Saturday, March 05, 2011

WEEKEND WANDER: Matt Damon Speaks Out ~~~ Idol's Top 13 ~~~ Mardi Gras

When I read that movie actor Matt Damon had "called out Obama", criticising recent action, or lack of it, by the President, I immediately looked up Damon's birth data. "There has to be something Uranian or Aquarian in this guy's chart", thought I.

The liberal or mildly leftish bent of most inhabitants of the movie world has been pretty hard to notice recently. The starry ones are keeping their lips buttoned, perhaps because they are doing very well under current circumstances and do not wish to rock the projector. Damon, however, has dared to voice criticism. Good for him!

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Damon was a vocal Obama supporter, campaigning for the then-candidate at rallies, promoting him through a MoveOn video contest and attending fundraisers for him.

Now, he's not so enthused about Obama. When asked if he was happy with the way the President is running the country, Damon said, point blank, "no."

(From article linked above)

Here's his natal chart, from data at Astrodatabank: born 8 October 1970 in Boston MA, at 3:22 PM.

For a straight ahead interpretation of his natal chart by astrologer Marjorie Orr see HERE.

For confirmation of my expectation that Uranus and/or Aquarius have a hand in Damon's inclination to speak out see Aquarius rising, Sun conjunct Uranus!


Such things are NOT coincidence. Such things are astrology!


Back row left to right: James, Naima, Jacob, Thia, Karen, Stefano, Lauren.
Front row left to right: Paul, Ashton, Pia, Casey, Haley, Scotty.
American Idol has at last reached the (relatively) sensible stage with top 13 finalists chosen. They are set to battle it out until late May. This year has thrown up a very respectable bunch of vocalists. There isn't really a weak link in the 13-singer chain. There are two or three absolute stand-outs, who have stood out from their first note in the first audition. These include Casey, a guy who looks like a character from Fraggle Rock, sometimes plays big double bass as accompaniment and has a very identifiable style and voice; Scotty, a 17 year-old guy with a deep voice, and from what we've heard so far, can sing "proper" country better than just about anybody except Merle Haggard; Jacob, a young guy with incredible vocal power and energy; Paul, a "quirky" (yes there's always one) lad with an engaging wide, white smile and raspy voice. There's Ashton, a mini Diana Ross look-alike with emotional power and voice to match picked by judges as a "wild card"; and Naima another wild card pick who also fits the "quirky" category, she picked by Steven Tyler, calling her "my little Porgy and Bess all rolled into one". (No birth dates available yet, so can't investigate contestants' astrology.)

Speaking of Steven Tyler, on Thursday evening he was wearing a gorgeous deep pink shirt with a big ruffle at the front - gotta get me one of those!

Another tid-bit from Thursday's show: a little bit of what I'll call "instant karma" was on display when two guys, both talented singers from the top 24 were voted out by viewers. These two had made a mark in the Group Round some weeks back as being extremely arrogant and selfish. The judges seemed to forgive them and included them in the final 24. The viewers didn't forgive! Or perhaps the judges had privately decided "let's throw 'em to the lions!" Instant karma, and a lesson for the learning.

AND, finally:

Coming up this week, on 8 March, in New Orleans: Mardi Gras!

C'mon take me to the Mardi Gras
Where the people sing and play
Where the dancing is elite
And there's music in the street
Both night and day

Hurry take me to the Mardi Gras
In the city of my dreams
You can legalize your lows
You can wear your summer clothes
In New Orleans

And I will lay my burden down
Rest my head upon that shore
And when I wear that starry crown
I won't be wanting anymore

Take your burdens to the Mardi Gras
Let the music wash your soul
You can mingle in the street
You can jingle to the beat of Jelly Roll
Tumba, tumba, tumba, Mardi Gras
Tumba, tumba, tumba, day



Wisewebwoman said...

Love Matt Damon - he is an outspoken demander of truth and a self-admitted feminist to boot.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Yes, good for him....I wish a few more "stars" would open up a bit. A lot of people will listen to what they have to say, even though they don't bother listening to politicians or pundits.