Saturday, January 21, 2012

As Time Goes By~ Time Slips #4 ~ Britain

The original post has been heavily edited of extracts and links due to a complaint to Blogger, from an as yet unknown source, that something in my original infringed someone's copright. As I was not accorded the courtesy of knowing exactly which part of my post infinged copyright I have removed every possible factor - and would add that what it originally contained was, I had thought, used in compliance with the Fair Use guidelines.
A final brief note of some reported time slips from the UK - none concerning France at all this time!

Unfortunately I have no means of looking at astrological indications in these cases as no exact dates are quoted for the time slips. I found these examples of possible time slip experiences to have a rather more authentic feel than those featured in posts from Tuesday to Thursday this week. Lack of fine detail, duration of the events, and the fact there is no contact with people on t'other side of the time slip, renders these more acceptable - to me at least.

In Liverpool's Bold Street an off-duty police officer, in the summer of 1996 experienced what seemed to be a time slip when walking into what he knew to be a book shop. The store had mysteriously turned into "Cripps" a Liverpool clothing store of the 1950s or before. An old-fashioned van, certainly not of 1990s vintage, passed by him in the street, as did people wearing what appeared to be styles popular in the 1940s. The police officer was not alone in this odd experience. A young woman, also puzzled by the sudden appearance of a previously unknown women's fashion store remarked to him, as she entered, that she was going to look around as she'd thought this was a clothing store....but the bookstore and normal 1990's scene had returned.

This is not the only strange experience involving Liverpool's Bold Street. There is a church at one end of the street - it was bombed during the World War 2 city blitz, and left, an empty broken shell, as a memorial. Bold Street may possibly, therefore, stand in an area "ripe" for time slip "imprint".

More can be found by typing "Liverpool, Bold Street, time slip" into the Google search box.

The Battle of Hopton Heath in 1643, a key event of the English Civil War, may also have left an imprint in Shropshire countryside. On a winter night in 1974 a driver, after feeling unwell, pulled over to the side of the road and was startled to see the night sky lighten to daytime brightness, the road ahead become a mass of fields, trees and bushes, with soldiers in civil war uniform fighting a savage battle. Surrounded by this scene as he was, it seemed the soldiers remained unaware of his presence. Seconds later the weird scene vanished.

More on this event can be found by typing "Battle of Hopton Heath time slip" into the Google search box.

Three Royal Navy cadets on a map-reading exercise one Sunday morning in October, 1957 in Suffolk, England may have wandered into a time slip in Kersey, a picturesque village dating from before the 13th century. A full description of their experience can be read at the Smithsonian website - type "Smithsonian, Kersey time slip" into the Google search box.


Anonymous said...

adiatBlog-buddy GP: I saw indeed Jupiter/Pluto on the sign cusps.

What's really intriguing is that your Time Slip series, T. is seing the light when Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Sun (today) and Saturn areall on sign cusps.

To wonder if one might not have interest to look up stories about "flying carpets". The ones I know are very close to time slips, even when people involved, at will, are said to be consciously (?) at two places at a time, or at one place, back and forth, but at different times...

PS: The press reported yesterday that 1 American adult in 5 has been (and probably still is) mentally ill over the last 12 months. Most did not receive any treatment. Just in case someone thinks that to consider times-lips as being "insane", this might be a minor ailment.

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul ~~

That is odd - Jupiter, Uranus, Sun Neptune, Saturn all cuspy today!

By "flying carpets" do you mean something like remote viewing?
I did a post on that in 2010 - or on researcher Russell Targ anyway.

Widespread insanity in the US would account for many things, GP! ;-)

(Oddly, I haven't found much stuff online about time slip experience in the US.)

Anonymous said...

GP: Sorry, Blog says your post on woo-woo-russel does not exist.

With "flying carpets" - a very large concept, including remote viewing, telepathy but also actual physical displacement - I am (but by far not alone) at the fringe of what modern man accept to exist.

Unfortunately, I guess, who admits to be insane in the first place in the US are simple, average people, victims of megalomaniacs and plutocrats who rarely see a shrink, or admit doing so...

Twilight said...

Anon/Gian Paul~~~
Dang! Silly Blogger comment boxes don't take longish URLS without mangling them.

I'll try again:


Since your previous comment I've been looking around sources (when our internet connection allows - it's playing up badly today)
and was led via a remark about something in the novel Dune, which I recognised, to some info. both at
Wikipedia and a site called Jewish Treats regarding this from Jewish doctrine: Kefitzat Haderech

“Our sages taught: For three did the earth contract…Eliezer, Abraham’s servant, as it is written ‘And I came on this day unto the well,’ implying that he had set out on that same day…” Eliezer had been charged with the task of going to Abraham’s brother’s household to find a bride for Isaac. This is certainly an important task, but why was it so important that God changed the laws of nature? In truth, Eliezer’s mission was very difficult for him personally. Part of him wanted it to fail so that Isaac might marry his own daughter. Perhaps it was to reduce that temptation that God caused him to arrive in just one day, on what should have been a long, multi-day journey.

The concept of God contracting the earth is referred to in the Talmud as Kefitzat Haderech. Kefitzat derives from the word “jump,” and derech means road. Many of the tales of the great chassidic rebbes, particulary the Baal Shem Tov, include Kefitzat Haderech.

Not exactly being in 2 places at once, but another curisosity, and it includes manipulating our accepted concept of time.

Anonymous said...

GP: Unfortunately, the links do not work. But Google is becoming sloppy, it even shows in their disappointing financial results.

Interesting you found the jewish version of "flying carpets". The Hassidim are an interesting bunch. Best source about them is Martin Buber.

A woman, reputedly able to "fly on a carpet" is Rabia, a muslim saint and poet of around the year 700, christian era.

Twilight said...

Anonymous/Gian Paul

Hmm - don't understand why the link doesn't work - if copied and pasted into the search box - the last one works for me, but maybe because I'm on my own blog.
Sorry, anyway, GP.

I'm not as fed-up with Google as I am with our internet provider. Dang thing keeps flickering off and on, then going off completely.
Their engineer says there's a signal interfering with it which they cannot identify. So...we still have to pay the full fee for a defective product.
Maybe will have to change horses.

Flying carpets....I'll look around again - thanks for the names.

Wisewebwoman said...

Yes I agree T, they are more believable. I had a strange one myself, many years ago, must write about it.

Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~~~ Oooh yes! I'll look forward to that, WWW.