mar 2 1869 OS), 12:00 pm, LMT -0:32:40
Bad Durkheim Germany 49°N28′ 008°E10′

Grand Trine

Nep 16°08′ Aries
Mar 16°11′ Leo
Sat 17°03′ Sag


When Mars was on the MC at 139°52′ Pluto was setting at 139°41′.

Father Fred Trump – Noon Chart
Oct 11 1905, 12:00 pm, EST +5:00
Woodhaven NY 40°N41’21” 073°W51’30”

Mars set at 338°42′
Uranus set at 338°33′
Pluto rose at 339°06′

Bob said...

Me mug.

I early voted and then spent the day at the campaign HQ.

That comment by Sunny Matthew is not true. I have a witness. None of it happened.

mike said...

Trump's vileness is emblematic of his adoring followers, which is at least 25% of the American population and growing. He mirrors a discordant resonance within our society that was only partially fed by the Mom & Pop politicians. The Donald is one-stop-shopping at the Walmart of American values. The Donald's time has come, whether one believes the astrology is correct or that such a large portion of the population is corrupted, or both. Don't blame Donald for filling the desire-vacuum of our divided society. He isn't forcing anyone to vote for him...they are doing so of their own volition. Reality programming at its best.

mike (again) said...

Happy Birthday, anyjazz! I hope Twilight wears the bikini and not the one-piece when she jumps out of the cake.

Twilight said...

Bob ~ Nice photo - and pose! GO BERNIE!!

Re Trump - Part genes, part DNA, part opportunity, seen and taken I guess- USA was well ripened and ready for such madness!

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ anyjazz says thank you! I say it's way too chilly here in Joplin MO for such things as swimwear - b'day not until 22nd though so could have warmed up by then, on the way home.

Insp Clue-sew said...

I thought I finally had you twinkle-toes! I came to the site thinking I had seen your admission of possessing a pilfered laptop in a recent post you made but alas I cannot find the incriminating missive. Drat!

Well, every cloud has a silver lining. You shall remain free to bake a cake for anyjazz's calender recognition and your own celebration of continued freedom.

Toodle-oo. Carry on.

Twilight said...

Insp Clue-sew ~~ Oh! Game's up! Arrest me ossifer!! If you can catch me.....
(exit fairy chucking muck)

Twilight said...

News from the mid-western front
Wandering this afternoon we saw in an antique store in a small town not far from Joplin, displayed prominently on sale a "signed" Donald Trump doll - which it is said speaks... 17 different messages. Knock down dddrag-out price of $125. ;-O

I also saw in Joplin yesterday a Hillary Clinton mask, (when she was younger). LOL
These people have been raiding their basements for tat they thought would end up in the dumpster one day. Little did they know.

Anyjazz has just told me he has an ET figurine still in orig wrapping which he has kept especially for the day the flying saucers arrive. It'll be the foundation of his fortune.

The other Van Dyke said...

There may come a time when you must part ways with some of the treasures you have collected in your travels. Here are some links to get you started in learning a trade to aid in that task.. - how to talk like an auctioneer 6:02

Young Cattle Auctioneer Champion - America's Heartland 5:21

Amish Auctioneer Sells Colorful Quilt 3:27

mike (again) said...

I hope you've decided whether to purchase the Trump doll-figure and are headed back home before the next storm arrives.

Twilight said...

The Other Van Dyke ~ Oooh - I'd love to be able to do that auctioneer chanting thang!
Well...thank you for the suggestions. :-)

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Back a few hours ago, yes. Just munched on some of anyjazz's special toasted cheese sandwiches. :-) Enlivened, I've just rattled off a brief post for the morrow.

I guess tornado time is fast approaching once again. Oh joy!

mike (again) said...

Something for anyjazz

Marxophone used in

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Thanks - I have passed on the link to Himself. :-)