Thursday, July 30, 2015

Open for business.....

I got nuttin' for today - must be the heat!

But do have a look at this:

Dance of Air

Oh...and - late yesterday afternoon I saw THIS regarding lost plane MH370 (lost for some 17 months).
I've been kind of expecting something like this, been watching the pilots' "pprune" website for the last few weeks, and now they've got a thread going on MH370 again:

Open thread for anyone who has a grumble, an observation, or a few words of wisdom to share.


Anonymous said...

- That Earth-size planet discovered a few days ago is at 2-3 Aquarius ...

- Aurorae on a brown dwarf star 18 ly away ... (late Capricorn?)

- This is the aviation site I've been using for MH370.

- There is a thread at astro-com as well - but ... there be dragons.


One-Hundred-Nine-Fahrenheit ... I hear.
That's just too much ...


Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ That was a good, interesting selection to go with my first up of coffee this morning, kidd- thank you! The Earth-sized dwarf planet sounds to be a bit dim for "life as we know it" (but then life as we know it is dim in quite another way ain't it!?) I doubt beings from Earth will ever find other beings in any way comparable to themselves. The fun (and perhaps danger?) in future times will be in finding how different life forms can be.

We should know today whether the flaperon is from MH370. If it is, more stuff from the lost plane will probably wash up during coming weeks and months, and loved ones of the lost will at last have some kind of "closure". What a terrible situation they've had to endure!

mike said...

I agree, Twilight, it's too hot for comfort. Luv the air conditioning and I'd sure hate to contemplate life without it here in the deep south. I miss Ventura for many reasons, one being the close to ideal, year-round temperatures. The end of summer is still several months away here, but more than half over now.

A full Moon at 7* Aquarius is upon you, Twilight. I find these interesting, when the full Moon conjuncts the natal's a transiting new Moon with a transiting Sun opposed natal Sun. Keep us informed of any developments that fit this scenario.

Nice video you linked...relaxing.

Here's a sculptor, Tom Eckert, that I previously mentioned:

And here's another sculptor, Randall Rosenthal, that does the same hyper-realistic wood sculpture:
Rosenthal's work is amazing. Be sure to click through his time-lapse photos showing how several pieces progressed to the finished sculpture.

Too early to know whether the debris is MH370 and, after all this time, it will be difficult to find the remainder. The search field is still huge. Regardless, this plane fragment belongs to some wreckage and its recovery will be beneficial. I hope it doesn't belong to some plane that no one knew crashed, resulting in even more mystery!

I see that Windows 10 is now ready to download on my computer. I'm taking the plunge. Is anyone else downloading the upgrade? It's a 3 GB download, so my computer will be busy for the rest of the morning. I currently have Windows 7 and I suspect Microsoft will no longer support it once Windows 10 is released.

Twilight said...

anon/kidd ~ Yes it's going to feel like 109 here today, according to Accuweather, though actual temp around 98 degrees. Maybe a storm later too. Shouldn't wish my time away, but I'm longing for the Fall.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Oh I didn't realise the Full (blue?) Moon would be as close as that to my natal Sun. I wonder if there'll be some news about the second slice of my "inheritance" from the UK. I received the first slice around 10 days ago - much more than expected too.
It still feels very "odd", and will feel even odder when the rest arrives, I'm sure.

thanks for the links, I shall go look at them all now. Have just activated our a/c, so brain coming back to normal in 3- 2- 1 :-)

I haven't considered Windows 10 - it seems only yesterday that I got onto Win7! Do let us know how it goes. I think Microsoft have said they'll support Win7 until Jan. 2020.

mike (again) said...

I'm on Windows 10 now! I haven't played with it, but everything appears to be relatively the same. The download & reconfiguration duration was just over an hour at my 6 MB DSL speed. I did have to change my default browser back to Firefox. The overall appearance is a bit cleaner.

