Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Beginning of the End for Trump?

Has Donald Trump eventually self-destructed ? This week candidate currently leading in the polls for the Republican presidential nomination called for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States".

Huffington Post listed some of the black marks already "blotting his copybook":

1) His enthusiasm for creating a database of all Muslims in the United States.

2) His ongoing lies about Muslims in New Jersey celebrating 9/11.

3) His status as birther-in-chief, cynically sowing doubt about President Obama's legitimacy as the duly elected President of the United States.

4) His misogyny...........

5) His xenophobia and scapegoating of immigrants, including his lies about Mexican immigrants and his ardent desire to deport millions of undocumented immigrants.

6) His unmistakable passion for bullying. Again, there's no shortage of examples, but you could start with his defense of supporters who roughed up a protester at one of his rallies or his ridiculing of a disabled New York Times reporter.
He's not funny any more - if he ever was. He has leadership potential, I've thought this from the get-go, but leadership of what? We are now finding out. Hasn't he surely gone too far this time?


Sonny G said...

Like any good actor, he's playing to his audience. I have no doubt he had people out and about finding out what people were saying in private conversations.. Their true feelings about issues discussed.. He's still doing that. Then he just says what they want to hear ad his base grows stronger.
What saddens me most is that I live in a world surrounded by those people:( Sorry to say that when out in public I'll never again be able to look at a stranger and not wonder at the hate and danger that lingers in their mind. What they discuss at their dinner table and what they are teaching their children or the influence they are having on their friends.

His people simply aren't thinking. The man was born and bred to be and is an Elitist~! He knows about as much about the common man as I do about rocket science.. But he knew enough to pay people to find out and then he just repeats what they want to hear with
enthusiasm.. He's just like a Pro Prostitute , except with a political agenda..

I'll admit I have my own hopes for the 2016 election.. If he keeps on with his ridiculous retoric, the RNC as a party will be forced to do something and I hope he does run as an independent and takes all his People with him:-) That will split the repub vote and that makes my preferred candidate an absolute shoe in to be President.

Trump is turning the entire world against us and that's the scariest part of all this.
I cant say/type what my greatest hope is as that might be considered illegal.
I've read on other sites about his great astro at this time and I have to say if ever astrology needed to be wrong- this is the time.

JD said...

Trump! Trump!! Trump!!!

mike said...

The Donald is a capitalistic, nationalist, USA extremist and he appeals to a very large portion of the American population that subscribes to that ideology. The fact that he has led in the GOP polls is indicative of the American disease of war and fear mongering initiated by Bush-Cheney. The USA's natal Sun (Sibly natal chart, July 4th) is at 13* Cancer and natal Saturn is 15* Libra...both affected by transiting Pluto and Uranus...a grand square. Is it any wonder the USA is conflicted and having an implosion? The Donald is an effigy of our ills, as is Dr Ben and the other GOP cohorts. I believe it's a good thing, however. There are way too many issues that have been submerged in our nationalism, just under the surface, long-thought to be resolved, yet so irritating to the political touch. The Donald's antagonistic, bigoted, political speech is the gilded resolve of most GOP candidates, but the other candidates (other than Dr Ben) tone it down to palatable bites, ie are too cowardly to be as forth-right as The Donald.

To paraphrase astrologer Leigh Oswald, we believe we live in a civilized culture, but have not contemplated what that means. The Donald, et al, are allowing us to contemplate what that means. They are also allowing us to assess what American values means. The Donald is providing a valuable service...LOL.

The Donald's astrology doesn't bode well for him. You delved into his astrology in your post of August 22, 2015, and I gave my astro-view:

This Friday's new Moon should be interesting for Trump. It's at 19* Sagittarius and Trump was born just prior to a full Moon eclipse...his natal Sun at 23* Gemini conjunct N Node and Uranus; his natal Moon at 21* Sagittarius. Perhaps he decides to go rogue. Transiting Mars is now conjunct his natal Chiron and Jupiter, which are all involved in our current transiting Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-square.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Thanks for your thoughts on this sad state of affairs. A lot will depend on whether any more horrific terrorist-type events take place during the next few months as to how things turn out primary and election-wise.

JD ~ LOL! Yes - he most certainly needs to "go back to the jungle" - and stay there!

mike ~ The GOP line-up is so much worse than in the previous 2 General Elections ('09 and '12) - the only ones I've been here beginning to end. Characters like Romney and John Huntsman, for example, seem more like Democrats as compared to the 2016 Republican crop.

Hope you were right on the astrology predictions you made in the earlier post comments. There's a way to go yet, it seems before his self-destructive tendencies really take hold.

Vanilla Rose said...

He's awful. There are no words adequate for describing how awful. He makes the other Republican candidates look great by comparison. And they are dire.

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~ There really isn't a decent one among them V. A scary lot indeed!