Friday, December 31, 2010


New Year's Eve and prediction is the name of the game!

First, a few predictions picked from writers at the National Review Online, non-astrological of course. I realised, after reading the full list of predictions there from several different writers, that the site is avidly right-wing in orientation. Never mind! The two selections chosen are fairly light, largely non-political, some tongue-in-cheek.

At the end of this post I've added my own 3-card tarot reading for 2011. I shall leave astrological predictions to the many others who are better qualified in that respect.

From John Derbyshire, who is a contributor editor of National Review:

Numerology: People will make a great fuss about 11/11/11.

Vocabulary: The word “austerity” will be heard a lot.

The culture: Obsessive texting on tiny communication gadgets will become so widespread that at some moment in some daylight hour of 2011, nobody in the U.S.A. will be speaking to anyone else.

Foreign affairs: One country will leave the euro, probably Germany.

China will begin visibly to turn the corner from Wirtschaftswunder to 東亞病夫 (Sick Man of Asia) as all the rising graphs start to flatten out. Environmental degradation, class resentments, demographic cratering, corruption, and fiscal reality will gain ground over resource development, embourgeoisement, entrepreneurial energy, Party authority, and grandiose government projects. Just a beginning, nothing very dramatic: a big-city demonstration out of control here, a local food or water crisis there, some high-profile corruption trials, continuing intractable price inflation …

Leadership: Barack Obama will turn 50, the age at which Confucius said he knew the will of Heaven.
From Jonah Goldberg , an editor-at-large of National Review Online.

Guantanamo Bay prison will not be closed.

Fidel Castro will die.

Europe’s financial crisis will get far worse. At least one country will actively try to leave the Euro, causing a major political crisis.

China will experience a major economic correction, causing global concern over Chinese political stability.

A rise in global food prices will create an international crisis.

There will be no major international global-warming agreements.

My predictions for 2012 will have a lot more jokes

my 3-card tarot draw asking "What do I need to know about 2011 with regard to the world at large?"

The 3 cards that emerged after a good shuffle and cut were a little surprising and a little reassuring. No card from the Major Arcana appeared, which is a prediction in itself really. Nothing terribly good - but nothing terribly bad. Nothing world-shattering in 2011.

The 3 cards drawn:
8 of CUPS
6 of CUPS

With 3 cards like these before the reader it's extra important to focus on context and avoid trite keywordy interpretations. Gotta think in terms of the essence at the heart of the cards' meanings and try to place that in context of the question asked.
Also to be borne in mind is that tarot can, occasionally, throw up an answer which relates to a single specific event, rather than one relating to a span of time, adding another layer of fog to clear when trying to untangle the message.

8 of Cups - traditional keywords: abandonment, moving on emotionally, a journey etc.
The suit of Cups represent emotion (as does element of Water in astrology). The 8s in tarot represent movement but also balance. 8 is an even number, the figure 8 is balanced symbol. The 7s which came immediately before represent aspects of imbalance, so the movement to 8 signifies a search for balance. In the world's current situation never has a search for balance been more crucial! Ecologically and politically EVERYTHING is out of balance. So the first card shows that a moving-on away from what is will indeed occur - somehow or other!

Page or Princess of Wands - odd one to interpret in this context. Wands represent the element of Fire, and creativity. Pages/Princesses are the "children" of the Court Cards. They can represent an actual person, male or female, who will become extra significant in some way in the context of the question - or an atmosphere of creativity, a new innocence (as in the innocence of the young). In our present context I'm going for an interpretation of this Page/Princess as a person who will come to the fore during the next 12 months. A person of great enthusiasm and drive but exhibiting a certain naive tactlessness, carelessness but with plenty of charm and charisma. If this is someone we already recognise, I'd go for figures such as Sarah Palin or Julian Assange.....but in the world at large, not just in the USA/European scene. There will be many more possibilities who would fit the bill, known now or unknown. How about the son of North Korea's Kim Jong Il for instance? Hmmmmm!

6 of Cups -traditional keyword for this card is nostalgia. Cups = emotion, again. The 6s are, like the 8s (and 4s) cards of balance. So in the current context 6 Cups must mean that the effort of 8 Cups to move away from trouble/imbalance has been at least partially successful, but has left some feelings of nostalgia and longing for the past (with all its warts and blemishes?)

