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Sun is wending its way through zodiac sign Cancer. Astrological doctrine tells us that the sign of Cancer is ruled by, or has affinity with the Moon. So... a look at what 20th century British astrologer Ingrid Lind had to say about the Moon's role in astrology. Extract taken from her out-of-print little book Astrology and Common Sense (1962)

MOON: Stands for the feminine principle. Rules or has affinity with zodiac sign Cancer. Keywords: Response. Fluctuation.

The Moon in any chart has a strong bearing on personality, emotional nature and outward behaviour. The native's general response to life is often suggestive of the sign containing the Moon. In marriage, there will be a very strong link when the respective Moons are found in the same degree of the zodiac, as this will mean similarity of emotional response; or when the Moon of one corresponds with some important degree in the other's chart.

It would seem, then, that an individual's tastes and traits are to some extent indicated by the Moon position; and these are tastes and traits he will recognise and find attractive or sympathetic in someone else.

Just as the minute-hand on a watch gives precision, so the quick-moving Moon gives personal indications. Everyone born in the same (zodiacal) month has the same Sun sign, but the Moon may be in any one of the twelve.

The Moon stands for the feminine principle throughout the life. It is especially important in childhood, when the child is, so to speak, part of the mother. Indeed, all the instinctive responses of babyhood to pleasure, pain, hunger and so forth, which continue in more controlled form, let us hope, throughout the life, are Moon attributes. It is easy to understand that too much Moon is a mixed blessing, as the native will be over-sensitive and make exaggerated responses.

Moon virtues are the best "mother" virtues, such as can manifest in man or woman as kindness, protectiveness and so on. When the Moon is prominent but inharmoniously aspected there is abuse of the feminine quality, in possessiveness, hyper-sensitivity, shyness, "introversion" and the like.

For no reason that I can think of I connect the Moon with the lessons that appear to have to be learned by the individual, or the difficulties which he must face. I have no statistics to back this up; but I have found that in as much as the main problems of a life can be reduced to keywords, these often correspond with the characteristics of the Moon sign. If your Moon is in Scorpio, whall we say, there would be advantage in your studying this sign. Scorpio matters - strong feelings, sex problems, violence or intensity of emotion - may be in need of control or understanding.
Hmmm - I have Moon in Aries, so my life's problems/lessons correspond with Aries characteristics? Trying to become more in tune with Aries characteristics, trying to overcome a natural shyness, timidity and introversion have been a life lesson, I guess. Don't know - not altogether convinced on this point.

Also, I tend to see astrological compatibility in a slightly "looser" way than that in Ms Lind's examples. Sure, it'd be nice if we found ourselves with a partner whose Moon's degree matched our own, but other, "looser" connections are good too. I like Sun/Moon sign compatibility in a relationship. E.g. My Moon in Aries, husband's Sun in Aries. His Moon is Leo and opposite my Aquarius Sun - some might consider that to be a bad thing, but Air and Fire mix and balance, so while it might not be ideal (what is?) - it works. We both have Moon in Fire signs, so have a basic "elemental" understanding of one another - in theory. I'd trust elemental compatibility over most other astro-doctrine.

There are lots of ways compatibility can be found between two charts, but nothing beats that instinctive "knowing feeling" about another person in real life, whether in relation to romantic, professional or platonic friendship. Our inner antennae can be powerful indicators if we allow them to be.


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Aries, Twilight - ah, that explains a lot. ;-)

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Moon plays significant role in the behaviour of human being acc to their astrological sign. Zodiac Signs describes the habit, nature, kindness of the person according to the position of the moon as well as another planets.

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James Higham ~~~ Yeah - I know.

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I like the way you write. Awesome, keep it up.

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