Tuesday, February 18, 2014


In a survey of historical events on this day, 18 February, through the years is listed:
"1930 - US astronomer Clyde Tombaugh discovers Pluto."
The anniversary of the day Pluto first entered our consciousness is a good day for a few Pluto-related thoughts.

Pluto, small and far away as it is, is thought to have a transformative influence on "the collective", as it transits the signs. Effects are seen most clearly and accurately in hindsight. Pluto's transit is slow, 248 years to complete a circuit of the zodiac.

Back in 2008 Pluto entered Capricorn, to transit that sign until 2024 - 16 years. We're not quite halfway through that transit yet, still fairly deep into the first half. What were astrologers predicting for this Pluto in Capricorn period as the transit began? I dug out an archived post from December 2007 and found I'd quoted a couple of astrologers, this is what they had to say.

Snips from predictions by astrologers Eric Francis and Eric Meyers in late 2007:
Eric Francis: :
"Pluto in Capricorn is, among other things, about massive changes to the structure of society. It is about the consolidation of corporate and government power to a degree that far exceeds anything we have seen so far."

(Me):Yes, we can see that coming, in the USA, even now, just before Pluto has reached its new abode in Capricorn. This scenario could continue, and intensify, for a variety of reasons, and would form stage one.
Eric Meyers' interpretation could well form stage two. Other outer planets will have moved on into new positions. (The link I had to the article from which the following quote was taken is now defunct.) Eric Meyers' website is HERE though.

"When Pluto moves to the earth sign of Capricorn, our structures and institutions are bound to face upheaval and drastic change that will reflect the shifting spiritual and moral processes that are currently occurring while Pluto is in Sagittarius.

Leagues of people will be challenged to release attachments to paradigms and structures they thought were stable and enduring. Changes in government, education systems, infrastructure, organized religions and the general sociological organization of society could endure needed face lifts in order for our collective evolution to take its next step."

(Me): Several scenarios could bring about a swing from the corporate and government clamp down of stage one, to the kind of collective evolution described by Eric Meyers. What is certain, is that by the end of Pluto's journey through Capricorn the world will have changed, just as it had changed after Pluto moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius in 1996.

Eric Francis couldn't have been more accurate could he? The next couple of years will likely see still more of the same. Phase two, from around 2016, ought to bring in something different, but only gradually. Let us hope so, and hope it will be different in some way beneficial to the planet and all of its peoples!

Inspecting a large oil painting up close, one sees nothing but wild brush strokes, a jumble of colours. Stand well back, very well back, a clear picture emerges. Astrology in life is like that too. Not many of us want to believe it though. We keep hoping to see prompt results for planetary transits. Pluto's brush strokes haven't formed a fully discernible picture yet.


mike said...

Excerpts of Michael Lutin's article in Vanity Fair, published in the December, 2006, issue:


"When Pluto goes direct in September of this year, the religious zeal, or madness, that has taken hold since it entered Sagittarius in 1994 will reach a crescendo, ushering in a period dominated by the sign of Capricorn. Our "dialogue" with radical Islam has only just begun. Over the next 19 years or so, America as a Cancer nation will have to deal with troubling confrontations and competition such as it has never known, as well as an internal political struggle, all of which will shake us to our very core.

...If you think that things are tough now, and that privacy and other personal liberties are being infringed upon, just wait. During the next 19 years, things are going to get much tighter. Controls and laws will become more stringent. Pluto in Capricorn will demand conformity, born out of fear that different is dangerous. The more resistance to government protection, the more protection the government will try to provide. The words "patriot" and "treason" will lose their meaning, and in some cases they will become interchangeable. What is treason to one person will be patriotism to another—just as it was back in the 1760s and 70s. The country's mood will become darker and much more conservative. It's not going to be a matter of Democrat or Republican anymore, because the new ideologies will bleed across party lines.

...Pluto in Capricorn is going to change America from the inside out, threaten our very existence, challenge our economy, and divide the country politically. The government is going to be so paranoid during those years that it doesn't really matter who gets in in 2008.

...This political, social, cultural, and economic change will mark the rebirth of the United States as a more global nation—a member of the world, if not the leader of the world. This is a threatening challenge to the notions of land ownership, security, wealth, and supremacy our Cancer nation has enjoyed for more than two centuries. The dollar will not likely go back to its post–W.W. II strength. Other countries will reject our exploitation and demand instead our cooperation. Luckily for us, the horoscope of the U.S.A. is strongly influenced by Venus and Jupiter, so we'll never go totally broke or hungry. We will, however, have to play ball with the rest of planet Earth as we never have before. From now on it's cooperate, or else.

