Thursday, April 16, 2015

Last Night on American Idol - Harry v Quentin, the astrology.

A quick extra post brought on by an event from last night's live American Idol episode. You really had to be there (in front of the TV) and fairly familiar with the workings of Idol to properly appreciate what went on. Googling the names Quentin Alexander and Harry Connick Jnr along with American Idol will likely bring up more information on the event than any casual non-fan reader will wish to know.

Quentin, a creative and obviously emotional 20-year old, usually soft-spoken and kindly, honestly responded to a question by presenter Ryan Seacrest, was immediately misunderstood/misinterpreted by Harry Connick Jnr and scolded, in an unnecessarily harsh way (to my ear). Quentin responded, very politely and calmly, standing, by then near Harry at the side of the judges' desk. The awkwardness spread through the rest of the show, with a further explanation/apology from Quentin later, after his second song, and a bit more, quite unnecessary, softer scolding from Jennifer Lopez.

I was on Quentin's side beginning to end, husband wavered a bit, but came around later. Commentary online today has been divided, ranging from barely above racist, disgustingly thoughtless and ignorant, and highly supportive. The "drama", I should mention, stemmed from possible elimination of Quentin's friend, Joey Cook (a very creative, fun gal who I too was surprised to find in-line for elimination, due to public votes - and/or manipulation by whomever).

Gotta have a look at Harry's and Quentin's charts, thought I.

Here they are (click on image for larger version):

Both set for 12 noon.
Left is Harry's 11 September 1967, New Orleans.
Right: Quentin's 11 December 1994, New Orleans

I can see right away why I've been rooting for Quentin since episode one of this season! Never mind that.

Quentin's Sagittarius Sun/Mercury reflect a need for honesty and bluntness, and his Aries Moon (whatever his time of birth) could slam no brakes on that, in fact it acted as accelerator! I kept thinking, before seeing the natal chart that, in the unlikely event of me being in a similar situation I'd have had to act in much the same way...Aries Moon does tend towards that kind of thing.

Harry's musical technical talent isn't in question, and Quentin had always accepted his pointers with good grace and appreciation. Harry's nit-picking Virgo Sun, backed up by two outer planets in Virgo could try the patience of a saint though - especially in such an emotional and public setting.

Harry's natal Sagittarius Moon afflicts him with some of the same bluntness "enjoyed" by Quentin via his Sun/Mercury. Harry's natal Saturn is very likely conjunct Quentin's Moon, depending on times of birth - that'd be apt to put a damper on any back-slapping praise!

There's more, I'm sure.


mike (again) said...

P.S. - Your post, "Winning Ways", April 14th, I commented about reality shows being rigged. I don't watch "American Idol", but I've read about previous years' possible corruption. I think that every year "American Idol" is accused. Here's a discussion from 2011:

mike (again) said...

My first comment is missing!

Anonymous said...

Rigged ships ... Fine
Rigged Contests ...

... is Wack


Twilight said...

mike ~ Yep - it has been said several times over the years. I think, in the beginning - with Pop Idol in England, and the early years of American Idol, it was a genuine competition, winner voted in by the TV audience. Gradually, I've seen the rot set in and manipulation take over.

I'll look for your first comment in the spam or awaiting moderation files in a mo.

Twilight said...


It's wack alright - outta wack, outta balance, outta the audience's hands.
There's a lot more to this tale than we know - of that I'm sure.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Nothing in the spam or pending files yet - will check again tomorrow, just in case.

Sonny G said...

Harry is a -mediumly talented piano player who got lucky. Plain and Simple!
also, he's an asshole,personified.
Personally, I would'nt open the font door if he came here to sing just for me..
I stopped watching AI many years back and wont be watching again..

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ I've adjusted my own opinion of Mr Connick now. Though I enjoyed some of his early Sinatra-type songs, and thought he carried out his acting roles reasonably well, I suspect that fame and praise has gone right to his head. It often happens - and more often than not, I suppose.

anyjazz said...

It was all orchestrated. The producers are not going to gamble millions of advertising dollars each week, on whims of a few "voters" to select the talent for the show. They are going to produce the best show they can with what they have to work with. Orchestrated controversy? Just part of the show.

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~ Yes, I agree - but I do not think that Quentin was part of the orchestration - he wasn't acting, I feel sure....or if he was, then someone should snap him up for a big screen role! I think he was egged on by Ryan Seacrest when an opportunity arose - an opportunity they'd probably been waiting for to drum up a publicity "buzz".