Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday Wonder Child ~ Jackie Evancho

TV show America's Got Talent has thrown up an example of a child prodigy : 10-year old Jackie Evancho. She won her way through to compete in the final ten from a round, new this season, of YouTube performers. I suspect that after last night's performance she will retain her place among the front-runners, to be one of the final four - perhaps even to win the competition next week, or at least to finish as runner-up.

Jackie's natal chart (set for 12 noon) is shown below with some brief interpretation relating to her talent. For a passing reader who has not yet heard her voice ~ listen:

Sun and Venus in ambitious, competitive Aries are clearly reflected in her performances and her poise when interviewed. Uranus (the unexpected) lay in helpful sextile to Sun as she was born - connecting to some form of unexpectedness. In her case it may represent such a mature voice coming from a wee angelic-looking child. Some people describe this as "weird", a mature voice coming from such youth. Operatic pieces especially give this impression. Last night she sang Pie Jesu - her voice and delivery every bit as exceptional as Sarah Brightman's.

The stellium (cluster of planets) in Taurus (ruled by Venus, planet connected to music) is key, I think. Especially Saturn here with Jupiter. Saturn relates to maturity, Jupiter to exaggeration - an indication of something exaggeratedly mature?

Though Jackie could be considered to be a "wonder child", I don't see her as a typical Las Vegas performer -especially at her tender age. To find a new Las Vegas act is what the show is supposedly out to find.

My own favourite performer this season has been "Prince Poppycock" (John Quale), whose birth date is nowhere to be found on-line, other than that he's 32. Now he is definitely a Las Vegas act, and a class act at that! A sample of one of The Prince's performances is linked. You just have to love him - and smile.~~~


Gian Paul said...

Interesting that you saw Jackie perform when she had a nice New Moon trining her stellium in Taurus.

Per se, Mars there close to Saturn may not be very good, except for "a lots of discipline and training". The conjunction at the same time to Jupiter certainly gives a lot of charisma.

But what's exceptional is the mutual reception of Mars/Venus. Both not very well placed, but given that they are in mutual reception, the best comes out of it. And good for her! This way that Mars in Taurus becomes all dominating.

Astrology Unboxed said...

I cannot stop comparing Jackie Evancho with Susan Boyle from Britain got talent. Both became a sensation despite their appearance (for different reasons in each case). Susan from being frumpy and Jackie for being a child. But both with extraordinary voices
They both have Sun and Venus in Aries and Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.
I wonder if a closer look would not reveal additional similarities.

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Well, she certainly shone last night GP - under that Moon :-)

Discipline will be her way of life if she continues on this track - it seems sure that she will, if her voice holds into maturity.
She told the presenter that she practices for an hour a day -which isn't a lot to us, but to a child it'll seem like an eternity.

Twilight said...

Astrology Unboxed - Hi Fabienne!

In a peculiar way there is a link between them isn't there? I was worried that Susan wouldn't stand the strain but she seems to be managing. Haven't heard much about her recently though.

I looked at Susan's chart at Astrodatabank, but at a glance there doesn't seem to be a lot in common with Jackie's apart from those things you mention: Aries Sun & Venus and Mercury in Pisces. The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Susan's case is on the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius which could make it a significant for Susan in a different way, Saturn being ruler or co-ruler of both signs.

It'll be interesting if Jackie turns out to be the runner-up, as Susan did in Britain. :-)

Anonymous said...

I would like to know the exact birthtime for Jackie. If the sun was actually in top of the chart, or 10th house, she could be looking for a way to bring in a new type of music at some point and working her way up to it. I doubt this would be the case, just would be something to look forward to if it was. I think maybe this chart was made using the standard 12 noon time because the time of birth isn't known?

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~~~ Yes, it's a 12 noon chart because I couldn't find any time of birth for Jackie. I usually note that fact in my posts when appropriate, but forgot this time.
Sorry! :-)

Demogorgon said...

The time of birth matter A LOT. I was born on the same day but different year. When I changed the time by 2 hours the chart changes every time. So there are actually 12 different charts for difference of 2 hours . You are looking at just 1/12.
Forsaken Demogorgon

Demogorgon said...

The time of Birth is important cause the chart changes for every 2 hour difference of the angle of the sun. You are looking at 1 chart out of 12 possible charts of the same person.

Know the exact time then you will find out the real probability of the stars.
Forsaken Demogorgon

Twilight said...

Demogorgon ~~~ Yes. Of course I am well aware of the importance of knowing an exact time of birth. I'd hardly be writing an astrology blog otherwise!

Often a time of birth is not available. So in order to see the position of the main planets I use a 12 noon chart.

The birth time changes the angles, ascendant, midheaven and opposite points, and the house positions, but personal planet positions in signs remain the same, except for Moon - the Moon's position can be estimated within a given span.

It is therefore possible to made some broad interpretation without time of birth.

Demogorgon said...

Hmm.. k... how much difference does it make btw if the year was changed to 1984 instead.. that is when i was born

Twilight said...

Demogorgon - It makes a lot of difference. You have Sun at 20 Aries in common and Venus at 2 or 3 Aries in common - that's all.

You could put your birth data into's free chart drawing section to look at your own chart.

click on "Free Horoscopes" then "Chart Drawings"