If I recall, 7* Aquarius is your 8th house...inheritance is one aspect of the 8th, as is taxes...hope you don't owe. There is a USA federal estate tax paid by a large estate, not the inheritor, and it appears that Oklahoma does not have an inheritance tax:

Are you browsing the internet for new shoes?! LOL.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Wow - that was quick! I've had a look around and will keep an eye on users' reviews for Win10 - it seems it'll be free for Win7 users for a year, but there could be a waiting time for later applicants. I got the impression that any amendments are mainly to satisfy the "hand-held" brigade of smartphone users, i-pads, tablets, etc etc. "Proper" PCs are archaic now I guess. :-(

Yes, 8th house Sun in Aquarius. There won't be any estate/inheritance taxes for me to pay at this end. My aunt's estate wasn't liable to estate tax. I inherited my father's share of that in full, while other cousins who were not "only children" had to share their fathers' or mothers' share. (At last, a benefit of being an only child!!!)

My cousin's estate is more substantial, and liable to estate tax in the UK, it'll be deducted before the remainder is shared between the cousins. Lawyers are still playing around with it, apparently. Once I hear something more about it I'm going to ask for some information about the circumstances of his death. I think not knowing him, or anything about him in his adulthood, is what adds to the "odd" feeling I have about this.

New shoes may come, though I had to buy several pairs when I had my foot trouble, so not yet a while. :-) We'll feel easier about doing certain improvements to our house and yard now - that's one good thing. Too hot yet to consider most of those though. Don't know yet how much the next slice from cousin's estate will be - will be able to choose what to do when that's known.

I want to get some nice piece of artwork to kind of memorialise my aunt and cousin.
Something English.

LB said...

Thanks, Twilight. The video is lovely, a fiery dance between light and shadow, life and death, twisting and resisting one another as they move apart then gently flow together, creating something altogether different, something whole, casting off what no longer belongs, like a snake shedding skin or a tree losing leaves.

The "Love Story" could easily be a metaphor for an internal alchemical process (something I've been thinking about a lot lately), or something more tangible, like creating life, or lovingly giving birth to our artistic longings.

Maybe that's what the artist hoped to convey, I don't know ~ the great thing about art like this is that it takes on a life of its own, with each participant taking away something uniquely different.

The video was also obviously *inspired* by the plastic bag scene from the movie, "American Beauty", which, though equally beautiful, tells a slightly different story:


Like mike, I thought of you and your Aquarius Sun this morning Twilight, wondered if you were feeling the pull of the Full Moon.

This Full Moon is conjunct my own 5H Aquarius Moon and, in addition to several other aspects, squares my 2nd/3rd house Scorpio placements, including Jupiter, the apex of my Yod. Twilight, I think *you* and the video link you happened to choose today are a part of it.:)

LB said...

Twilight ~ Having just read your last comment, I can understand why you might have an odd feeling inheriting something from a cousin you didn't know. There's something a little sad, even lonely, about someone passing away without having anyone close to leave their belongings to. Did you say his name was Simon or something similar? I don't remember if you've said much about him.

Do you know your cousin's date of birth? It might be interesting to look at the synastry between the two of you, particularly any connections between the nodes.

Twilight said...

LB ~ thanks for your thoughts on the airy dance video - I enjoyed them! Honestly - as I watched I didn't try to interpret it - was in a mild state of hypnosis I think!
LOL - yes, I remember the plastic bag scene.

Don't feel any Moon-ish pull really, as yet.

Re my cousin - yes, it is very sad that he had nobody close enough that he felt the necessity to make a will. I'm surprised by that. He was 10 years my junior, must have only recently retired I suppose. Seems he (Stephen was his name) never married - or if he did, the marriage must have been over, and no offspring.

I only know of him that his studies in university were in the financial area - accounting, actuarial stuff. I met him just once at that time. He was born in Cambridge, but was living in London, so presumably working in London, before he retired - if he had retired. I Googled around looking for any snippets about him/his name. Only possibility I could find was someone whose name was the same as his in a list of (honorary) school governors, in a financial role, in a school in the same area as the house/apartment in which he was living at his death.

I went into husband's account at (where I did a lot of research for my family history posts) and found Stephen's date of birth (these only become available there after a person's death). Born 12 October 1949 in Cambridge. I pulled up a chart for that date just now. He had Sun, Neptune and Mercury in Libra (18, 15, and 3 degrees respectively)so his Mercury trined my natal Sun; also his Jupiter at 23 Capricorn was conjunct my natal Mercury. His Moon would have been somewhere in Gemini, his ascendant unknown. His North Node of Moon was at 16 Aries if my chart is correct, it's 3 degrees - ish from my natal Saturn.( My own Moon Nodes are 13 Scorpio N./Taurus S.

