Monday, July 23, 2012

Music Monday ~ Leo-tinted Songs

Sun is now in Leo. A list of Leo keywords from here set me delving into my memory banks for songs to match the Leo traits listed there. Among the songs to surface were a few from stage or screen musicals, very appropriate for spotlight-loving Leo-types.

Loving, loyal, faithful - Always ("I'll be loving you - always, with a love that's true - always...").

Self approval, self worth, self confidence - I Have Confidence in Me (Sound of Music).

Warm, affectionate, generous - Can You Feel the Love Tonight? (from The Lion King - there had to be one!).

Dignified, honorable, integrity - I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General (Pirates of Penanace).

Honest, direct - Would I Lie to You? (Air Supply)

Vital, commanding - If I Ruled the World ("every day would be the first day of spring") From West End musical "Pickwick".

Authority, teacher - The Rain in Spain Stays Mainly in the Plain (My Fair Lady).

Arrogant, egotistical - I'm Too Sexy (by Right Said Fred).

Conceited, vain - It's Hard to be Humble ("when you're perfect in every way....") (Mac Davis).

Snobbish - Top Hat White Tie and Tails (Irving Berlin, Fred Astaire from movie Top Hat).

Creative, dramatic - We are the Champions (Queen).

Talented, artistic or musical - With One Look (With one look I can break your heart, with one look I can play every part) (Sunset Boulevard).

Fun loving, playful - You Make Loving Fun (Fleetwood Mac).

Finally, mustn't forget this - a tribute to all Leo-types: You Are My Sunshine - fun version from, would you believe: Star Trek ?

Happy Birthday to any Leo-types passing by!


Wisewebwoman said...

I feel the Leo-love T!


Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ :-)