An alternative interpretation of 6 Cups, when in tandem with the Page/Princess card (both have a "young" feel to them): this might be an indication of someone who is youngish and has been very significant in the past, returning to take an important place at centre stage - in some area or in some nation, but carrying international significance.

The overall "feel" of the 3 cards together is that 2011 will turn out to be quite an emotional 12 months, with a fairly youthful figure coming to the fore, who will later turn out to be of some significance in the world.

When it comes, where you are:


Gian Paul said...

Surprises for 2011?
I am not American, but concerned/interested/wondering where the today still most powerful nation in this world may lead the rest of us. And with the USA, or on top of that entity, their president.

I never was convinced that Obama was born in the USA. I am not a "birther", but as an amateur astrologer the place of birth of anyone, in my understanding, can have serious consequences. For the individual and his surroundings.

Instead of using Tarot (or similar divinatory technique) I gave a shot at horary astrology. At this moment, 14:02 pm in Brazil, mid-heaven (MC)falls on Obamas natal Jupiter, retrograde, at the beginning of his house 12, if he were born in Mombasa, Kenya. Exactly. MC and Jupiter are about what one must consider the most "presidential" astrological positions possible.

The second most important horary factor, the Ascendant (AS), if O. was born in Kenya, is being transited today, at the moment of my asking, by Neptune, exactly as well, at almost 27 degrees of Aquarius.

So - if you want some "astro-thrill-cum-politics" whatch out for that long form birth certificate from the new Hawaiian Governor. It may turn out to be fabricated...

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Ah yes! The birth certificate conundrum has raised its head once again, I see. It appears one Andy Martin has announced a presidential run on the "birther" platform.

I took a passing interest in the topic back in 2007/8, but eventually common sense dictated (to me) that there are too many influential people around who would have already unearthed any evidence of Obama's foreign birth place if such existed.

It's curious that the issue has never fully gone away though, isn't it?

Thanks for doing some horary for us. I know little about that brance of astrology.

Hmmmmm - yes, I see what you mean, from the result!

Whatever piece of paper were to emerge now, however authentic it appeared to be, someone, somewhere will say that it's a forgery.....betcha!! ;-)

We're stuck with our President for the duration, GP, for good or ill. Whoever comes next, whether it's Obama again or A.N. Other- the game will be the same. Business as usual. The system is shot. Corruption and corporations reign.

Wisewebwoman said...

Yes, T. We have to make the best of things as we are on our own, knowing the pols for what they truly are, here and most everywhere - pawns of the theocorporatocracy.
May your little section of this wonderful planet remain safe and secure for Himself and your good self in 2011.

Rossa said...

Happy New Year from Old Blighty. Mild, damp and foggy end to the year. At least it's a bit of respite from the recent freeze. More of that expected next week though.

Hope you had a good one.

Quiet one here keeping an eye on my boys. They're not keen on the fireworks that started about 9pm though most went off between 12 and 1am.

This is how they should be:

That's my Magnum, a silver blue Somali, keeping Mum's seat on the sofa warm....ahhh

Rossa said...

And for a touch of the Old Country, I thought you might like this:

Their music is based on the Northumbrian Folk tradition and there is a village called Unthanks, so the sister's surname has some unusual history.

Rossa said...

Typo alert. Sorry that should have read sisters' surname

anyjazz said...

Okay. I've decided. Let's enjoy a whole year of laughter and interesting things. Then start on next year.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Thank you, from both of us!
And we send you similar warm wishes. :-)

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ Hi there! Glad to hear your snow has abated, for the time being.

Thanks - our NY Eve was much the same as any other Friday evening really - watched TV, had a drink or two then went to bed. At least we found a couple of decent TV progs to watch - a Bette Midler show recorded in Las Vegas, and Paul McCartney's concert at the opening of a new sports stadium - the one on the site of the old Shea stadium where the Beatles played way back when.

No fireworks here, apart from a few kids in the road outside with sparklers. Too cold maybe - it was VERY cold here last night and misty. I read that further East of Oklahoma (in what's called the midwest states) they had tornadoes and several died - weird weather indeed for December, tornado season is usually spring - but December ones aren't completely unknown.

I love that photo of your kitty, Rossa - saw it yesterday on the blog but didn't realise it was one of yours.

Thanks for that music too - really beautiful!

Happy 2011 to you and yours!

Twilight said...

anyjazz ~~~ Works for me!!!