Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Who's best at being spontaneous? The thought was inspired by this article by Michele Willens who declares that sponaneity is the ultimate anti-ager.

Astrologically, people with a lot of Mutable signs emphasised in their natal charts are spontaneous by nature, while those with Fixed signs dominant are more likely to favour a wee bit of structure in their lives. With Cardinal signs predominating the native could swing both ways, or either way, but will usually seek some level of control, being the natural initiators of the zodiac. In this respect I'm a blend, equally balanced between Fixed, Mutable and Cardinal, so I can mix and match as the whim takes me - even surprise everybody once in a while.

I reckon it's a moot point as to whether spontaneity helps to keep people young, or even whether it's always the best thing. It sounds good, sounds cool and exciting.....The "Why don't we do it in the road" kind of attitude.

Too much structure is definitely not to be advised, whatever age group one belongs to. In fact most advice doled out to those "of a certain age" is equally applicable to those of more tender years. Having the population divided by age, gender, ethnicity, religion, or any other divisor just isn't helpful. People are people, and if more people accepted just that, it'd be a better, kinder world.

Being spontaneous eliminates planning, but many people enjoy planning. It's not always a matter of wanting to feel in control, it's simply a way of expanding the pleasure of... whatever, by adding anticipation to the mix. Speaking of mixes, the very best recipe is to have a mixture of planned and unplanned stuff in one's agenda....or is an agenda to be outlawed as too control-freakish?

A partnership of control freak and random risk-taker is workable in a relationship of any kind, provided there is love and respect in the mix too. One party will fill in blind spots for the other. The risk-taker will look askance at the controller from time to time, and the controller will have to get used to rolling their eyes to heaven - but it's all in the game!

As for staying young - who the feck wants to, or cares enough to try? Staying fit and healthy is good, trying to stay "young" is definitely not spontaneous - far too much planning involved!

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