Wednesday, December 01, 2010


The USA is one big election-go-round isn't it? As always, at root of it all: the $$$$$$$$$!

No sooner than the 2010 mid-terms are done with, we start on 2012 and the presidential. Sarah Palin's name is being tossed around as a possible outsider for the Republicans, but what could really set the cat among the pigeons would be a Democratic challenger from the left of Obama. Mind you, left of Obama wouldn't be hard to do, he's slightly to the right of some Republicans already.

Two names come to mind as possible contenders from the left: Russ Feingold (left) and Alan Grayson (below). Whether it'd be as Democrats, or heading a new leftist, populist party is hard to guess - though there's hardly time to build a new party from scratch between now and 2012.

Of this pair, from what I've seen and read so far, I think Alan Grayson is the most likely to oppose President Obama. Russ Feingold seems like one of the Party "in-crowd", while still supporting underdogs. Any sign of him going in the direction of a challenge could see President Obama offering him some kind of position within the current set-up. I might be way off-mark there though.

Below, Feingold's and Grayson's natal charts set for 12 noon, as I can't find birth times. Is there anything in coming transits which might indicate a rise to higher profile, or a great change in path or circumstance?

Both men have Sun in Pisces - not what I'd expected - but remember that Neptune, ruling planet of Pisces is due to change signs in the next year or so. It will move out of Aquarius into its home sign, Pisces. We cannot be 100% certain what a transit of Neptune might throw up. Neptune, having the reputation of illusion, delusion and general fogginess can present a bit of mystery in its transit history. It's not as clearly a planet of unexpected change as Uranus, but changing signs = a change in itself, and in the general astrological "atmosphere" for those with Neptune or its home sign prominent in their natal charts.

The two men have natal Mercury (communication) within a degree of one another, at the end of Pisces/beginning of Aries, and, as it happens right in the path of transiting Uranus, planet of unexpected change. Both lost their seats to the opposition in the mid-terms - an unexpected event (in the case of these two) for starters! I doubt change will stop there though.

If Alan Grayson were born before or around noon, transiting Pluto will be within range of his natal Moon in the coming couple of years. Pluto = transformation.

Those are some significant factors I see. Any more?

Of course, how successful either would be if they chose to present a challenge is a moot point, and depends a lot on what happens in the next 12 months or so. Still, it'll be interesting to watch how things play out, keeping one eye the astrology.


Gian Paul said...

As you so rightly say, Twilight, all the time elections and its all about $$$. I had understood (in my innocent youth) that the American dream was about freedom. Well, it turned all to Plutonic $$$.

Was chocked yesterday by the wording of "helicopter" Bernanke (nickname because of his "lifting" the economy, or trying at least...)

Quote: "The problem with the unemployed and their persistently high number is that this tends to demoralize consumers".

If that is not a "banker's statement" ?!? Call Eric Cantona. (In France, the press is reeling that the web has taken up Cantona's theme. And you were one of the first).

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Yes, the American Dream, if it ever existed at all, was available for a very limited time, and for a very limited section of a generation (in my opinion). You can point to successful individuals in any country, but it doesn't make it a .......... Dream. It's just one of those things that happens when the right person is in the right place at the right time. :-) But in America it became a carrot to draw people in and on.

That is a disgusting sentiment by Mr. HELLicopter.

Craziness is all around. Let's hope Cantona's call bears fruit.

Vanilla Rose said...

I was just wikigoogling Glenn Beck (not so well known on this side of the Atlantic, although his programme was mentioned in an episode of "Glee") when I noticed that he is one day older than Sarah Palin. (She was born the same year as a friend of mine, on that friend's second child's birthday, which is why her date of birth stuck in my mind.)

Twilight said...

Vanilla Rose ~~~ Hi!

Yes. I did a couple of posts a while ago with Beck's - and Palin's astrology mentioned.