Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mercurial Mutterings

Over the years I've muttered much about Mercury - a few examples follow:

I feel that Mercury is such a major factor in our personalities, yet it's overshadowed in popular astrology by Sun, Moon and ascendant. Nothing works without Mercury, it's the essential ingredient in almost everything you can think of, it's working all the time. Whether we're sitting alone, reading, typing, listening, watching, Mercury is on duty. When we're in company Mercury is in overdrive. The same cannot be said of Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter - they are around, but dormant in some situations, their territory is more specific.
I think that a person's Mercury placement often plays a stronger part in how they are perceived than their Sun, Moon or even their ascendant. It's definitely my favourite planet.
(From an early post of mine Dec 2006)

Where Mercury is placed in the chart with regard to the chart angles and astrological houses, as well as the zodiac sign, has to be considered, but wherever it is found it should be counted, in my opinion, as a more important factor in the personality of the chart holder than is usually given credit.

From an October 2009 post: A quote from Robert Hand in his book Horoscope Symbols:

Mercury is often underplayed in astrological writing. In part this may be because it is not often an obvious source of difficulty to people. Also, I suspect, people find its symbolism less exciting than that of some other planets. Yet it is a symbol of immense importance. It is connected to the mind, especially the logical and reasoning capabilities, and to all forms of communication".
How we communicate is such a huge part of who we are, it colours the perception of those we meet, it's almost always the first thing others notice about us - it's instant.

And from January of 2008 (for fun):
Mercury is the planet most involved in communication, so the sign in which it's found in our natal charts could indicate how we'd be most inclined to end e-mails or, trying to be seasonal, Christmas messages to friends and/or lovers, via pen or keyboard.

A few ideas:

Mercury in Aries: Yours in haste, catch you later,

Mercury in Taurus: With much love,

Mercury in Gemini: More chat soon, stay tuned,

Mercury in Cancer: Cuddles, kisses and lots of love,

Mercury in Leo: Signing off with a warm embrace,

Mercury in Virgo: Yours,

Mercury in Libra: Thinking of you with affection,

Mercury in Scorpio: Always be mine alone, as I am yours,

Mercury in Sagittarius: Huge warm hugs,

Mercury in Capricorn: Sending love,

Mercury in Aquarius: Love and peace,

Mercury in Pisces: Wrapping you in tender wishes.

PS - Back in the days when the husband and I used to correspond by e-mail, his usual mode of signing off was (he has Mercury conjunct Saturn in Pisces) : "Yerbasicfred".


Sonny G said...

I found mine:)

Mercury is in 17 Degrees Capricorn.
You are a careful thinker, very cautious and conservative. You are quite skillful at organizing, directing and planning activities. Practical and useful things interest you -- you are not attracted to abstract thoughts or ideas. With your tendency to be highly focused and very goal-oriented, you have a good head for business. But beware of a tendency to be narrow-minded and dogmatic. Your sense of humor tends toward being earthy and slapstick crude.


Mercury in III

Deep studies. Adaptable. He is attracted to the Arts/letters. He knows how to share ideas. Moves around a lot professionally. He can easily keep many irons in the fire at the same time. A true multi-tasker.

This is an especially curious and inquisitive position for Mercury. You are generally very interested in reading, teaching, speaking, exchanging ideas, keeping current with the daily news, and perhaps gossiping. Your interests are many and varied, sometimes to the point that you barely skim the surface of any one topic. You are also very easily distracted and your attention span can be quite short. Quick to learn, you are also swift to share what you know with others. You can be very talkative when you have the chance. You can be a list maker, and often are quite involved in your community. Some of you can be quite nervous or fidgety.

Sonny G said...

according to it says my sun n merc are both in the 3rd house.

Mercury is at home here (the planet of communications in the house of communications). The tendency is to increase communication skills across the board.

with sun in 3rd also::

This placement makes a person a little bit hyper (like a Gemini) always seeming to be in motion and increasing the need for sensory stimuli.

oh yea Babe:) I can talk lol and even more, my facial expressions speak volumes when I really want to get my point across.. I think this is why I've had more friends on the internet than in person .. I can force my fingers not to type till I find a nice way to say what I'm thinking and they can't see my face or feel the vibe I'm giving off.

mike said...

