Saturday, May 29, 2010


The Sun is travelling through zodiac sign Gemini now, the sign depicted by twins or pairs. So... a look at a couple of pairs, as astrological atmosphere is right for it:
1)a pair who look (a little) like twins - or at least brothers
2) a pair who are astrological twins.

1) We noticed this look-alikeness when watching a DVD of the movie 21 Grams recently - argued all the way through: "is it---isn't it?" Too lazy to get up, put on the light and reading glasses to look at the DVD jacket, of course. It was, actually, Benicio del Toro, and not Brad all dirtied up.

Brad Pitt & Benicio del Toro

In the movie~

2) A pair who were astrological twins, and married too. Christo & Jean-Claude, creators of environmental art. If you've watched much TV recently you'll have noticed an AT&T advert where architecture is being draped with orange silks - that's not the work of these two, but it's based upon it - plagiarised, some say.

Jean-Claude sadly died last year. Both were born on 13 June 1935, he in Bulgaria, she in Morocco. A matched pair born with Sun in Gemini.

Samples of their work~
The Wrapping of the Reichstag (former German parliament building)

Valley Curtain, Rifle, Colorado.

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