Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Primarily today...

Another smattering of primaries today - states coloured pale green on the map:

Michigan's result is going to be interesting. Flint's terrible poisoned water situation will be at the forefront of voters' minds. Hillary Clinton is ahead in the polls there currently, but with a tighter margin than was the case a few days ago. In Sunday evening's Democratic debate in Flint, which we watched in full, I thought both candidates gave an impressive performance.

Bernie's wins in Kansas, Nebraska and Maine over the weekend have been encouraging to his supporters, myself included. He still has a steep uphill task delegate-wise, but states still to vote are likely to be more Bernie-friendly than some already primaried southern states where, for some strange reason, he's been less enthusiastically received, especially among African American groups.

Later today there'll be a solar eclipse, in Pisces, at around 18 degrees.

There are lots of astrological writings on the topic around the net, I've picked this piece from the many for a link. The astrologer, Clarissa, at Viva Combusta (cute blog name!) currently lives here in Oklahoma.

Real Time Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse Supermoon in Pisces March 8, 2016

There's a selection of other good stuff accessible from the sidebar there too.


mike said...

An error in your link to Clarissa. She states, "...The Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse also forms an exact opposition to Jupiter at 21 degrees Virgo." The Sun & Moon will be at 18*58' Pisces opposed to Jupiter Rx at 18*13' Virgo. I think she meant the N & S Nodes at 21*47' Virgo-Pisces.

I'm not embracing the slightly negative tone many astrologers are giving this eclipse. Saturn square this eclipse and in T-square with Sun-Moon and Jupiter, will provoke some form of responsibility and ownership, as Saturn is balanced at the midpoint between both Nodes. Jupiter on the N Node will provide a sense of needed direction toward integration and problem solving. Jupiter and N Node will trine Pluto, and Sun-Moon-S Node will sextile Pluto, a need for transformation is brought to the collective's attention. Mercury is in mutual reception with Jupiter, enhancing the eclipse opposition to Jupiter. Even Uranus is drawn-in to this eclipse formation, with a trine to Saturn, square Pluto, inconjunct Jupiter...something of a wildcard (a surprise revelation?) is thrown into the mix that, at first, may seem incoherent and destabilizing, but has a direct effect on pushing toward stability and balance. Overall, a very productive-progressive total solar eclipse that contains the necessary traction, but with tinges of pain-suffering surfacing, with Sun-Moon-S Node conjunct Chiron...no pain, no gain...a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. All of the keywords associated with Pisces will be examined through the lenses of Virgo (Jupiter-N Node ruled by Mercury in Pisces), Sagittarius (Saturn), Capricorn (Pluto), and Aries (Uranus).

Total solar eclipses have historically been inferred to affect the hierarchy, rulers, and those with authority. Today's eclipse involves generational planets from Jupiter outward. Neptune, though not directly involved by aspect, rules the Pisces' eclipse, as does Jupiter in opposition.

As for Bernie, he keeps saying that if people get out and vote, he stands a chance. The Republicans have been out-numbering the Democratic & Independent voters...60% more Republicans are voting in this primary. Of course, the Repubs are voting within their own party, but it indicates an apathetic D & I voting population. Who isn't voting? The voters wanting Bernie, but have already decided it's a done deal with Hillary? The states with a high, Democratic, voter turn-out have been the states nominating Bernie.

Carnac the Magnificent reincarnated said...

I think Bernie does better than the polls and pundits predict today in Michigan.

Good but not great unless the eclipse chart brings more favor for him than I expect.

My chart for Bernie has an East Point (exact 90° square to the MC in real space) at 348°26'. Today's eclipse at 349°49' is conjunct, eclipse Jupiter at 169°45' is opposite. Both are square his natal Jupiter at 79°02'.

I do not believe the aspect colors the assumed attributes of a planet. Trines from Saturn are still Saturn. Squares or oppositions from Jupiter are still Jupiter.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks for pointing out the error in the linked blog post.

Eclipses are much heralded by astrologers, several times each year, but I've yet to see a great deal to support all the hoo-haa. (I should now wash my mouth out - again!) Lots to surmise upon and useful to astrologers as an aid in composing eloquent articles; beyond that....well, let's see what happens next.

I'm not turning into an astrology skeptic before your very eyes, but I do find myself slipping a wee bit more frequently than in years gone by. I guess reading too much too often, and seeing nothing much to support it, except in the broadest of senses, can do that to a person. Thank you for your astrological pointers involved in this eclipse though. We shall see.

Voter turnout for Democrats could well have been held down by the constant down-playing of Bernie's campaign in mainstream media, and the unfair calls for him to drop out, which began ridiculously early on. Most people don't have the time, or inclination, to read a lot of political stuff online, they rely on TV and newspapers. If that's all I'd been able to do myself, I'd probably feel the same kind of dismay and apathy about it all. Democrats in Maine on Sunday, though, came out almost mob-handed, with long lines waiting for hours. Bernie won! I'm hoping that's a sign of things to come.

Twilight said...

Carnac the Magnificent reincarnated ~ Thank you for your unique astrological input :-)

I'm hoping that Bernie will, at the very least, manage to keep the race close, and garner some more delegates from the Michigan primary.

Idaho Dems don't vote today, only Repubs and a 3rd party, apparently. Hawaii is Repubs only today. Mississippi would seem to be a shoo-in for Hillary, if the pattern continues, due to heavy African American population there. So, overall it's not a wonderful day for Bernie, we're not quite out of the South yet.

Twilight said...

Bernie did it! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the skin of his teeth, but he did it! :-D