LOL on your Sun-sign sign-offs! I would change two: Virgo to "Sincerely", and Capricorn to "Respectfully yours".

Astrologers tend to over-accentuate the Mercury retrograde periods!

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Snap! Mine's in Capricorn too - 21 degrees...nearly 22. 7th House.
Sense of humour, as described in the snip in your comment doesn't describe mine at all!
In fact most of it doesn't fit.

How about this from Cafe Astrology:

Mercury in Capricorn

With Mercury in Capricorn, natives have a strong need to compartmentalize the impressions they get from the world. These people often speak and write in a slow and methodical manner. They appreciate structure and order. Although they are resourceful people, Mercury in Capricorn natives easily get frustrated when too much information is thrown at them at once. They break down ideas into manageable parts before arriving at a decision.

Usually quite mentally active, these natives are generally productive people who prefer taking on projects that will yield tangible and practical results.

These natives can have an authoritative air about them. They don't appreciate being taken off guard, and they quickly become impatient with people who don't honor their word. There's a bit of a law-maker in this position of Mercury. These people can seem a little strict and judgmental with others, and they are easily bothered when others don't seem to "get" things that seem extraordinarily obvious to them.

Mercury in Capricorn people can have seemingly crystal-clear judgment, although their thought processes can be skewed to the practical world. They too easily reject what they deem to be frivolous ways of thinking. Not given to much fancy, these natives' minds are oriented toward practical tasks.

Not really...hmmmm.....well, maybe 50% of it for me.

Twilight said...

mike - erm...those were Mercury sign sign-offs though. :-)

Sonny G said...

your description seems most accurate Annie.. I do get seriously annoyed when folks don't GET IT, when its totally crystal clear.. in fact when faced with such a circumstance- which is quite often- I always say " let he who has eyes, SEE"

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Your Sun-Mercury is double Capricorn, mine is Aquarius/Capricorn, someone else could be Sagittarius/Capricorn. That'd be the only, or majority of, combinations because Mercury can be only 28 degrees from Sun, one way or t'other. So, one could say there are 3 Merc. in Cap. types.

Same for mike's combo - I think his Merc is in Scorp = double Scorp; someone else could be Libra/Scorp, and another person could be Scorp/Sag.

Maybe someone should write another set of combo interpretations, along those lines. :-/

Sonny G said...


sharing my Christmas Bedroom and my newest Baby

hope ya'll like it and her:)

Sonny G said...

thanks Mike.. I couldnt thank you at my blog so I came back here ..

yes they are spooky real folks say .. One of these days I'll have to make a seperate folder in photobucket and show You and Annie all the ones I've made.. I sold them all and always shook my head at the prices folks were willing to pay for them. Some people have actual nurseries in their homes set up for it..
Last year I made one for the Barn Theater in Greensboro NC to use and it sold when the show was over. so I had to make another a few months later.
They begin a plain vinyl when must be heated many times to manipulate the vinyl into features the artist wishes to see. then many seperate layers of paint go on and each layer is baked..the hair and lashes are rooted in so they look exactly like hair coming out of the scalp or eyelids. mottled and viened skin, which is tough to show up in a photo but in real life- it truly is spooky :)

eventually it become a baby that can fool anyone even seeing it , even up close.

thanks again and I bet the tree in your window is adorable..

ps- what that Old Guy talk.. we're real close to the same age .. giggle

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Oooh! You even decorate the bedroom too! That is true dedication to Christmas-time! How lovely it all looks, and that baby doll is jaw-droppingly lifelike!
You are one talented lady, Sonny! :-) Thank you for sharing. I'll put up a couple of pics of my limited efforts one of these days when I can't think of anything to write about.

Sonny G said...

Thanks Annie and yes do please share your creations. I'd love to see.