Monday, February 17, 2014

Music Monday ~ Patricia Routledge, Julia McKenzie, 3rd Decan Aquarius.

We're approaching the last knockings of Aquarius, third decan, with an undercurrent of Libra/Venus, so they say. Who might be a good poster-person to represent this decan, bearing in mind that Libra/Venus is artistic, often musical. Aquarius/Uranus is often fairly bright but something of a natural oddball; others might find that either fun, or irritating.

Patricia Routledge has a birthday today. People in the USA, those who watch PBS anyway, will recognise her as Hyacinth Bucket in the British TV series Keeping Up Appearances .

As her linked Wikipedia page proves, Ms Routledge has had a long and varied career. She was born in 1929, still going strong! Who knew, though, that her singing voice was so splendid?
Not me.

Also with a birthday today, another lady, also British as it happens, whose talents range from straight acting to singing and musical comedy on stage and screen.

Julia McKenzie, born 1941, also still going strong. Viewers in the USA, (PBS again) might remember her in the BBC drama series Cranford, playing Mrs. Forrester, a military widow, very attached to her cow Bessie. I haven't found a really good video example of Ms McKenzie singing - but there's this:


mike said...

I'm not on a "I know their real name" basis with these two women, but I've seen their performances. McKenzie became a hit with her impersonation of the Queen parachuting from the helicopter during the 2012 Olympics...that was a hoot...and I enjoyed seeing the real Queen perform a parody of herself.

Hal Holbrook's is today, too. I like his Mark Twain skits. Then there is the famous-for-being-famous, Paris Hilton, as well.

The biggie is George Washington's birthday celebration today, though he was born February 22...first POTUS. Now it's just called Presidents' Day. In actuality, it's another "holiday" specializing in consumer special-discount sales extravaganza for the big box stores. Enjoy! For me, it's a day without mail delivery.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I remember Hal Holbrook best from his younger days, and from an old TV series "Evening Shade" (starring Burt Reynolds)of which husband acquired a DVD set. Holbrook doesn't sing though, or play an instrument, or paint as far as we know, so I can't include him as another good example of a poster person for Aquarius 3rd decan. ;-)

George Washington - a Sun in Pisces president. Yes, I was researching an artist famous for doing portraits of him the other day (Rembrandt Peale), but decided against doing a post on that artist - too boring a subject. He did have an obsession about Geo.Washington, and he was born on 22 February also!

President's Day - yep - just another day with no mail, as you say.