Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zodiac Sign TAURUS

Taurus the zodiac sign, not the person nor the bull, represents characteristics and traits that are Fixed, as in determined, stubborn, single-minded. The sign also connects closely with earthy matters and Earth itself: practicality, agriculture, nature, gardens, trees, and beauty. The sign is ruled by planet Venus, it's Venus's Earthy side, the other, Airy side of Venus being represented by Libra, a mentally based form of beauty rooted in balance.

No surprise then that Taurus connects strongly to art and music, through its relationship with astrological Venus.

The darker side of Taurus, its stubborn side, can translate in human life, if aided and abetted by other factors in a natal chart, as unyeilding aggression (when mixed with Aries or Scorpio)or steadfast loyalty to a cause or position when mixed with milder elements.

It's all in the mix!

Often, people born with Sun in Taurus will have a touch of neighbouring signs Aries and/or Gemini in their makeup. Mercury and Venus, if not in the same sign as the Sun can be found nextdoor. Mercury can never be further than one sign from the Sun, Venus up to two signs away. A 100% stereotypically Taurus individual is highly unlikely to exist; position of natal Moon and the sign rising at birth are two other important factors in that all important mix.

With Sun in Taurus characters as unalike as Duke Ellington and Adolf Hitler, Queen Elizabeth II and Karl Marx, Ella Fitzgerald and Harry Truman, it's easy to see that it simply has to be all in the mix.

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Wisewebwoman said...

BTW, T: I love Erté's interpretations of the signs on your sidebar.
I don't think I know any Tauruses very well. It's a sign that intimidates me.
Maybe it's my lion thing.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~ Yes - I love all of Erté's work. :-) I'll probably get around to doing another page on him one of these days.

Lion and Bull - hmmm. Not sure who'd win in a fight - I'd bet on the lion.

The sign itself might intimidating, WWW, but the people born when Sun is in it aren't necessarily so, because of
THE MIX! ;-)