No one is really to blame. We've brought ourselves to this crisis, through a combination of individual freedom and economic gain, as well as a blind, isolating grandiosity. America is a fabulous place to live: you can come here, think up something you want to do, and be successful at it. But we've gotten fat and we've gotten lazy. So don't blame George Bush or Bill Clinton or any of the elected officials in Washington. A country gets the leaders it deserves, and when we're ready to rise from the ashes of a fallen empire, we will find the leaders to help us do so. It will happen, but not in 2008. We have to go through the Pluto transit first."

mike (again) said...

BTW - Michael Lutin wrote the monthly Sun-sign astrology columns for VF and had for quite a few years (after Patrick Walker's death). This was Lutin's first real astrology article that VF published...they had only published his monthly Sun-signs prior. It caused a furor. This was in late 2006, which was the height of American patriotism and nationalism. Many readers considered Lutin's article an act of treason. He was apparently bought-out of his contract with VF and this article marked the end of Michael Lutin's association with VF. VF has not had an astrology column since.

Twilight said...

mike & (again)! Very interesting indeed, mike! Thanks for the excerpt and observations.

Mr Lutin's predictions have proved to be apposite indeed!

I like his optimism at the end "we will find the leaders to help us do so"....I hope that proves as accurate as the rest. It's almost time for them to be raising heads above parapet. :-)

Twilight said...

mike....I've been wondering about Michael Lutin's own astrology. Looked on astro.com but nothing there. I found a discussion here


They have a several different ideas on it. You have mentioned him before I think, so maybe you're a longtime fan and know the truth? I'm curious, that's all! :-)

Twilight said...

mike......And here


Twilight said...

mike ....having read through the latter thread of comment, it appears he doesn't want to make his data public. That's understandable for several reasons, but just Sun/Moon/ascendant wouldn't hurt, surely?

mike (again) said...

I was aware that he withheld his birth information. The sites you provide links to have commenters that state September 1, 1940, but I don't believe that...not the 1940, anyway. We will have to honor his Scorpio-mystique element.

mike (again) said...

Well, Twilight, maybe Mike Lutin was born in 1940. This link:


provides the dates of his university degrees, which would infer his DOB around 1940. His university attendance is confirmed in several other site links, but without dates. Here's one:


So, September 1, 1940 may be correct, but anecdotal.

Anonymous said...

I have Pluto transiting my 2nd house Capricorn. I can tell you it's scary, it's unpleasent. I always think I'm going to end this life in the poorhouse.I have hope as by the time Pluto left 1st house Sag I was on the way to becoming a new, much better person even if it took a few years.

I used to love Michael Lutin's astrology column in VF. I read his current website and find it endlessly engrossing.He said after the 2012 election to watch Michelle Obama. He wouldn't go into detalis but apparently it's something big. Now that you have re-printed his 2006 column, I'll bet he's on the mark again,he just won't ruin the finale. Perhaps, Twilight you can see what you can find out.

mike (again) said...

Hello, Anonymous...I happened to come across a dialogue regarding Michelle Obama.

FW = Frederick Woodruff
ML = Michael Lutin

FW - But speaking of married couples: Let’s talk about Michelle Obama’s natal Sun and Saturn sitting on the USA’s natal Pluto. This is a fascinating set of symbols. What is your take on that?

ML - No comment on what Michelle Obama will do. Watch and see.

FW - Oh shit, now my natal Scorpio Moon is buzzing! So, you’re forecasting ahead that the United States’ Pluto return (which occurs in 2022) will also involve Michele Obama’s natal Sun (symbol for the most significant male in her life) and Saturn (her personal fate). That’s a powerful confluence. How would you view that, say, in a chart comparison consultation? One person’s Sun and Saturn on the other’s Pluto?

ML - I think its dangerous right now. It’s her destiny, you could say that much. Nothing further.


Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ We'll have to come to our own conclusions. I can believe 1940 - why not? It puts him in my own generation and Paul McCartney's and we're not quite senile yet. :-)
Virgo? Dunno - the writing talent fits, but I don't quite get Virgo from what I've read of him...maybe Scorpio with Virgo Moon or rising. But what do I know?
He doesn't want us to know. :-/

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~ Pluto "effects" usually turn out to be beneficial after the chaos is over - but unless it's actually conjoining or aspecting a personal planet in your chart you could be worrying too much, Anon. - But even if it is, the worst will be over once it's past the conjunction, and better things will await. I know this from personal experience.

