Wednesday, February 04, 2015

A Good Read

Flight MH370's disappearance, now not far short of a year ago, is still a worrying phenomenon. The careful search of the seabed of large areas of the Indian Ocean has so far revealed nothing. No debris with clear connection to MH370 has yet been found. The mystery persists. Longtime blog buddy, RJ Adams has written an engaging piece of fiction on this very topic - it's a good, if scary, read. Do go and give it a whirl, please. The post is dated 29 January. Take a look at the comment section too. Link:
MH370 – Flight To Armageddon


mike said...

Let's hope this isn't a case of fiction to reality. There have been too many conjectures with this disappearance that fall into the realm of conspiracy, some along the same lines as RJ's fictionalized post. Several psychics "saw" MH370 highjacked and located in the Mid East, but more "saw" it in the water as a result of a fatal accident.

Something related or not..can't differentiate anymore...LOL. The official 9-11 report has 28 redacted pages that are believed to implicate Saudi Arabia:

This issue is reflective of a peculiarity displayed by the Bush administration immediately after 9-11-2001, allowing FBI escorts of 160 Saudi citizens out of the USA at a time when all flights were grounded (except for the Saudis). Some were relatives of Osama bin Laden:

Maybe we are all caught-up in an Illuminati war of factions similar to the smaller-scale cartels of Mexico. The Vatican Illuminati has been beaten-back enough to allow the Saudi Illuminati more legroom...LOL.

Twilight said...

mike ~ We'd all feel better, I think, if they could just find a single piece of identifiable MH370 wreckage washed up - somewhere. After nearly a year, hopes of that have faded.

Thanks for the links - mystery upon mystery, theory upon theory! All spooky too.

I prefer a still spooky, but slightly less scary, (and less believable) sci-fi theory. Something more akin to the movie Millennium - 1989 film starring Kris Kristofferson & Cheryl Ladd.

There's probably an International Corporate Illuminati out there now, scurrying around buying up lots of desirable and remote pieces of land around the globe, to whence they can flee when excrement makes impact with fan blades. And what a wonderful start to 'New Humanity' that will be, with THEM as seeding material. ;-(

R J Adams said...

Thanks for the link, Twilight. Mike, I don't consider the piece a 'conspiracy theory' about MH370 (though
I can understand you might place it in that category). I've read all the "theories", most of them half-baked and lacking sanity.

I used MH370 as an example - one that was still very much in the headlines even after twelve months - of how easy it is for an aircraft to disappear. Even in this age of technology, no-one can be sure where that plane has ended up and the time taken trying to find it would give any terrorist group ample opportunity to commit the sort of heinous crime I outlined.

More important than what happened to MH370 is the vulnerability of Pakistan's nuclear arsenal.

In 2001, al-Qaeda pulled off the greatest terrorist attack in history. It's repercussions are still being felt thirteen years later. It bolstered the standing of that group immeasurably throughout the Middle East.

ISIS is rapidly gobbling up al-Qaeda, but there are still factions of the latter out there holding out against it.

Also, there's no doubt ISIS has taken many casualties, mainly due to US bombing raids.

Take a moment to get inside the head of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. He heads the most dangerous, rapidly expanding, Islamic terrorist group on earth. He's certainly funded by Saudi Arabia (I'll allude more to that later). If I were in his position, I'd be looking to pull off a major terrorist attack on the West. The odd assassination and bombing does nothing. Al-Baghdadi needs something big, to draw in the remaining al-Qaeda groups and others waiting on the sidelines to see how successful he is.

Al-Qaeda's still top of the terror tree after 9/11. Caliph Ibrahim needs something bigger - something that'll make 9/11 look like a July 4th firework display.

He has that 'something bigger' right on his doorstep in Pakistan, and the means to get it - the Taliban.

If he can destroy a Western city (and it has to be New York!) with a large nuclear device he would become the Master of the Middle East. Every Wahhabi would flock to his knee, and many others that weren't. He would prove to his followers that the West can be beaten.

I don't believe it would be that difficult to do. I merely described how I would attempt it, if in al-Baghdadi's shoes.

Continued....(Blogger won't allow anymore!)

R J Adams said...


Saudi Arabia has been exporting Wahhabi Islam throughout the Middle East for decades. It's the strictest Islam of all, and the one (under various guises) advocated by ISIS. The Saudi goal is a completely Sunni Middle East, the subjugating of Iran and the Shia.

Why then have they joined the 'coalition' striking at ISIS from the air? It's doubtful they have. Only yesterday,Ian Black, the Guardian's Middle east editor, wrote:

"The UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain joined the coalition when attacks began in September. All have flown sorties against Isis targets, but in the absence of any statistics in US military communiques and silence in their own capitals, most observers believe their participation has been largely symbolic." [my bold]

I can find nothing on the web detailing ISIS casualties or collateral damage from Saudi airstrikes. My guess is there haven't been any.

Saudi Arabia has been playing a double game with the West since the days of Faisal. The West, happy to receive cheap oil, never bothered to look too closely.

Robert Fisk, in the Independent, wrote yesterday under the heading: "War with Isis: If Saudis aren't fuelling the militant inferno, who is?":

" Saudi Arabia is a Wahhabist state whose 18th-century puritan morality defined the Taliban – which received moral and financial support from Saudis – and whose misogyny and grotesque public beheadings after unfair trials parallel the cruelty of Isis punishments. The Saudis always declare their innocence – sometimes through their lawyers – of any involvement in “terrorism”. But bin Laden was himself a Saudi, who in the 1990s did have a personal meeting with Prince Turki [Director: Saudi Arabia General Intelligence Directorate] in Pakistan. Fifteen of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 were Saudi citizens. And within months of the US attacks, a classified Pentagon briefing was told by an analyst for the Rand Corporation – set up in 1945 with the help of the US military – that Saudi Arabia was the “kernel of evil” in the Middle East and was “active at every level of the terrorist chain”[...] Millions of dollars must be arriving in Isis hands from outside Iraq and Syria, and the question must be asked: if it doesn’t come from within Saudi Arabia – or Qatar – who on earth is providing the wherewithal? Iceland? Peru?" [my bold]

Forget Illuminati. What we have to deal with is the very worst of well-organized Islamic fundamentalism bent on taking over the world and forming a Worldwide Islamic Caliphate. They'll never achieve it, unless they can deliver a large nuclear device and explode it in the heart of Western civilization.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Many thanks for these additional thoughts. I shall return to them from time to time as events unfold in whatever way they roll out, or when the general topic comes up again, as I've no doubt it will.