Saturday, December 29, 2012

PREDICTION ~ "The future isn't what it used to be !"

As we saunter sheepishly up to the gates of 2013 predictions are in the air, not as thickly layered as I've seen in the past, but still around.

NOTE: In the mythology of ancient Rome, Janus was the god of new beginnings. He was associated with doors and gates, and first steps. Janus is usually depicted as having two faces, looking in opposite directions. In one legend, Saturn bestows upon him the ability to see both the past and the future. The month of January is named in his honor.

Samples of of prediction for 2013 below include non-astrological, non-psychic, psychic, tarot and astrological forecasts, with my own pick of the crop from each:

My pick
#10. A handheld "breathalyzer" will offer early detection of infections microbes and even chemical attacks.

The Single Breath Disease Diagnostics Breathalyzer under development at Stony Brook University would use sensor chips coated with nanowires to detect chemical compounds that may indicate the presence of diseases or infectious microbes. In the future, a handheld device could let you detect a range of risks, from lung cancer to anthrax exposure.

From the blog of John W. Smart
#10. The stream of young people leaving Facebook becomes a flood as the middle-aged Gen X takeover becomes overwhelming. Facebook stock tanks. Then the Gen xers exit Facebook too.
PS: Some commenters there also have concerns about Hillary Clinton - a health issue? That had crossed my mind too, so thought I'd mention it here.


Psychic predictions by Eric Leigh-Pink who began communicating with spirits as a child and predicted many events for his family and friends. I'm not keen on psychic predictions in general, but the author of this blog struck me as someone striving to be careful and helpful. He goes back to try to link his visions to events, and to understand the symbolism he's being given for future reference. See what you think.

One of his latest "visions" intrigued me:
A visual of the US flag, then one star begins to glow.

I haven't yet found many astrologers' general 2013 predictions, here are a couple to be going on with:

From Astro Cocktail:
John Townley at Astro Cocktail writes about Jupiter's place in 2013 - see the introduction from the link above, then follow Mr. Townley's link at "four whole years of generous Jupiter".

Astrologer Ed Tamplin has some information I found interesting:
Scroll down to section headed World on the Brink where he describes a Yod forming in 2013: two sextiled planets both linked by 150 degree quincunx aspects to a third planet. Planets involved are Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn sextiled, with Jupiter in Gemini at the apex. Mr Tamplin tells us that "to find this trio in a similar formation we have to star trek back to May 19 1989" when the only difference was that Saturn and Pluto were in reverse positions to now, sign-wise....."But as this has only happened once across the entire last century, it is worthwhile taking a look at." Civil unrest, revolution and also high drama in Chinese, Soviet and US politics accompanied that Yod.

Finally ~

Unwisely, perhaps, I dug out the tarot deck, concentrated, shuffled & cut the cards and and asked, "What do I need to know about world events in 2013?"
The 3 cards I drew, in order:
10 of Swords/5 of Coins/The Moon.
In a nutshell: bottoming out/hard times/anxiety, confusion, misapprehension.
For more detail on card meanings the best place is the Learn Tarot website - the "Cards" section.


mike said...

I predict that:
1) the world does not end in 2013
2) more money woes
3) Obama remains unlikeable
4) corporations caught manipulating
5) religion tumbles
6) people are more up-tight
7) guns kill more people
8) US congress fails to deliver
9) CEOs increase their pay
10)ongoing war in Afghanistan & Iraq
I could go on, but I'll limit my predictions to these ten.

Twilight said...

mike ~~ Sure things, every one!
They could be chiselled in stone for the next decade too (maybe a name changed here and there).


aKuna Kumara said...

intuit there are very positive vibrations if we apply them wisely but something tells me we are not yet ready to let go of old paradigm concepts to build something TOTALLY new and of higher consciousness for equality of all as Unified Oneness. We appear to walk a fine line of our own making...

Twilight said...

aKuna Kumara ~~ We certainly have still some hard lessons to learn - and are not good students. We need all the positive vibrations we can get!