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To be exact, one should say "re-declared a science" as astrology was considered to have been so in ancient, Babylonian times (the Sumer civilization of which we know very little).

But why is the question again permitted today? Last week I discovered that the ongoing intensive sunspot eruptions had reached Brazil (and not just the North- and South poles). This was amply announced by the press, and in particular a NASA sponsored publication on the internet: Spaceweather.com (very recommendable).

The possibility of electrical black-outs at this time, given the intensity of the sun's activity at any place in the world, was recently being indicated as probable. Last time this happened was some years ago in Quebec when the power grid there went down for several days and left some millions of Canadians without power. So while I was looking at the eerie spectacle of various lights (both 220 and 110 volt) in my house dancing and flashing and even the sounds and alarms of my computer changing from normal, I thought that probably it was better to shut down everything before there could be some damage.

I also feared that we might be without power for some days. And on one day the power went down indeed, fortunately for only about 2 hours. Then the lights came back, but with some flickering still going on in the stabilizer I use to protect computer and stereo equipement around here.

At the same time in recent days, as well as the news story about unusual sun-flare activity, there were also scientific reports coming out that cell-phones are accelerating the functioning of the human brain. No word about possibly causing cancer of course, as that would be disastrous for the Motorolas, Blueberries etc. of this modern world.

Now where is the "Astrology" in all that?

The sun-spot cycle is known since almost 200 years now to have a duration of around 11-12 years. The University of Zurich has kept these records. I used to observe the stockmarket and commodity cycles (Kondratieff's theory) and had found an interesting book in New York (where else?) written by a former director of CON - ED, (Continental Edison), David Williams was the author's name. This man had observed a correlation between the stockmarket, commodities and the blackouts his utility was periodically suffering (and the New Yorkers with it) - and the sun spot cycles. He also was a very competent astrologer, born in Leeds, England on September 20, 1897, Sun in Virgo, Moon in Cancer and Leo rising. He was a past President of the Astrologers' Guild of America and past President of the American Federation of Astrologers as well as a member of the N.Y. Academy of Sciences. Briefly, an interesting man...

Just one more non-astrological detail: Williams mentions in his book Financial Astrology (Library of Congress No. 82-073126) the correlation between El Ninho, that 12 year weather cycle observed by the Peruvians and which affects all sorts of things: fertilizer, formerly mostly fishmeal, hence the role of Peruvian fishermen, influencing commodities. In some years, when there are few anchovies, it's too expensive for generous application, crop yields consequently drop, prices go up etc.

The correlation for El Ninho and many other observable phenomena is the 11-12 years sun-spot cycle. And here comes now the astrological element:

Jupiter needs 11-12 years to rotate around the Sun. Could it be him who influences the Sun's radioactive and magnetic emissions? I firmly think so.

But there are other planets. Why, if Jupiter has an influence, would the other planets not have some influence of their own as well? Probably they do have, only the influence Jupiter has is likely predominant, given his weight and size and relative proximity to the Sun. To my knowledge no human so far has observed what influence on the Sun the other planets may have - or most probably do have.

One more step, for whom still has the patience to continue:

If cell-phones (emiting electromagnetic radiation similar to the sun's) are accelerating (and we do not yet know what else) the human brain, the sun's activity must do the same, and more intensely at, or close to, the peak of sunspot eruptions.

Is Jupiter's influence on humans therefore coming to us indirectly via the Sun, i.e. in the form of some cyclical 11-12 year extra, Jupiterian/solar stimulation?

If that is so, what about the other planets? They may as well "use" the Sun by imprinting some cyclicality onto the Sun's radiation and quantic emissions.

It sounds very complex. Maybe that's why so far nobody may have been able to scientifically observe and examine what I am intuitively proposing here. But if there is some truth to what is a bit summarily exposed here, one could well understand why periodically people "start revolutions" or even go to war. Even before Twitter, Facebook etc. existed, these events tended to be well coordinated, all over the world (e.g.May 1968).

And for the skeptics, that's where astrology, at least in some of it's parts, may again be proven to be a science, or not less of a science than so many other human endevours.


Astrology Unboxed said...

Hi Gian Paul:

Interesting idea. I was wondering if in addition to the possible Jupiter cycle, others influences where at play? I was thinking about the elements. Since these solar flares are happening while Jupiter is in Aries, would that mean that these solar activities are more potent in cardinal signs as opposed to another element?If so would the traditional pairing of the elements, fire and air for example, have an influence also?
What would be the effects of the opposing element or pairing?
It seems you have open a filed of investigation that can yield many interesting results and correlations.

Twilight said...

I think you have a really good idea here, GP!

One of many problems with scientists of all stripes is that they tend to concentrate on just one branch and are blind to what else is going on.

If astrology is ever to be properly investigated it would have to involve the issues you mention here, and biology/DNA, electro-magnetic wave theory (maybe), as well as other branches of physics and science as yet in their infancy.

Will there ever be a body of scientists skilled enough to do the proper research, experiment, and survey?

They all consider themselves experts, but how good are they really, when wearing blinkers?

Gian Paul said...

To Astrology Unboxed/Fabienne (querida): Anything is possible with e.g. the variants you mention there.

While investigating some market crashes and rallies on Wall Street, I just came accross an interesting statistical fact: when Jupiter transits (or trines, squares) the position of Uranus in the chart of when the NYSE was created on May 17, 1792 (08:52 a.m.), the stock market tends to either go up and sometimes down.

Other factors are certainly also involved. If "real money" finds out, astrology may get a boost. But chances are, that they will keep it close to their chest, or are already doing so. (J.P. Morgan had an astrologer, Eveline - I forgot her family name, but never revealed how they operated in the market, of course!).

Gian Paul said...

Twilight, since the time we now know each other and "bang" jointly sometimes on scientists and politicians and other often stubbornly ignorant individuals, the discovery of what may explain how things REALLY WORK is an immense personal satisfaction and hopefully helps some others to share in this.

It's not a question of who is right or wrong. It's a question to escape that illusionary world described by Plato in his parable of the Cave.

RafaelVR said...

I enjoyed the way you put your perspective, I think is no science or is a science, is much ‘better’ = is Astrology! The art of Life! It’s like; science will ‘show’ you the truth, but astrology will take you underneath it and will explore the facets of it to the point that will make science seem a fiction.

Astrology amazingly take me out of the ground for the connections of it seems too peculiar with life itself, and sure it is not agreedable to stand in a skeptic plataform and deny the validity of it! Simple because there is not!

Gian Paul said...

RafaelIVR, if I understand correctly you must be, occasionally at least, able to enjoy life outside "Plato's Cavern", i.e. hands, feet and mind unbound, even from what official science thinks to be the ultimate truth. There is always more behind the obvious and I agree, astrology can be like a "flying carpet", permitting occasionally to reach those mysterious realms. Enjoyed your comment. Thanks

Twilight said...

Coincidentally, GP, Jonathan Cainer has a few words about sun flares and their effects in the past, on his front page today


or access site via the link in my "Trines" 2 sidebar.

Gian Paul said...

Thank you, Twilight. I looked up Jonathan Cainers comments on the sunspot cycles. Totally agreed. Would not have thought that the fall of the Berlin wall was also connected with it! But what is not connected...

Right now more intriguing to me is what's behind the solar flares and their cyclicality.

There is a bonmot which comes to mind: Said the board to the nail: Why are you splitting me? Said the nail: Look for the one who is hitting me!