Thursday, April 30, 2015

Seeing signs......

When we're out and about and see signs, husband can never resist snapping them. Here are a few examples, signs of life as she is lived in "flyover" America. Captions are mine. Clicking on an image will take you to its original location on husband's Flickr pages ~~~

We're not responsible for anything, it was all god's idea.

"gods' "....which ones are involved in this I wonder? Mars, Jupiter, Apollo?

Small town retail

Hmmm...erm...(never mind)

Well, maybe.

We're like...spontaneous ya know, unpremeditated - or maybe meditating.


I do not want to wonder if there is a connection!



I don't understand.

"No worries"? I'd be very worried indeed having a massage in that place, on my back or on my front!

Sign of the times

Do we have to tick a box as we enter the store then, to indicate our preference, should it come to that? (Hope they're getting me on my best side.)

There's a message in there somewhere.

(We're mere reflections of ourselves in this one).
As husband (anyjazz) responded to one of his commenters, "..if no one tells you to get stuffed, you're not trying hard enough."

PS...Next post will be on Monday. It's our wedding anniversary (11th) today, 30 April so, weather permitting, we'll be slipping into north Texas for a couple of days in celebration, and for a change of scene.


James Higham said...

"gods' "....which ones are involved in this I wonder? Mars, Jupiter, Apollo?

Had crossed my mind too.

mike said...

Steel is traditional for the should be able to find something at the hardware store or automotive center, though steel is harder to find nowadays with plastic usurping the metal. Luck be with you two on this sure to look both ways, up and down. Wonderful weather here in the deep south and I believe it's the same in the panhandle for the next several days. Happy anniversary!!!

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thank you! Steel, yes.
Anyjazz wants a nice stainless steel slotted spoon, but only tablespoon size, not serving spoon size....good luck with that, say I!
We aren't in panhandle land this time, but more or less straight south from home- Weatherford, half an hour west of the conglomeration that is the Fort Worth/Dallas metroplex - that has to be avoided like the plague. There are lots of medium sized and small towns nearby with plenty of antique stores to investigate. Temp 80-ish, sunny very nice indeed! Lot of wild flowers in bloom along the road here -all colours- coral, yellow, white, pink, mauve. And in Texas Bluebonnets especially lovely.

Am watching where I put my feet this time - doesn't do a lot for deportment and posture but saves on saves wear and tear of the flesh and bone. ;-)