Monday, February 06, 2012

Waxahachie Woes (or Uranus the Unexpected Strikes Again)

Why do I believe that astrology works, at least some of the time? Bitter experience.

"Some of the time" mainly involves times when the the outer planets, from Saturn outward (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) connect in their transits with a personal planet in one's natal chart....and, to a (perhaps) milder extent when, in the course of their transits they make sharp angles to personal planets.

My latest example:

Our recent trip, meant to celebrate my birthday, didn't follow exactly, or anywhere near, what we had in mind when we set out from home - for a variety of reasons. But that's not the story. We chose to stay around several interesting mid-Texas towns we'd hoped to visit during previous trips, but had missed for one reason or another. We'd intended being home by last Wednesday at latest, but didn't arrive until Sunday, yesterday.

Last Tuesday, on what should have been our last afternoon away, our car was damaged, pretty badly. My husband was forced to drive over a biggish metal/steel object lying in the road. Due to blinding late afternoon sun he didn't see the object in time to stop and warn vehicles behind. To have swerved could have caused something even worse than what happened. As it was the car lurched around, loud clanking and scraping ensued. Fortunately we were near a place where he could drive into the parking lot of a convenience store/gas station. The power steering went off just as we reached the parking area. Smoke emerged from near the steering wheel - very disconcerting!

To make a long story short (as they say) husband used our cellphone (at last - we found out why we have a cellphone!) to contact the AAA and our insurance company back in Oklahoma. They got a tow truck to us in about an hour. The truck took our car and us back the 12 or so miles to Waxahachie, the town where we had a motel room; and to a repair shop at the local Chevrolet dealership. Luckily there was also a Hertz rental office on the same lot. They were about to close, but stayed behind to sort out a rental car for us, so we could get back to our motel.

A couple of days later, when we'd hoped the car would be ready to take home, we were told the repair is going to take at least a week, maybe two, due to necessary visits by insurance inspector, ordering of parts, etc. Costs will be pretty steep - the majority, but not all, to be paid by insurance company. Damage incurred must be far more extensive than we had supposed!

Where's the astrology then?

Transiting Uranus was, and is, conjunct my husband's natal Sun. Uranus is famous for being around when the unexpected happens.

To add spice to our "adventure" I managed to pick up a stomach bug of some kind, which lasted, quite painfully, for a couple of days or more.

There's more.

Interested readers can refer to my post from last September, when Uranus was in much the same position; also to a re-run of an old post outlining my own experiences during Uranus (and other) transits some years ago:

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble Since the Day We Set Out


TRANSITORY ADVENTURES with Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn.

As I wrote, back in September, I refuse to become paranoid about astrological transits to the extent that I allow them to interfere with life and plans. In the case of the outer planets, transits to personal planets can cover a long period of time. If something unexpected is going to happen, then it'll happen wherever one happens to be. The situation we encountered could have been much worse. Very much worse! Who knows what shape it could have taken had we stayed at home? If one has to experience an unexpectedly difficult event, this was the kind to have. Nobody was hurt, nobody else's property was affected, only our own poor, faithful 2006 Chevvy Monte Carlo, which has never once let us down. Not ever, not in the slightest way during the 4 or 5 years since we bought it, new. We've driven many thousands of miles with complete confidence.

In a week, maybe two, we shall await a call to drive the 250 or so miles back to Waxahachie, Texas in the rented car to collect our own, fully healed (we hope) vehicle.

And that's why I believe astrology works, at least in some respects. "Events such as the above happen all the time, to all kinds of people", a skeptic might respond. However, it's in the timing of such events that the touch of astrology can oft be sensed.


Anonymous said...

GP: The outer planets, as you say are long to have an effect. I tend to think that in this case it's Mars retrograding which made for an unfortunate trip, especially, as you indicate, that your husband is an Aries (Uranus on his Sun right now).

But who is to really blame is not Chevrolet, nor the truck who lost something, nor Texas (mostly kind only to multi-millionaires) but the "resident" astrologer, or "astrologer on board". I say that with some humour, knowing that you have all the tools needed, T. to "blame the stars".

There was a good star too in the whole affair: nobody got hurt!

Best wishes for a rapid end to this calamity.

PS: My advice, if the geomerty of the direction was damaged, better change car.

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~

Thanks GP. :-)

Re Mars retro - you could be right - that fact in addition to the exact Uranus transit to husband's Sun.

I do not regret taking the trip, because I suspect "something" would have happened anyway, whatever our action or inaction. Maybe something worse, too - unless we'd holed up in the house for weeks on end - even then some unexpected accident could have occurred.

I forget about transits and astrology unless I'm sitting at this computer battering out a post on the subject....and to my mind that's the only way for someone interested in astrology to remain sane! Paranoia scares me much more than a Uranus transit or a Mars retro! ;-)

You're right - there was a good star, or a guardian angel, around on our side too. It was so fortunate that we could get off the road to a safe place so quickly, and that though it was closing time for both repair shop and car rental office - we just caught them both - by a hair's breadth.

