Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Saturnian Relationships

Astrological Saturn quite often gets a bad press, sometimes deservedly; but there is a positive side to the planet's astrological reputation too.

Astrologer Dena L. Moore's 2002 article about the role of Saturn in Relationship Astrology is an interesting read. The points raised could relate to all kinds of relationships including marriage, partnerships, friendships and professional liaisons when Saturn in one person's natal chart makes close aspect to a planet in the chart of the other party.

Key snippets from the article (which needs to be read in full for overall understanding):
"Saturn’s importance in relationships should not be overlooked........ In synastry, Saturnian contacts are often viewed negatively if there is a square (90 degrees), opposition (180 degrees), or conjunction ( 0 degrees) involved..... A positive Saturnian contact such as the trine (120 degrees) and the sextile (60 degrees) is easier to work with in the relationship because Saturn and the other planet have more of an understanding between them........ Without the strength and support of a significant Saturn contact, it is fairly difficult to think in terms of long-term possibility in a relationship."

Testing this theory on myself and my husband: my natal Saturn at 12.55 Aries trines his Moon at 13.35 Leo; his Saturn at 26.3 Pisces trines my Mars at 28.54 Scorpio. Maybe we're OK for the long haul then, each teaching and learning a few lessons on the journey. We've both been through all manner of relationship grinders over the years, such experiences must have smoothed off many rough edges.

I investigated my parents' charts too. They managed 55 years of often turbulent but always loving and faithful relationship. For much of their lives they worked and lived together 24/7. A testing ground indeed! My mother's natal Saturn conjoined Dad's Neptune in Cancer. The clincher in their charts, I think, was the fact that Mum's natal Uranus was only 6* away from Dad's Aquarius Sun, and sextiled his Saturn in Aries.

Although long term possibilities in relationships may be less of a certainty in the absence of positive Saturn contacts, other placements and aspects could supply a strengthening effect powerful enough to overcome a lack of strong helpful aspects from Saturn. External factors too, such as environment, education, context, background etc. carry as much weight as the astrological in any situation.

Whatever is indicated by any astrological theory is a potentiality to bear in mind, rather than being an outcome chiseled in stone.


Anonymous said...

GP: True. Saturn in synastry is extremely important. Had a girl-friend (soul mate of sorts) but besides sporadic great times together - which still continue after almost 50 years, we could never "live in peace". Her Saturn squares my Sun, conjuncts my Jupiter. And my Mars opposes her Mercury. The "vilain" in all this is more she than me, following my own astrological interpretation.

This relationship works somewhat like this: Once she had prepared some delicious dark chocolate truffels, and I ate almost all of them. At night I could not fall to sleep, thinking of the remaining truffels. So I asked her if she would mind a lot if I finished the rest - and then I would tell her something.

She got up (very kind of her), brought me the truffels which I enjoyed even more as they were the last. Having then peacefully fallen to sleep, she woke me up, saying that now she could not fall asleep, wondering what it was I wanted to tell her. So I told her that when there are fresh truffels around, one better eats them all the same day!

Anonymous said...

I have researched this extensively - as my partner's Saturn is conjunct my Sun in the 12th. My favourite interpretation - for obvious reasons - is that the Saturn individual has something to learn from the Sun but, alas, until they do they attempt to blot out the solar light.
I have also found Dena's article on the Saturn Rx individual contains profound and incisive insights.

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~~ Thanks for your input and example (are you being mischievous?) LOL!

I hope that the next batch of extra-delicious truffles your friend made contained an extra ingredient, one which would be bound to wake you and get you catapulting out of bed in the night. (Extra ingredient, a tasteless but powerful wee laxative). ;-)

Twilight said...

Anonymous #2~
Hi there. Thanks for your input and for telling of your personal experience. Your interpretation seems a good one.

Some Saturn connections as interpreted in Robert Camp's book "Love Cards" (bad title I always thought) are along the lines you'e stated. Sometimes he interprets Saturn connection as relating to someone met in a past life too, with maybe a debt to pay or be paid - which is a wee bit too fanciful for my taste, but interesting to contemplate.

Anonymous said...

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Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ I'm tempted to remove your comment, which is blatant use of my blog for advertising purposes without even the courtesy of a comment on any posting. BAD MANNERS!

I shall leave it here, but this time only.