Bearing in mind, though, that I am just one of 11 other cousins to whom his estate will be distributed, there's unlikely to be anything specific to me to be found in his chart.

I'm wondering whether Stephen had met with an accident perhaps, rather than he had died from illness. Or perhaps a rapid onset illness, stroke, heart attack, so that he had no time to think about making a will. Once the estate stuff is sorted I intend writing to the solicitors dealing with it and asking if they have a photograph of him, at least, and some information on cause of death.

LB said...

A photograph and more info would be nice. You're probably right about him passing suddenly . . . or maybe he hadn't given his death (and where his money was to go) much thought.

One interesting bit of astrology is that Stephen's natal Mercury (cousins) is conjunct the transiting North Node right now. In that he's acting as a sort of benefactor (Jupiter), it also ties in with his Jupiter conjunct your Mercury (cousin), I think.

Maybe his death will somehow expand your thinking or perspective in some mysterious way, who knows?

Twilight said...

LB ~ Maybe so! We shall see. Will report back as and when. :-)

The Moon is very, very pretty tonight - even in a not yet dark sky here as we came back from the cinema just now. Went to"The Minions". Silly stuff, but a few chuckles and some nice 60s soundtrack.

LB said...

Too early for the Moon here, but I'm hopeful.:)

Silly or not, I bet the theatre was nice and cool.

mike (again) said...

The almost full Moon is dazzzzzling in my night sky, too. I highly doubt that I'll inherit anyone's money, but I'd prefer to not know the person and have no emotional bias toward the benefactor. A neutral inheritance without attachment, whether positive or negative. Stephen may have been a very happy and involved-in-life individual, but without close ties. Or maybe he had friends, but didn't think about his own death. Who knows?! Like Stephen, I have no legal directives and if I passed away today, my house and possessions would be evenly divided amongst my survivors. Kinda weird, but I don't really feel comfortable leaving anything to my siblings, mainly due to their lack of involvement with our mother's care prior to her passing. I'm very concerned about what should happen with GiGi and Junior, as each of my possible caretaker choices has concerns. I've given much thought to my legal directive upon death, but I haven't been able to commit on paper. Maybe Stephen had some of these same issues, too.

Twilight said...

LB ~ It was downright cold - in summer I always take a jacket with me, and put my arms in it backwards to keep -at least it makes one thankful for the warmth when back in the car park.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Yes, the Moon was in full view from the kitchen window later - very bright and lovely she is tonight.

Yes, you could well be right about my cousin - I'd feel more comfortable about it all knowing that was the case.

Pets must be a worry at such times - I can well understand that. You've got a long way to go before that worry becomes a live one for you though - I feel certain.

Anonymous said...

Gals named Gigi sure get the headlines.
But ... how is Mr Pixel? ... he looks quite active.
... That muggy heat can't be good?
... But maybe he's an Indoor?


Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Ah! You must have seen husband's photos of his daughter's and son-in-law's wee cat, Pixel - on his Flickr pages. Yes, he's an indoor cat -still a kitten really.
They found him by chance, when he was very, very tiny, in a right old pickle up in a tree, and they rescued him. He's very pretty!

Twilight said...

(Comment which originally landed under wrong post ) ~~~

Anonymous said...

Anyjazz has a great collection ...

I would say I'm like a detective ... but I don't care to solve anything.
Like Chauncey Gardner would say ... "I like to watch" (observe)

Hopefully I'm not repeating myself with this you-tube jaunt ...


Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Me too! :-)
I enjoyed the video - hadn't seen that one before. Thank you. As it happens I'm on a late 19th century kick myself at present. Loved all Howard Spring's novels of that period for years- have them all, now read, on my shelf, acquired used from internet outlets; and John Galsworthy's Forsyte Saga and all the sequel "Chronicles". Now we're into DVD's and VHS tapes of "The Duchess of Duke Street" - which has proved addictive, and another view of the same period.

It's strange, because during the last decade or so of my time in England I was deep into 19th century stuff on in the US's Old West (McMurtry's "Lonesome Dove", Michener's "Centennial", "Dances with Wolves" and suchlike.) Now I'm *here* I'm into what was going on *there* at the same time.

Anyjazz's collection of ever-growing vintage photographs can kind of span both worlds - though mainly relate to the Western front. :-)