Re Michelle Obama - I have no clear ideas on this, but it's fuin to surmise. Saturn sometimes represents career - is she going to be our first female Prez perhaps, in 2025? If not, maybe a prominent position in congress, if we still have a congress.
Guesses only! Pluto in this instance could indicate that MO will be leader of the turn-around and transformation we will surely sorely need by then.
Guesses- guesses - looking for a positive outcome.

Anonymous said...


That FW-ML conversation is the one I read that caught my curiosity.

Thanks, for the Pluto transit information. As I said, Pluto in the first was really tough during the "breakdown" period. Near the end, like a butterfly leaving the cocoon. So, I hope this occurs with the second. I'm about to leave the "breakdown" portion but it will be a long transit.

mike (again) said...

This is from Raymond Merriman

"I have a theory about long-term planetary aspects like Uranus and Pluto that may be of interest to Financial and Mundane Astrologers. It may shed light on what has happened in the past 50 years (since Uranus and Pluto were in conjunction), and what might unfold in the next 30+ years (when Uranus and Pluto are in opposition). It goes like this: when two planets are in conjunction, the more dominant planet is the faster moving one. When they reach opposition, the most dominant is the slower moving planet. At the waxing and waning square, they are about equal in their expression. At the waxing square, they are equal, but the dominance is shifting from the faster moving planet’s dynamics to the slower moving planet’s dynamics, which then peak at the opposition. At the waning square, they are also equal, but the dominance is shifting to the faster moving planet’s principles and areas of rulership.

Applying this theory to the present-day Uranus-Pluto aspect, it would mean that in the mid- 1960’s, Uranus was the more dominant expression of Uranus and Pluto in conjunction. It was a revolutionary time, but behind it all, was the future menace of debt creation and power grabbing, or Pluto. Now we see both of these principles (Uranus and Pluto) about equal. However, that balance is about to shift from revolution, invention, and progressivity (Uranus), to powerful efforts to centralize control and authority in the hands of the few (Pluto), and in the process, the debt explosion continues to get worse, not better. Of course, there is always the possibility that Pluto will manifest in a very positive and constructive way, such as in “reform” that empowers the masses, and not just a few individuals who seek power over… everybody and everything."

mike (again) said...

Maybe we'll have a religious war.


"Beyond Discrimination Arizona’s 1062 Bill Gives Criminals a Get Out Of Jail Free Card"

"...The only reasonable explanation for why extremist Christians demand the religious liberty to impose their beliefs on every American is sheer religious tyranny and not simply the personal practice or observance of a religious belief. Republicans across the nation pander to the religious right for votes, but many socially conservative Republican politicians like Ted Cruz are true believers in every sense of the word. They would, if allowed, impose Old Testament penalties on the population and claim they were practicing or observing their religious beliefs if Arizona’s legislation catches on across the nation. With similar bills sprouting up in Republican-controlled states with increasing frequency, it is certain that more Republican-dominated legislatures will follow Arizona’s lead and grant fundamentalists the religious liberty they lust. With Republicans in Congress claiming President Obama is waging a war on Christianity, and defending extremist Christian’s so-called religious liberty to force adherence to biblical edicts, this country is lurching precariously close toward a religious conflict between extremist Christians and the rest of the population and the government. In Arizona, evangelical extremists may soon have legal cover to begin resorting to violence with impunity whether it is stoning unmarried mothers, gays, disobedient children, or burning suspected witches. If any American is skeptical it will never get that extreme, it is doubtless women in Salem Massachusetts thought they were safe from witch-hunts when they fled Europe only to find that like today, extremist Christians are everywhere and they are panting to exercise their religious liberty."

Twilight said...

mike ~ (I must have missed your 21 Feb post -sorry!) Interesting theory about Uranus being the dominant expression in the '60s and Uranus/ Pluto equally prominent around now. Hedging astrological bets? :-)
As long as they're equally balanced maybe one will neutralise t'other and we'll trundle along much as usual. I could see that happening.

Re Feb 24 comment ~
The religious liberty thing seems to be coming to the fore again just now. In OK there's this:


I'm not sure enough people are mad enough to make war about it though. (Crossing fingers as she types).