Friday, April 09, 2010

Arty Farty Friday ~ Jia Lu

Last Sunday I posted an image of a painting by Jia Lu, an artist with whose work I was unfamiliar. A little light research sent me scurrying deeper into Google to find this lady's birth date. Her life story is that of a versatile, talented and adventurous character, one I was curious to see in astrological terms.

She was born in Beijing, China in 1954. At first that was all I could find, then I hit on a website stating her birthdate was in March 1954...a little better! So far that's the best I can come up with.

Her story is well told in some detail at a website bearing her name: The following comes from a potted version at Art Brokerage from whence her art can be purchased

Painting since she was three, Jia Lu painted her way through her tender years, through the navy, through her emigration abroad, right through to fame. Her paintings eventually created a world that escapes classification. No matter who comes across them, her paintings make all catch their breath and turns every face into an expression of wonder. Jia Lu was born in March 1954 in Beijing. Graduated from the Central Academy of Art and Design Special Arts Department in Beijing and York University Faculty of Visual Arts in Canada. Before leaving China she worked as a nurse, film projectionist, athelete, film actress, art editor, etc. In 1983 she pursued further education in Canada and later taught at Lambton College. Jia Lu has participated in over 50 exhibitions in the U.S., Japan and Canada. In 1990 she worked as Researcher and Chief Designer for the Tang Culture Research Institute and created the world’s largest, most valuable and influential mural design at 700 sq. m. over the course of several months. Between 1985 and 1994 Jia Lu's ink paintings and Buddhist designs were exhibited at three provincial level art museums in Canada bringing widespread attention to her work. Jia Lu's work became a highlight of the 1997 and 1998 ArtExpo.
So....what can be extracted from the skimpy birth data I have so far? Because Jia Lu was born in China, if she is interested in astrology at all, she would probably think first in terms of Chinese astrology. She was born in 1954 = The Year of the Horse.

From HERE:

Chinese astrology is chiefly basis on the traditional astronomy and calendars. Chinese astrology does not analyze the positions of the sun, moon and planets at the time of birth. For those who are born in the 1918- 1930- 1942- 1954- 1966- 1978- 1990- 2002- 2014 share the zodiac sign horse. The Horse is high-spirited, positive and active. Horse has a daring streak and love to travel. Horse regards individual liberty with such great importance that at times it causes them to be candidly selfish in chase of it. Horses generally have an optimistic outlook on life.

Using Western astrology and the fact that she was born in March 1954 tells us that her natal Sun was in either Pisces, until around 21st, or Aries later in the month. Mercury was for sure in Pisces and may have been retrograde (before 14th). Venus was in either Pisces or Aries. Mars was in Sagittarius and Jupiter in mid-Gemini all month. Saturn was in Scorpio, in retrograde motion. Outer planets: Uranus 19 Cancer, retrograde for most of the month, Neptune 25 Libra, retrograde most of month, Pluto 23/22 Leo retrograde for most of month of March.

That seems like quite a lot to go on, but really, without an exact date, it isn't. We can't know how the planets related to one another. We do know that Jia Lu certainly had some gentle, dreamy and imaginative Pisces input from (at minimum) Mercury, the mental process and communication planet. If I had to bet on her Sun sign, having read her biography I'd go for Aries, but only tentatively, because the drive and leadership described in the video below might come from her natal Moon, about whose position we cannot even hazard a guess without knowing her day of birth.

I'm not sure whether there's any significance in the fact that all three outer planets were likely in retrograde motion, as well as Saturn, and possibly Mercury . I tend to think not.

This video relates to a stage presentation, "Transendence" produced by Jia Lu in recent years, but first it takes a look at her biography.

A few examples of Jia Lu's paintings:







Wisewebwoman said...

I would gladly hang any of them on my walls, T and be glad of them!
Thanks for the intro!

Twilight said...

WWW ~~ They are beutiful aren't they! I have "Armillary Sphere" on my screen for desktop wallpaper at the moment - it stretches beautifully and retains its detail.
The silk of the gown is wonderfully painted.