By "geometry of the direction" did you mean the wheel alignment, GP?
That's one of the things the repairs will include, plus a new subframe and some other parts still to be identified when they dismatle everything.

We shall have to see what the totality of damage was, and how we feel about the car when repaired, but a change, very sadly, may be a possibility.

Anonymous said...

GP: I once had similar accident in the snow. It was not a Chevy but an Italian car. Once something on the underframe/geometry of a car has to be repaired you better change the car. If you keep it, at best you may have to change eroded front tires all the time. Let the insurance fix all first (or another possibility, negociate for a non-repair/new car purchase) but take their advice. Those people are much more expert in such matters, especially that you have to deal at 250 miles distance.

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~

The inspection and repair will have to go ahead now it's started, so we'll get the car home then decide what's next.

When we return to Texas, with full extent of damage and costs known, we'll talk to the repair people, ask their opinion.

Dang! We love that car. Chevrolet stopped making Monte Carlos in 2007, so no chance to renew it.

Kaleymorris said...

I'm glad you are home; sorry your 'adventure' isn't quite over.

R J Adams said...

Frankly, I'd stay home in future anytime Uranus is near your natal sun. Very glad neither of you were injured, and I hope the tummy bug is well and truly banished.

Twilight said...

Kaleymorris ~~ Thanks, K. It'll no doubt be "drug out" for quite some time. They don't rush around a lot in Texas. :-)

James Higham said...

To make a long story short (as they say) husband used our cellphone (at last - we found out why we have a cellphone!) to contact the AAA and our insurance company back in Oklahoma. They got a tow truck to us in about an hour. The truck took our car and us back the 12 or so miles to Waxahachie, the town where we had a motel room; and to a repair shop at the local Chevrolet dealership.

That's some adventure. As said above:

"You have all the tools needed, T. to blame the stars."

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~~ Thanks RJ.
Staying at home doesn't fool ol' Uranus. Back in 1996 when it transited my natal Sun, my late partner and I lost everything we owned except our car, in a dreadful fire....followed by other assorted "adventures".
So this current experience is mild compared to that one. ;-(

Expecting the unexpected and "sucking it up" when it hits is the only way to go.

Twilight said...

James Higham ~~ All part of life's tatty tapestry, I guess, James.

Blaming the stars might make me feel better, but really I suspect it's not the stars (planets actually) it's the wave of time the planetary culprit marks in its transit, as it crosses another timewave marking the point where my husband was born long ago. a bit like two electrical wires crossing and causing a spark.

Hard to explain in words - but something like that.

It'd be good to research other people born on the same day, time of day, year, and place, as my husband (or myself re my own experiences in 1996/7) to find out whether others had unexpected events around the same time.

Anonymous said...

GP: Good to see that your'e alive and kicking! As Giselle had to do when her sporty Tom lost the other day. Here in Brazil we watch more Giselle than Tom...

Liked the thing with "two wires crossing".

One of the "more competent Gods", at least I have heard off, said: When you are angry, remember me. I will remember you when I am angry with you".

Could it be that to "blame the stars" leads to something similar?

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul~~

I had to get Googl'e assistance to discover who are Giselle and Tom!
I'm the least sport-minded human on this 'ere planet ! :-)

Gods are a peculiar construct of man, aren't they? I wonder where the idea came from originally.
Were they really aliens on a trip to this primitive planet? Or were they yet another method developed for controlling the masses?

Either way - I'm not impressed. ;-) I'll stick with my "sparky" theory.

Anonymous said...

GP: "were Gods invented to control the masses"? Never thought that the Gods were invented. Their subsequent often misinterpreted religions, yes. Marx also said so. And some Hindu Saints are quoted for saying that at the worst (everything else failing) one can "resort to religion".

To be precise (being a romantic), I need to believe that some "higher entity" created creation. Cannot imagine all that exists (including astrology, the planets and what we can observe there) to have originated "ex nihilo".

PS. Did the link on the whirling dirvishes now get through?

Twilight said...

Anon/Gian Paul ~~ Well, by "invented" I meant a fiction, legend, allegory, whatever allowed to become fact in order to control.
A need to control has been at the forefront of most religions, political systems etc. since the dawn of time. and I guess there really IS a need for control of the masses - so this is maybe not a bad thing.

I'm more of a realist than a romantic (I think), at least when it comes to the question of how "the universe and everything" came to exist. We don't know, but that doesn't mean it was anything more magical than a clash of physics or some other as yet unknow science. Maybe there was once just one huge "world" which disintegrated into our known and unknown universe - who made that world? Don't know. It just, simply WAS, but because it was once all one, we are still connected to it all in some way. ;-)

Thanks for the whirling link, GP. It had become buried in a pile of e-mails. I watched it - fascinating! Will do a bit more research to see if I can cobble a post together, for later on....or would you fancy writing one as a Guest Post perhaps?